Aggtelek Hungary


Aggtelek Hungary

aggtelek hungary

Aggtelek Hungary

Where is Aggtelek

Aggtelek can be found in the Northern hills near to the Slovakian border. The Aggtelek karst area is between Bukk hills and Zemplen hills in North-Eastern Hungary North from Miskolc and Eger, the two biggest cities here.
aggtelek hungary

How to get there?

By car from Budapest M3 or 3 road till Miskolc, after road No 26 Sajoszentpeter, Kazincbarcika,Berente, Mucsony, Szuhakallo, Kurittyan, Felsonyarad, Felsokelecseny, Zubogy, Ragagy, Trizs, Aggtelek.

About Aggtelek cave system

Aggtelek cave system is a Unesco World Heritage site in Hungary since 1995. More than 130,000 people visit the cave system every year, from many countries. The cave system is very long. The Aggtelek area together with the Domica area is a part of the International Wetlands Ramsar protection area since 2001. The Aggtelek cave system is open whole year every day even on public holidays. Most people come here in Spring in Eastern and Pentacost holiday time. The natural entrance of the cave in open from ancient times, the man of neoliticum is also lived here. The fist document mentioning the cave dated from 1549. Until 1825 they only now a 1.8km section of the cave.

aggtelek hungary

The Baradla cave

The main cave is the Baradla cave here. There are many other caves also can be found here. The Baradla cave is a huge cave system. There are three public entrance of the Baradla cave: The Aggtelek entrance, Vorosto entrance four km from Aggtelek, and the exit point at Josvafo. Some parts are constructed with concrete pavement and lighting system and some parts are not so much developed. The short and the middle tour are in the constructed area, where lighting and concrete pavement is provided with concrete stairs. The long tour has a part which is not at the constructed area, here clay floor can be found. The cave is a really old stalactite cave with huge rooms and very long system. The total length of the Baradla Cave system together with the Slovakian Domica cave system(5.3km length) is 25.5 km. The usual width of the visitable area is 10m the height of the cave is 7-8mm. At some parts it is much bigger. There are two springs that leads to the cave, but only in flood time. The Styx coming from Domica, the other part coming from the Acheron water collecting point at the border of Aggtelek. Usually nowadays the cave is dry, but there is a place for the water coming from this two springs.

Cave entrances

The three main constructed entrances are


The short and the longest tour starts here.
aggtelek entrance


The middle tour starts here
aggtelek vorosto


One of the short tour starts here and the long and middle tour ends here.
aggtelek hungary josvafo

Types of Baradla cave tours

Basically there are three types of common usual tours:
1.Short tour – 1km and approximately 60 minutes, starts at Aggtelek or Josvafo (different sections of the Baradla cave) the common is the Aggtelek part
2.Middle tour 2.3 km 100 minutes starts at Vorosto (4km from Aggtelek) – I recommend this as is longer, and see more things or the longest for the braves, where can see every parts included in shorter tours, but there is a non-paved part as well
3.Long tour 7km – starts at Aggtelek
These are the most common tours, but there are other tours as well, in different locations.

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When the cave tours start

Usually the tours starts at every two hours, the latest tour starts at 16:00 p.m.

Special cave tours

There is a possibility for special cave tours as well. These tours doesn’t go regularly it must be required 2 weeks before the tour starts.

This tours are:

1. Baradla cave long tour
2. Baradla cave special tour
3. Kossuth(1848 revolution man in Hungary) cave tour
4. Meteor cave tour
5. Beke(peace)

Other caves nearby

There are many other caves also can be found here. The Beke (Peace) cave, Vass Imre cave, Rakoczi cave, Kossuth cave and Meteor cave.
Some of them can be visited on a special tours mentioned above.

Official website Aggtelek Hungary National Park

Aggtelek cave official website of the National park

Things to do and see in Aggtelek Hungary

The main attractions are the caves here, most people spend their time at the caves and the entrance buildings.
The really near Aggtelek area is consists of small villages and natural, protected areas.
At the Aggtelek entrance there are some facilities next to the Cave entrance. Can be bought presents here there are restaurants and some buffets as well. The area is part of the National Park, a highly protected valuable natural area of Hungary. Beautiful forests can also be found here. There are several lakes as well nearby. As Aggtelek is very near to Slovakia, the caves are continuing there as well. The Slovakian part settlement called Domica.

Things to do and see nearby and little farer

Josvafo is also a very nice place at the end of the longer cave tours. A very good restaurant can be found here, next to an interesting shallow spring. A very nice cheap restaurant with excellent quality food. I don’t mean excellent like a 5 star hotel or an exclusive restaurant in Budapest, it is a very little settlement at one of the most abandoned parts of Hungary. There is an interesting, beautiful reservoir in East direction from Josvafo the Rakaca reservoir near Szalonna village. Miskolc and Eger are the two biggest city near Aggtelek. There is a lot to see there: there is a huge Castle in Miskolc, a Zoo in the forest, Lillafured is very near to Miskolc and one of the most beautiful place in Hungary, which is situated in valley among fully forested hills, with a huge Castle hotel, next to a beautiful lake. In Miskolctapolca a unique cave spa can be found. Eger is famous about it’s castle/fortress and winemaking. Szepasszony valley is a very nice area for wine lovers. There are several spas also can be found nearby: Egerszalok a wellness/spa hotel can be found, in Demjen a spa village just a several km from Egerszalok, there is a Spa is Bogacs, and Mezokovesd (Zsory spa) as well, which city is famous about it’s special Hungarian traditional brodery. Little farer in East direction the Zemplen hills can be found. This is perhaps one of the less populated parts of Hungary, with aboundant wildlife and three Castles/ruins in Boldogkovaralja, Fuzer and Regec. There are several Castles there in Keked, Fuzerradvany. In Vizsoly a first Hungarian translated bible (1590) can be seen. Beautiful forests lakes can be seen there.

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