Most beautiful Hungarian villages


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Most beautiful Hungarian villages Legszebb magyar falvak

Most beautiful Hungarian villages Legszebb magyar falvak

I don’t guarantee that officially all below settlement is a village because in Hungary a settlement even with 1000 people can be a town. In all case all this seems like a village.

Let’s see, the list is growing continuously:

1. Lillafured (Lillafüred)

Lillafured is one of the most beautiful place in Hungary. Lillafured located in the Northern hills near Miskolc. See more about Lillafured here


2 Koszeg (Kőszeg)

Koszeg is located near the Austrian border at the bottom of the Alps in West Hungary.
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3. Kapolcs

is the home of the famous annual Valley of Arts festival. Kapolcs can be found North from Lake Balaton

4. Holloko (Hollókő)

Holloko is a Unesco World Heritage site, the only one of it’s kind. Holloko is located in the Northern hills.

5. Hegyhatszentjakab (Hegyhátszentjakab)

Hegyhatszentjakab can be found in the Orseg area next to the Austrian and Slovenian border.


6. Noszvaj

Noszvaj can be found near Eger and is famous about the Cave houses can be found here.

7. Alcsut

Alcsut is located near Budapest and Etyek wine region. A beautiful arboretum can be find here.

8. Szalafo (Szalafő)

Szalafo is also located in the Orseg area and famous about its craftsmen and rural lifestyle can be experienced by the visitors.

9. Tahitotfalu (Tahitótfalu)

Tahitotfalu located in the Danube bend little North from Budapest next to the Danube.

10. Karcsa
11. Josvafo (Jósvafő)
12. Mecseknadasd (Mecseknádasd)

Mecseknadasd can be found in South Hungary in Mecsek hills area.

13. Tornaszentandras (Tornaszentandrás)
14. Szenna
15. Magyarpolany (Magyarpolány)
16. Badacsonytomaj

Badacsonytomaj is located near to the North shore of Lake Balaton.

17. Tiszakurt (Tiszakürt)

Tiszakurt is located in East Hungary next to Tisza river, near Szarvas.


18. Csesznek

Cesznek is a very beautiful place in the Northern Bakony hills North from Lake Balaton.

19. Bakonybel (Bakonybél)

Bakonybel situated in the Middle of Transdanubian Bakony hills area, between hills at all sides of the village. Bakony hills are a huge green area North from Lake Balaton. Huge areas are protected areas because of their unique wildlife.

20. Salfold

Salfold is a very small settlement very near to Lake Balaton’s North coast.

21. Kekkut

is just several km from Salfold both settlement can be found in the Kali basin next to a peat meadow.

22. Velem
23. Szigliget

Szigliget can be found at North coast of Lake Balaton. Szigliget has a fortress with beautiful view on Lake Balaton and surrounding areas, and Szigliget has a nice beach.

24. Kospallag (Kóspallag)


25. Galyateto (Galyatető)
26. Zebegeny (Zebegény)



Boldogkovaralja situated in the Northeast part of Hungary. It’s name derived from the Hungarian fortress word.

28. Kismaros

Kismaros is a settlement in the North part of the Danube bend. It has a pleasant athmosphere.

29. Nagyborzsony

is an interesting village near the Danube bend in North Hungary next to Slovakia.


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