Puspokladany arboretum

Puspokladany arboretum

Opening hours: Weekdays 8-16 h, Friday 8-13h with car, by walking any time

Entrance fee: The area freely can be visited without entrance fee

Location: From road No 4 from West direction the arboretum entrance can be found at the left side corner next to the road

The Arboretum in Puspokladany for me was a total surprise. Puspokladany located in East Hungary near to Hortobagy area. Originally the area was a salty grassland, with a little forest. Entering the area I expect several trees and plants, but after several hundred meters walk I realise that the arboretum is part of a 407 hectare man planted forest. Real jungle can be found here with a 16m high viewpoint, two beautiful lakes, lots of thick vegetation with many birds, and I thought mammals, and other wildlife as well. Because of heavy raining we just check the arboretum area and a little from the outside forest, where the 9km appointed visitor route can be found. Lots of interesting trees and plants can be found in the area. In the forest area a camp is functioning. From the originally planted 1250 different tree and bush species approximately 450 tree and bush species remained. The arboretum area is 8 hectare. The arboretum has been founded in 1954.

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