Zalaszanto Hungary

zalaszanto Hungary


Zalaszanto situated near Heviz close to the Northwest part of Lake Balaton. Zalaszanto is a small settlement in the Keszthely hills area. The area of Zalaszanto is beautiful: forests, small hills, some of the forested area of the Kovacsi hill is a protected nature reserve area. There are approximately 1000 people lives in the village. Zalaszanto is not a main tourist target like Budapest or Lake Balaton, where one can spend a week holiday, but can have a nice day here, in this beautiful village with the friendly local people.
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How to get there ?

From road 71 – the main road that goes parallel at the North part of Lake Balaton, North direction through Hevizi road after Sumegi road. See below.
Zalaszanto map

Main attractions of Zalaszanto

Those who interested in rural tourism, this is one of the places I can suggest. Not far from Lake Balaton, a one day trip can be a good adventure. Zalaszanto is 13 km from Heviz by car.

Zalaszanto water mill museum

zalaszanto water mill

One of the main attractions of Zalaszanto is a water mill museum. The name of the Water mill museum is Kotsy, which is the name of the last owner of the mill. He is now(2013) 90 year old. This was a functioning water mill in the past, from the 17th century. The water mill was built on the spring crossing the village. The water mill can be accessed from the main road, need to walk approximately 100 meters to the Mill building. The water mill museum building currently owned by the Balaton uplands national park. The stuff can give thorough explanation how the mill is functioning, and show all the machinery involved in the process.

zalaszanto mill

Honey cake house

Near the Water mill museum can be found the honey cake house. Here can be seen lots of different shape and type honey cakes. Honey cakes also can be bought here. The people here happily explains all the traditions and history of the honey cakes. Also gives information and recipes of honey cakes.

Smallest chapel in Hungary

In Zalaszanto can be found the smallest chapel in Hungary. A normal sized nice temple also can be found here.

Tatika hill fortress ruins

In North part of Zalaszanto the ruins of the former fortress of Zalaszanto can be found.

Zalaszanto buddhist stypa

The stypa situated at the top of the Kovacsi hill, at the end of the village, in a beautiful forested area. The Stypa was built in 1992. As I understand this is the biggest stypa in Europe, containing some of Buddha’s bones. The stypa was built according to buddhist traditions. Next to the stypa an another asian like building can be found. The stypa is approximately 30m high, and 24m wide.
zalaszanto Stypa

Things to do and see nearby

Lake Balaton, Heviz hot water lake and several spa hotels, lots of restaurants, Kehidakustany spa, Sumeg castle this castle is in good shape, can have big fun for the kids, Tapolca cave lake, Fenekpuszta roman era ruins near to Keszthely, Keszthely museums restaurants beach, Fenekpuszta bird ringing station, Nice forests at Keszthely hills, Castle ruins at Rezi next to Zalaszanto in the forest, Badacsony hills and wine cellars next to Lake Balaton, Szigliget castle with nice view on Lake Balaton. Varvolgy is also a nice place with a very good restaurant. Bakony hills huge green areas little North-east, most beautiful places here Zirc arboretum, Bakonybel, Fenyofo and Csesznek, Bakonyszentkiraly area.

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