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What you can see on the picture above ?

Upper row:
Badacsony, Keszthely Festetics Castle, Abadszalok Lake Tisza, Szigliget

Second row:
Szentendre, Kiskunsag salty lakes, Palatinus beach on Margaret island Budapest, Parliament Budapest

Third row:
Fonyod Lakitelek Karcag Lillafured

Fourth row:
Bee eater, Danube bend, Alcsút, Lake Ferto

Why choose to visit Hungary? – Hungary holidays

Hungary has recently become one of the most attractive and popular tourist targets in Europe. The success is due to the following factors:

1. Hungary is quite a safe and friendly country in several aspects of the word.
2. Compared to other popular tourist targets, Hungary is cheaper though it doesn’t mean that it is the cheapest in the whole world; there are plenty great and inexpensive places around, but Hungary is relatively cheap and you get a very good value for your money spent.
3. There is a lot to see and enjoy, lots of thermal waters, Spas, beautiful lakes, rivers and forests, huge grasslands as well as horse riding possibilities, among others.
4. Hungary is rich in natural and historical values.
5. Hungary is famous for its high quality and tasteful food and drink.
6. Most Hungarians are quite friendly and helpful when it comes to helping out tourists.
7. Budapest, the capital of the country is a top tourist target, recommended as a top place to visit by many international tourism websites.

What are the most popular places for tourists? – Hungary holidays
Budapest – Hungary holidays

Those who have never visited the country, Budapest might be the most interesting city to start with. It is a wonderful city: the river Danube separates the hilly Buda from the plain Pest. Formerly these two parts of the city were separate cities, they were united in 1873. Approximately 4 million tourists visit Budapest every year. The city has a lot to offer: World Heritage sites, thermal spas including the biggest in Europe (Szechenyi Bath), the third biggest Parliament building in the world, the largest Synagogue in Europe, several islands, beautiful parks, 90 museums, Roman era ruins, beautiful view over the city from the Gellert hill, nice restaurants, cafe shops and tea houses.

Top 10 places to visit in Hungary

Lake Balaton – Hungary holidays

Lake Balaton 2
Lake Balaton is one of the biggest attraction of Hungary. The shallow lake is located in the middle of Dunántúl (Transdanubia), the Lake has approximately 595 km2 water surface. The Hungarians traditionally spend their holidays at Lake Balaton. Boats powered by engine are not allowed to be used in the Lake, this way it is protected and always provides clear water and excellent natural conditions for the swimmers, ferries, surfers and all other water sport fans. At the shore of Lake Balaton there are thousands upon thousands weekend-houses on both the north and the south sides. The South shore of the longish lake is more shallow, the North part deepens rapidly by walking right into it. There are several beaches around the Lake which allow the tourists to use them for free of charge. On the other hand, the paid beaches are also quite inexpensive but certainly they provide better services. An asphalt covered bicycle road goes all around the Lake; the bike ride around the Lake is highly popular in the summer and it is an absolutely great program.

Hungarian curiosities – Hungary holidays

There are several curiosities in Hungary: the stalactite cave system of Aggtelek which is the largest one in Europe; the Cave Bath in Miskolctapolca; the Hortobagy Great Plains that is Hungary’s first national park; Lake Cave of Tapolca near Lake Balaton; Castle Hotel in Lillafured; the Danube Bend with the Visegrad Castle; the Esztergom Basilica which is the seat of the Catholic Church in Hungary; the Pannonhalma Archabbey and finally the 1000 year old Monastery in Tihany, established in 1055: just to mention some of the most renown ones. The Hungarian goulash soup is rather famous, it is something which is almost obligatory to taste. The other world-renowned Hungarian product is the Tokaji Aszu, a kind of dessert wine. Lastly it is worth to mention the opportunity to ride horses which has its own and long traditions and is definitely a popular sport in Hungary.

Hungarian thermal baths – Hungary holidays

There are plenty thermal and non-thermal baths in Hungary. In the distant past all of Hungary was covered by the sea. Today the mineral water production of the country exceeds 350 million litres per year. Hungary well deserves the great compliments it has received on its thermal water quantity and quality all over the world, not just in Europe. Bathing and swimming is very popular in lakes or thermal baths among local citizens. There are also almost 15 Aquaparks in Hungary providing services of the best possible qualities. These are also ideal places for children having fun and adventure.
The most popular lakes for bathing are Lake Balaton; Heviz, the Hot Thermal Water; Lake Velence; Lake Tisza and Lake Szelidi in the Kiskunsag area among many others.


