Delegyhazi lakes

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Nov 302016
Delegyhazi lakes

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Delegyhaza is a smaller settlement about 27km from Budapest in South direction. Around 3700 people live here. The biggest attraction is the gravel lakes there. There are 12 lakes (or more) with a total area of 300 hectare. Some of the lakes are used for bathing others for fishing and there is a lake for naturists as well. These lakes were formed as a side effect of gravel digging. As this industry is continuing newer lakes are formed as well. Delegyhaza is not the only place in this region with such industry, there are many places like this around started from Budapest’s South border. Fishermen and bathing people like the result though, there are many lakes in this region.



When we visited the place several years ago, there was not much infrastructure. The grass and the shore was well kept, but not many other facilities, or restaurants. If you want bathing and swimming the Rukkel lake between Bugyi and Taksony has much better service, but in hot sunny days there are many people there. The Delegyhazi lakes are more natural, there are huge spaces, and not many people (sometimes there are many people here as well).


Places to visit

Most people go for the Nomad shore where you can find the biggest beach. Most pictures were taken there. There are dedicated fishing lakes as well.

Other things to do and see in Delegyhaza

There as an old Wild Pear tree in the city, which is said to 400 years old. The locals like the tree very much. The tree is about 6m tall, app. 80cm wide at the lower parts, and now both of the main branch of the tree is supported with a steel structure. There is a horse riding opportunity in the nearby farms. The Piroth Castle / Country house is also found in Delegyhaza, which now serves as a House of culture.

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Other things to do and see nearby

The above mentioned Rukkel lake is one option with huge slides, and relatively good service. This is also a gravel pit, smaller than the ones in Delegyhaza, but has many restaurants, benches, and facilities. For fishermen there are plenty of options, there are lakes everywhere in the Region and there is the Soroksari Danube branch as well for fishing. The Soroksari danube branch is a 53km long mostly narrow (50-60m, at the Southern end it is more wide) branch of the Danube. It starts at Budapest and goes to South direction. Both sides and the numerous islands are covered with weekend houses. It is one of the most popular fishing place in Hungary, at least in the past.

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Th text on the wall of the building is “Open air disco” I think it is from the 80’s.

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