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visegrad hungary

Introduction – Visegrad Hungary

Visegrad is one of the most beautiful place in Hungary. Visegrad is a famous historical town for Kings, Governors, and nowadays politicians. Everything is given here what a tourist wish for: Castle, Danube, nice forests, hills, island, very nice panorama, waterfalls, natural beauty. The famous ‘Danube bend’ can be viewed from the 333m height upper Castle. Even there is a Thermal hotel in Visegrad. Visegrad is an approximately 40 km car ride from Budapest. The town is surrounded by green hills at both sides of the Danube river (and between at the island :)). Visegrad has been nominated for the World Heritage site status. Visegrad is small city in terms of population: approximately 1500-2000 people live here.

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Let’s see each attractions separately:

1. The upper Castle – Visegrad Hungary

visegrád 3

The Visegrad upper Castle is located on the top of one hill beside the River. From there beautiful view can be seen on the Danube. The castle has at least three levels. At middle more spacious level horse riding is possible (mainly for kids in slow motion) next to the Castle wall. At the upper level several museums can be seen about the wildlife of the territory, about historical weapons and a Panopticon.

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2. The Visegrad Arboretum

visegrád 2
The Visegrad botanical garden is a very nice place at the bottom of Visegrad hills. Not so much like an arboretum than a beautiful man-made forest next to a Spring. The area is very attractive for nature-lovers. After crossing the spring we arrive a nice restaurant, where the tour starts. Normally tickets can be bought in the Restaurant. The name of the restaurant is Ordogmalom (see in details below) and there are several Lakes are also there with Trouts.
visegrád 5

3. Visegrad Royal Palace

– The Royal Palace has been constructed in the 14th century. The Hungarian “Golden age” was at 15th century under King Mathias when Renaissance artists from Italy works for Mathias. Giovanni Dalamata made lots of sculpture works there included the most famous Hercules well. Later at Turkish invasion the whole building disappeared, some even doubt anything has been there. The location has been found in 1934 by Janos Schulek. All famous hungarian archeologist,and historian worked on the project. Originally the building has been a rectangular shape surrounded by walls (123x123m). Several gardens, buildings, vine cellars, sculptures and a chapel outside the walls.

4. Visegrad summer Toboggan run and Alpine coaster

The Summer toboggan is very popular among students, and families alike. The track can be found near road No 11.

5. Salamon tower or lower Castle

– Formerly has been connected with the upper Castle forming together a defending system, now function as a Mathias King museum.

5. King Mathias museum

King Mathias was a famous king in Hungary, between 1458-1490. His father was famous about the Victories over the Turkish army. The King Mathias museum’s exhibitions can be seen in the Salomon tower, in the Royal Castle and the in the Main Temple building covered with protecting roof.

6. House of Artur Gorgey

Artur Gorgey was a main general in the 1848-49 Hungarian Revolution. He lived 98 years between 1818 and 1916. He spent the last 30 years of his life here after his exile in Klagenfurt in this house mostly occupied with writing and garden works.

7. Ordogmalom waterfall

Visegrad is rich in natural beauty. The Ordogmalom waterfall is a very nice place situated next to the forestry road between Visegrad and Pilisszentlaszlo after the Apatkut fishing lake. The picture below is not the Ordogmalom waterfall, but not far from that.

8. Ram ravine (Rám szakadék)

The Ram ravine is a very popular tourist route in the Pilis hills, in the valley of the Ram Spring. The tourist route goes from Domos(Dömös) to Dobogoko(Dobogókő), currently only allowed to go from the bottom to the top direction. The duration of the tour is usually 2-3 hours depending on physical condition. In snowy, or rainy weather better not to go there. The difference in height between the two endpoint is 112m. Some places stainless steel chains and stairs helps to climb. There are 60,000 people visit the area every year. From Domos we follow the green tourist sign first, after we change to the yellow line at the top of the route. Dobogoko is on the left side, if we turn right we arrive to Lukacs ditch, which is not so dangerous, and than can go back to Domos on the forestry road, after passing the Arpad castle.




Important date for Visegrad Hungary

In 1335 several Kings meet here and formed an anti Habsburg alliance: John I of Bohemia and his son the later Charles the IVth, Casimir III of Poland and Anjou Charles Robert Hungarian King among others. Here they agreed in several things, Charles and Casimir make peace with each other. There was a second congress in 1339 as well.

Festivals and events in Visegrad

The main event is the International Palace days here.
Held in 11-14 July, 2014 probably the same time in 2015.
The program (some of the programs):
-All kinds of Tournaments with costumes
-Knighthood from several places of Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, Slovenie, Serbie
-Chess with living figures
-Falconry demonstration
-Fair with all kinds of products
-Concerts with historical music
-Archery competition
-Torchlight procession from the Church to the Royal palace
-Royal wine yard to taste the best wines of Hungary
-Military camp in the City park
-Medieval trades
-Street musicians, comedians, and medieval pictures

Restaurants in Visegrad
Hotel Silvanus Panorama restaurant

Award winning with fantastic panorama
Address: 2025 Visegrád, Fekete-hegy.
Tel: +36 26 398 311

Ordogmalom restaurant

In the forest, at a very nice location
the arboretum is behind it
Address:GPS coordinates:
47°46’13.21″ É
18°58’58.78″ K

Patak restaurant

Address:2025 Visegrád,
Mátyás kir. u. 92-94.
Tel: +36 26 397 486

Reneszansz restaurant

Address: Visegrád, Fő utca 11, 2025
Tel:+36 (26) 398 081

Don Vito pizzeria

With pictures from the Corleone movie Godfather
Address: 2025 Visegrád, Fő u. 83.

Kovacs-Kert restaurant

Address: Visegrád, Rév utca 4, 2025
Tel:+36 (30) 921 4303

Siraly restaurant

Address:2025 Visegrád, Rév u. 15.
Tel:+36 (26) 398 376

Plintenburg restaurant

Address:2025 Visegrád, Révkikötő

Nagyvillam restaurant

Address:Visegrád, Feketehegy utca, 2025
Tel:+36 (26) 398 070

Mogyorohegy restaurant

Address:Visegrád, Mogyoróhegy, 2025
Tel:+36 (20) 434 8252

Things to do and see nearby – Visegrad Hungary

Visegrad is part of the area called Danube bend. This area is exceptional in terms of historical, natural, landscape-view, touristic values as well. A city little further from Budapest – Esztergom is also an exceptional place with 100m height cathedral, nice restaurants, beautiful landscape and natural values. The Maria Valeria bridge leads to Slovakia. Szentendre a city of painters, a little city near Budapest is also an interesting target with it’s village museum, restaurants, fair, narrow streets. Other very popular area nearby is the Pilis hills with it’s nice forests and christal clear air. The most popular target here is Dobogoko. The heighest point of the hills area is approximately 750m. If you like bicycling there is an asphalt covered bicycle road along the Danube, started from Budapest, which is a unique experience. The road goes on the East side in the route of Budapest-Vac-Szob. The length of the route is 44 km. Vac is also an interesting city on the other side of the Danube.

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