Wildlife around Lake Balaton Hungary


Wildlife around Lake Balaton Hungary

Lake Balaton in a unique place. It has an abundant wildlife, and lots of surrounding areas also has unique flora and fauna.


The Most interesting places around Balaton for wildlife:

Kis (Little) Balaton nature reserve, Kanyavari island can be visited through the wooden bridge, in “normal” tourist season better to go very early or late afternoon to see someting
Nagy Berek area next to Fonyod
Tihany peninsula nature reserve, all Tihany area external and internal lake, forest, shore
Fishing lakes for example in Fonyod, Balatonszarszo
Nothern areas above the Lake Balaton’s North shore
Balatonszentgyorgy at Autumn migration
Forests of Keszthely hills

A bird ringing station can be found at the Western end of the lake at Keszthely

– Fenekpuszta turn to the Lake direction at 115 km stone sign from Keszthely or Balatonszentgyorgy direction
Telephones :+36 20/5192-721, 30/3868-272.

Little further
In North the Bakony hills only forests everywhere hunters to be expected in nighttime
In Southwest the Boronka landscape protection area

Wildlife around lake Balaton is abundant especially little bit before or after the beach season (Before july, after august). In autumn bird migration lots of rare species can be observed here. Otter also can be seen in several places. The Tihany peninsula and it’s surrounding is a very special protected area as well as the Kis(little in Hungarian) Balaton nature reserve.

The areas belongs to the autority of the Balaton Uplands National Park:
Balaton Uplands National Park website

Species easily can be seen in the lake

, sometimes even in bath time, but perhaps more in the morning or late afternoon:
Common Tern

Great Egret
Little Egret
Little Bittern between the reeds
Reed warblers
different kinds of Gulls
around the shore
Black redstart
Long tailed tit
Great tits
Blue tits
In Keszthely forest all kinds of Woodpeckers can be seen in Hungary

also can be seen not so easily:
Blue heron
Golden oriole in the higher green trees
Bee eater
Boar in the forests

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