This land sees lots of History. The unique natural surrounding attracts many people here at every era. The Roman era ruins are still visible in many parts of the country. After Hungary was invaded by the Mongols, the Turks who ruled for 150 years, after the Two World war swept over the country. There was half century communism as well.

Hungary’s wildlife

lake tisza
Hungary is famous about wildlife. The Salty lakes of Kiskunsag area, the huge Hortobagy steppe, the Lake Tisza, the Gemence flood forest are famous about wildlife and many wildlife photographer visits Hungary every year. The Great bustard has one of the biggest population in Hungary, as the Saker falcon, Imperial eagle, White tailed eagle, Red footed falcon as well. Hungary rich in deers, boars, and Golden jackal and Bobcat is also appear in certain places.

The Hungarian Unesco World Heritage sites – Hungary holidays

There are 9 Unesco World Heritage sites in Hungary. The sites are the following:

1. Aggtelek Cave system

Hungary holidays
The Aggtelek and Slovakian Karst together are a geological unit which is the biggest cave system in Central Europe. The Cave was formed from limestone, it is said that approximately 2 million years ago the formations started to be developed. The whole cave system lies over an area of almost 56,000 hectare in Hungary and Slovakia including more than 200 caves of various sizes. The longest one is 25 km long, called Baradla Cave.

2. Budapest

Hungary holidays
Budapest has three Unesco World heritage sites: the Buda Castle Quarter, Andrassy avenue and the Banks of the Danube. The city is wonderfully situated – all would agree once they come to visit it. These World Heritage sites include – just to name a few – the famous, beautiful Parliament building; the Matthias Church where Hungarian kings were crowned and got married; the Gresham Palace; the Gellért Spa Baths and the four bridges over the Danube.

3. Holloko village

Hungary holidays
Holloko is a small village in Northern Hungary not very far from Budapest – it takes approximately 1 hour to get here by car. It is the first Hungarian Unesco World Heritage site, protected by Unesco since 1987 as well as the first village who received this prestigious title in the world.

4. Hortobagy Plain

Hungary holidays
Hortobagy Plain is the first National Park of Hungary founded in 1973. The approximately 80,000 Ha plain area is a unique place in Europe. It is a cultural landscape created by the shepherds and their societies hundreds or even thousands of years ago, still representing these societies along with the harmonious relationship between man and nature.

5. Lake Ferto

Hungary holidays
Lake Ferto is located at the northwest border of Hungary close to Sopron, the most popular tourist target in this region. The Lake is almost 20,000 years old, the third largest still water in Central Europe. Its greater part belongs to Austria, 80% of the lake is covered with reed in the Hungarian part. Not only the Lake but its surroundings are also part of the Unesco heritage sites.

6. Early Christian burial tombs of Pecs

Hungary holidays
Pecs is a little mediterranean Turkish city in Hungary. Pecs is situated in Mecsek hills. Beautiful lakes, forests, caves, villages can all be found here. The burial tombs found there are the most important findings apart from the ones found in Rome, Italy.

In 2010 Pecs was a European capital city of culture. On the Misina hill a nice viewpoint and the Pecs zoo located.

7. Tokaj wine growing area

Hungary holidays
Tokaj is situated in the Northeast part of Hungary. The special wet micro-climate enables the locals to make one of the most unique dessert wines in this area. “The wine of Kings, the King of wines” this was said about the Tokaji Aszu by Louis the XIVth of France. In Tokaj the River Bodrog joins River Tisza, the latter which is the second longest river in Hungary. The River Bodrog is one of the most popular rivers for Canoeing. The natural surrounding is beautiful.

8. The Pannonhalma Archabbey

Hungary holidays
The Pannonhalma Archabbey can be found in Middle Transdanubia. The Monks still live here on a small hill and an unique traditional highschool and wine-making area can also be found along with the old and new buildings including a huge Library.



hungary fuzer
is small settlement is Zemplen hills, one of the most abandoned area of the country. There is a nice Fortress/Castle there on the top of a steep hill. The surrounding area is beautiful, one of the most abandoned part of the country. Don’t think there is nobody there, but I was surprised not see cars coming for half an hour on the asphalt road.


hungary egerszalok
is a small Spa village, near Eger, one of the most popular Hungarian city. Egerszalok is famous about it’s thermal water and the salt hill, which is a trademark of Egerszalok. Now there is a popular Spa hotel on the area Only 6km from Eger and few km from Demjen (another thermal village). Quite a nice place, there are forests nearby.


