Cserkeszolo Hungary

Cserkeszolo Hungary


Cserkeszolo is located near river Tisza in the Great plain in middle part of Hungary. The City’s main attraction is the Spa located in the city centre. Cserkeszolo is a small, quiet settlement. Apart from the Spa not many fascinating things can be found here, but there are some interesting things in the neighborhood: In Szarvas, and Tiszakurt two very nice botanical gardens can be found. In Szarvas a Spa also can be found. In Lakitelek and Tiszaalpar a truly beautiful River Tisza backwater can be found (see the winter picture of the backwater in the main menu 100 Hungarian curiosities). Both are very interesting settlement with nice atmosphere. River Tisza and Koros are not far from Cserkeszolo. In Kerekdomb little North from Lakitelek an outside bath can be found.

Cserkeszolo spa

The Cserkeszolo spa is a middle sized spa compare to other Hungarian locations, with inside and outside pools. According to their website is open whole year. It’s area is approximately 8 hectare. It’s thermal water is a medical water, with iodide,chloride, silicic and hidrocarbonate. Three well supply the Spa. The dissolved solid content is 229 and 1675 mg/l. The second and third well are almost the same regarding dissolved solid content.

How to get there from Budapest ?

From Budapest go on No 5 highway to Keszkemet, after road No 44, till Cserkeszolo.

Cserkeszolo spa location

Location: 5465 Cserkeszőlő, Fürdő u 1/a
Opening hours : every day 8 – 20h

Pools: open air pools, medical spa, winter spa, adventure pool

Other services : Medical treatments, Massage, Slides, water aerobic, mini golf, soccer (summer), restaurant

Website :  Cserkeszolo spa website  seems only in Hungarian at the moment

Things to do and see nearby

Szarvas arboretum, Tiszakurt arboretum, Tiszakurt river Tisza, Szarvas spa, River Tisza backwater in Lakitelek – very popular fishing spot, and Tiszaalpar, Tiszaalpar small hill, with a view on the often water covered meadow

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