Lake Velencei or Lake Velence

Lake Velencei

Lake Velencei
Free beach in Agárd

Lake Velencei datas

Area: 24.2 km2
Average depth: 1.9 m
Length: 10.8 km
Width: average 2.3 km
shore length: 28.5 km

Introduction – Lake Velencei

As Lake Balaton‘s “little brother”, Lake Velencei is also a very popular beach, and recreational area in Hungary. The Lake’s South side is a continuous beach area between Budapest and Lake Balaton, at third distance, closer to Budapest at the same direction. Three, basically not very much separated settlements forms Lake Velencei’s beach: Velence, Gárdony, and Agárd.

The closest settlement (Velence) is 42km from Budapest, this is it’s main advantage over the Balaton. If we have little spare time and wants to go to a beach from Budapest, perhaps better to spend more time here at the shore, than spend little time at Balaton, and relatively more time in the car. 

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The Lake Velence is approximately 10 km long, and the maximum width of the Lake is 3,5km. Average depth is 1,9m. The shallow depth of the Lake and the high number of shiny hours helps to warm up the water up to 26-28 C  in summer. In Agárd several concerts have been organized in Summer, in case of bad weather a Spa also can be found here.

Tasty see-fish (European hake) is made in a restaurant next to the shore in Agard. Several campings can be found around the Lake. Most of the beaches around the shore are usually free of charge, but there are some of them which is not. The entrance fee is several hundred forints, except the Velence Resort & Spa. Unfortunately if we want to park near the shore we should pay for the parking as well. Most of the shore looks natural without any major artifical modification.

Restaurants, catering

Usually buffets can be found around the shore, gyros, hamburger, pancake, chips, ice cream can be bought in main season in summer. The infrastructure around the lake is quite good, several restaurants, grocery shops, medical help, etc available. Fishing is popular around the Lake, the Lake has very positive characteristics for the fishes, better than the Balaton in this regard. The Lake’s West area is a bird reservatory together with the surrounding areas. (Dinnyés fertő).


Drotszamar camping Velence (Wire donkey this refers to Bicycle)
Location: 2481 Velence, Kemping u.2.
Telephone: +36 30/619-4260


At beach areas birds like Gulls and Swans easily can be seen. The most birds can be found in the bird reservatory in the North side of the Lake or the neighboring fishing lakes and Dinnyes area. There lots of waterbirds can be seen including Great egret, Spoonbill, Bearded tit to name of view.

Hotels around Lake Velencei

There are several hotels here close to the Lake.

Vital Hotel Nautis

Location: Gárdony, Holdfény sétány 9., 2483
Telephone: +36 (22) 570 115

Velence Resort & Spa

Location: 2481 Velence, Béke utca hrsz. 4481/G
Telephone: +36-1-239-1224

Things to do in the neighborhood

One of the interesting place around is Szekesfehervar. It is a former coronary city, and it was inhabited 5000 year BC. In the Roman times the nearby city was called Gorsium (now Tác). It is a middle sized city in Hungary with around 100,000 inhabitants. Jeno Bory has an interesting Castle there, he was an architect and sculptor as well. There are more than 100 statues can be found in the Castle. He bought the area in 1912.

There are many other attraction there including a Village museum, Arpad Turkish style bath, and many interesting buildings.

Bory vár (Castle)
Location: Székesfehérvár, Máriavölgy út 54, 8000
Telephone: (22) 305 570

Arpad bath
Location: Székesfehérvár, Kossuth u. 12, 8000
Telephone: (22) 814 400

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