Photos of Hungary

Photos of Hungary
Photos of Hungary

River Bodrog Tokaj

A very nice place for canoeing near the famous wine-growing area, with beautiful nature and wildlife

Photos of Hungary

Szeged Lake Feher

In Autumn migration tens of thousands cranes can be checked here as they spend the night in the shallow fishing lakes

Photos of Hungary

Spring at Fuzer

There is a nice Castle on the top of the steep hill, where they hid the Hungarian crown in the 16th century


Zalakaros spa

A very popular water complex at West H, near the Little Balaton nature reserve

eger hungary


Eger is a charming historic city in North H, with the Castle, nice wine cellars, museums and thermal and turkish baths

Domonyvolgy lake Hungary 4

Sunset in the lake

H offers lots of very nice lakes in summer bathing

Zalaszanto mill


Interesting village not far from Lake Balaton with a Buddhist stupa and many others.

Alcsut arboretum 2

Alcsut arboretum

The Garden of Palatine Jozef, a huge garden with many plants.

Photos of Hungary

Domony walley lake

A nice sandy beach lake near Godollo. Even there is a library there.

Kehidakustany hungary

Kehidakustany spa

A nice little settlement with a great spa not far from Heviz or from Lake B.


Lake balaton cities - balatonalmádi

Lake Balaton

The 595 km2 shallow lake is the most popular summer resort in Hungary.



Very nice place with an upper Castle on a 333m hill, in the Danube bend. Nominated for Unesco WH site.

lake tisza

Lake Tisza

The Lake Tisza although artificial, looks very natural. Because the shallow water lots of birds there.



The wonderful Tisza backwater can be found in Lakitelek. A very nice place for normal fellows, not for people wishing for extra luxury.

Esztergom 5


A Danube bend city with a Spa and Hungary’s biggest, 100m high cathedral. Quite a nice place. The Suzuki car factory is also here.


Danube bend

The 60 km section of Hungary’s biggest river is stunning, the river goes between high hills with many islands.

Lillafured abh

Matra hills

Matra hills

Hungary’s highest point (1015m) is in the Matra hills. This is a beautiful place with many springs.



Near Szeged in South Morahalom is an interesting place with family-friendly spa and natural areas.


Water lilies

These flowers occur in several natural areas in Hungary.

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