Siofok Hungary

Siofok Hungary

Siofok Hungary
Siofok city center with the water tower. From the tower there is a nice view of the city.

About Siofok

To start Siofok is the most popular place next to Lake Balaton. It is located at the South side of the Lake which usually characterized with shallower water with sandy ground. The nearly 600km2 Lake Balaton has many water supply, the biggest is the River Zala at Southwest. The only place where the water possible to drain in case of high is the Sio canal at Siofok.

Siofok Hungary 2

How to get there

From Budapest all the way to M7 highway, 106km on paper. From West direction also M7 but from the other direction, from South as well.

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Why is it so popular ?

It is an interesting question. I know why is it popular now, but it was popular in the past as well. Now it is popular because of the Nightlife, and lots of parties around. In the past there was no big party life there, it was a similar resort as the many others next to Lake Balaton. Siofok has a long 17km beach (10.56 Miles), the Galerius bath is there for bad weather conditions, and there are lots of organized events, mostly in summer.

Siofok Beaches

Siofok, Hungary
Siofok silver beach
Siofok as many other resorts at the South shore has a long sandy beach including many free beaches. The water is usually shallow at most places, depending on the weather as well.

Siofok Attractions

Siofok Hungary 3

The main attraction is the Lake Balaton, the biggest freshwater Lake in Central Europe. In Hungary in the usual summer heat in July August refreshing to dip in the pleasantly warm water. Thanks to the shallow water the water gets warm quite quickly, which makes it enjoyable.

Siofok is the most active city in terms of social life and parties.

Siofok harbor

Siofok harbor is one of the most popular in Lake Balaton. Boating started at Lake Balaton at 1846 with the Steam engined Kisfaludy Boat. Regular boats goes from Siofok to Tihany and Balatonfured.


For adrenaline seekers there is a possibility to skydive from Helicopters near to Siofok.

Siofok Nightlife

Most party places can be found at Petofi setany (promenade). This area is next to the shore and parallel with it.

Siofok Restaurants

Siofok Hungary 5
Perhaps in Lake Balaton here has the most restaurants, apart from Keszthely and perhaps Balatonfured. Most smaller resorts has three or four better quality restaurant to choose from (or less) usually, apart from fast food and bufe places like in the shore usually. Please note not all restaurant open off-season.

In Siofok there are about 40 restaurants.

Mala garden

Location: Siófok, Szt Istvan u. 1.
Telephone: +36 84 510-980

Diana restaurant

Location: H-8600 Siófok, Szent László u. 41-43.
Telephone: +36-84-315-296

Bella Italia restaurant

Location: 8600 Siófok Fő tér 4.
Telephone: +36 30 851 0888
Email: –

Sándor restaurant

Location: Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 30, 8600
Telephone: +36 (84) 312 829

Fehér ló pub and Steak House

Location: 8600 Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 7.
Telephone: +36-84/310-274
Email: –

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Calvados restaurant

Location: Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 11, 8600
Telephone: +36 (84) 314 579
Email: –

Piroska csarda

Location: Siófok, Zamárdi u., 8600
Telephone: +36 (84) 350 683

Yacht club hotel restaurant

Location: Siófok, Vitorlás u. 14, 8600
Telephone: +36 (84) 310 084

Rozmaring kiskert restaurant

Location: Siófok Széplak, Akácfa u. 53, 8600
Telephone: +36 (30) 694 0949

To see more restaurants check the sub-page in the future with the list of all restaurants in Siofok, at the right sidebar or in case of mobile phone under the main page.

Things to do and things to see

As a city next to Lake Balaton the obvious thing to do to check the beach, and have fun in the water, eat a good food, and sleep under the tree in the afternoon.

Things to do nearby and little farer

In Zamardi not really far the very popular Balaton sound festival waits for the masses this year (2015) between 9-12th of July. The Festival is held next to the beach in a huge area. If you don’ like loud music better to be far from here (15-20km at least) in this period because it is very noisy even in the night, in Balatonföldvár which is approximately 7.6km from Zamardi the ground is phyically shaking in the camping, during the concerts, when we want to sleep :)).

Boating is the other interesting option. Regular boats goes to Tihany and Balatonfured as well.

For nature lovers and fishermen alike there are several fishing lake nearby to choose from with nice natural surrounding. Other places to check is the Tihany peninsula and the Kis Balaton natural reserve in Southwest (it is more far app. 88 km/ 54.7 miles). The Kanyavari island can be visited, and the visitor center at Zalavar. There is crossing bike road as well.

Siofok Hotels

Siofok Hungary 4
There are many Hotels in Siofok which shows the popularity of the town. Apart from the Hotels listed below there are huge quantity apartmans as well in different quality and price range.

Hotel Azúr Siófok ****

Location: 8600 Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 2/c
Telephone: +36 84 501 400

Hotel Residence Siófok ****

Location: 8600 Siófok, Erkel Ferenc u. 49.
Telephone: +36 84 506 840

Balaton Hotel Siófok ***

Location: 8600 Siófok, Petõfi sétány 9.
Telephone: +36 84 506 970, +36 84 506 971, +36 84 506 972

City Hotel Siófok ***

Location: 8600 Siófok, Szûcs u. 2.
Telephone: +36 84 506 710

Luxury Apartment Hotel Siófok

Location: 8600 Siófok, Beszédes József sétány 70/C
Telephone: 8600 Siófok, Beszédes József sétány 70/C

Premium Hotel Panoráma Siófok

Location: 8600 Siófok, Beszédes József sétány 80.
Telephone: +36 84 311 637, +36 84 311 638

La Riva Hotel Siófok ***

Location: 8600 Siófok, Petõfi sétány 7.
Telephone: +36 84 310 152

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