abh lilla
Lillafured is beautiful fairy-tale place in the Northern hills, often used for honeymoons. A beautiful Castle hotel can be found here between forested hills and a beautiful Hamori Lake. The village itself is quite small, a huge hotel and several streets behind. There are two caves here as well, one can be accessed under the Castle Hotel. Rock climbing is possibly next to the asphalt road. The Miskolc zoo is not far from Lillafüred which is located in a nearby forest.


abh heviz
Heviz with it’s 4 hectare (47 839 yard2) hot water lake is one of the most popular tourist target in West Hungary at the corner of Lake Balaton. The unique hot water lake is warm even in cold winters, and rich in minerals as well. The settlement is quite tidy and well organized. Lots of Hotels and restaurants can be found there, perhaps the most in the neighborhood.


abh sarvar
Sarvar is an interesting city at West Hungary, next to Raba river and huge forested areas. The two main attraction here is the Nadasdy Castle and the Thermal water spa. A nice arboretum can be found here as well with lots of interesting trees, plants, small lakes. Otherwise Sarvar is not a big city, it is quite pleasant indeed, there are boating lakes there as well.


abh sopron
Sopron is a unique place in West Hungary, one of the most popular tourist target in Hungary. It is a wine growing area, near to Lake Ferto a World Heritage area, with nice hills, excellent restaurants, lots of museums and historical buildings.

I can easily spend a week there.

Sopron is often referred as the faithful city as the inhabitants need to vote do they want to belong to Hungary or Austria. They voted for Hungary this is where the name come from. Sopron has an own money, the Sopron Kekfrank which is used in the region as a local currency.


Hungary  Eger
Eger is very popular, historical city in North Hungary. Eger people won a heroic battle in the time of Turkish invasion against the overpowered huge Turkish army. It is famous also for wine-making. The most famous is the Eger’s Bull’s blood red wine. Around Eger lots of very ice places can be found included Szilvasvarad valley, Egerszalok and Demjen spa villages.


Hungary visegrad
Visegrad is located in the Danube bend, a very interesting target, with an Upper Castle on the 333mm hill above the city and the Danube, beautiful forests, and waterfalls. Arthur Gorgey the main general of the Hungarian revolution in 1848-1849 also lived here. The Danube is bordering the city, but there are nice hills here as well.

A must see in Hungary if you haven’t been there. It is approximately 40km from Budapest.


Hungary Szentendre
is a city of painters just 20km from Budapest. A small settlement next to the Danube at the bottom of Pilis hills.


is a popular Spa place in Eastern Hungary. Several lakes and a huge spa can be found here. The city’s name is not Oroshaza where the Spa belong, Gyoparosfurdo is the name of the area and the bath.


is a very nice quiet Thermal bath village in the Great Plain below Hortobagy area. A huge Bath, two lakes can be found here.


is famous for it’s Castle/fortress which is in relatively good shape, not very far from Lake Balaton, a good fun for kids and adults as well.


has a very nice arboretum and a beautiful Koros river backwater. Szarvas situated at the East part of the country. There is another very nice arboretum at Tiszakurt as well near Szarvas. Szarvas has a very good restaurant as well.


is a city next to Tisza river which was flooded in 1879. Beautiful atmosphere, huge trees, lakes, rivers, backwaters can be found here, together with the best zoo in Hungary.


is a Spa city in the Great plain. The Spa is quite enjoyable with inside and outside parts as well. Szarvas and Tiszakurt(both have a unique botanical garden) is not far from Cserkeszolo.


is an interesting small village/ area with lots of forests at the Bottom of the Alps at the Slovenian/Austrian border.


is little mediterranean, little Turkish city in South Hungary, in the Mecsek hills. Pecs was a European Union capital several years ago. Here are the biggest Turkish heritage in Hungary.


is a spa village near Lake Balaton. It is a very small enjoyable settlement, the Zala river flows between the parts of the village.


Szigetvar is famous historic city at the Southest part of the country. A famous huge fortress can be found here, where Miklos Zrinyi died in the battle against the Ottomans, a Mosque and a newly built Spa as well.

Huge forests can be found nearby in South Hungary and the beautiful but very dangerous Drava river, which separates Hungary from Croatia.

Danube bend

is a very unique picturesque area of Hungary, with natural beauty, historical towns, islands, hills, caves.

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