Budapest festivals 2016

Budapest festivals 2016

Budapest festivals 2016
There is a festival in Budapest almost every time. This list is not complete, as very hard to follow all of these festivals, but we try our best.

Mangalica Festival 2016

Mangalica is a type of pig which is kept for his fat. Very trendy today in Hungary.
Date: 12-14th of February 2016
Location: Budapest, V. district Szabadság square

Titanic International Film festival 2016

Date: 7-16th of April 2016
Location: Budapest ‘art’ movies: Toldi, Uránia, Puskin, Örökmozgó

Budapest 100

Celebrating the 100 year old buildings in Budapest
Date: 16-17th of April 2016
Location: Budapest

Budapest Spring Festival 2016

Mainly classical music and Jazz and World music as well. In multiple locations in Budapest
Date: 8-24th of April 2016
Location: Budapest

May day festivals

Date: 1st of May 2016
Location: Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle, Citypark

Rosalia festival

Date: 6-8th of May 2016
Location: Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle, Citypark

Palinka festival

Pálinka is the traditional Hungarian alcohol with 40-51 % of Alcohol content. This is a unique gastro festival where you can check it out, there are many types to choose from different fruits.
Date: 7-10th of May 2016
Location: Budapest, Városháza park

The Night of museums

Date: 25th of June 2016
Location: Budapest, National museum and other museums

Red Bull Air race show

Date: 16-17th of July 2016
Location: Budapest Danube bank, between Elisabeth and Margaret bridge

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Date: 22-24th of July 2016
Location: Mogyoród near Budapest

Sziget festival

The biggest international music festival with 400,000 people every year on a 1km2 Obuda island.
Date: 10-17th of August 2016
Location: Budapest Obuda Island


This is not like Octoberfest, started as a Gastrofest, with cultural programs and concerts of mainly Hungarian bands. For families. 100,000 visitor in 2014, 10 % of non-hungarian tourists.
Date: 2-4th of September 2016
Location: Budapest Nepliget city park

National galopp

Hungarian celebrities on horseback, each rider represents a city or village, the winner can take home the Gallop sword.
Date: September 2016 No date specified yet
Location: usually Budapest Varosliget city park

Buda Castle wine festival

Date: 8-11th of September 2016
Location: Budapest, Buda Castle

Budafok wine and sparkling wine festival

Date: September 2016
Location: Budapest XII distric in Southwest

Budapest Christmas Fair 2016

Date: November 2016 – Febr 2017
Location: Budapest

Budapest New Year’s Eve 2016/2017

Date: 31st of December 2016 – 1st January 2017
Location: Budapest

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