Holloko Hungary


Holloko Hungary in Hungarian Hollókő


Holloko Hungary

Holloko or in Hungarian Hollókő means Raven stone.

Holloko is a small village in North Hungary, with several hundred inhabitants, 105 km from Budapest. By car Holloko is app 1h 40min drive from Budapest. Holloko is situated at the Eastern part of the Northern hills in beautiful natural surrounding. The village is the only village among the Unesco World Heritage sites. The famous old traditional houses are not located everywhere in the villages, there are newer houses there as well. The protected houses located at the right side of the main road if we come from Budapest, in the Petofi and Kossuth streets. There are 56 protected house can be found here. The local people are friendly and kindly talks about the history of their village.

Holloko castle

There is a relatively smaller castle also can be found in Holloko near the end of the village.


There are several museums in Holloko: the Old village, the Village museum, the Puppet museum, the Post museum and several others.

Protected areas

There are 151 hectare protected areas around the village by the Bukk hills national park.


A 6km bicycle road is available to check all the attractions of the village.

Main events

The Main event is a traditional Easter festival in the village when the guys pour water to the girls of the village. Perhaps this is the best time to visit Holloko.

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