Esztergom Hungary

Esztergom Hungary

When the Hungarians invaded this land around 895-896 Esztergom was a main city.
Esztergom HungaryEsztergom street view with the Cathedral, and the Castle.


Esztergom is an interesting city in Danube bend. It is located North from Budapest, and it is the end of the Danube bend area and here the Danube flows to East West direction (or West East to be precise) not North South direction as most the areas in Hungary, from Esztergom to Baja. I worked here in Esztergom one and a half years on a project and here proposed my girlfriend as well. You can guess this is not an ugly place.

It is especially interesting as one tour from Budapest it is possible to check three interesting targets (Szentendre, Visegrad, Esztergom) from Budapest in the Danube bend in the same direction. Szentendre is the closest to Budapest around 25km, after coming Visegrad (a must see) around 45km and after Esztergom (around 60km).

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Esztergom area

Esztergom situated in the Danube bend area which is characterized by the Danube, hills, caves and islands, with significant natural values. The very popular Pilis hills just started at the borders of Esztergom. There are lots of green areas around as it is usual in this part of Hungary. Esztergom is not a big city but bigger than Visegrad the other very popular city in the Danube bend.

Esztergom’s main attractions

Esztergom is not a big city, but despite that it is rich in different types of attractions. The inner city is very nice with the Casthedral, the Castle, several museums and there is a smaller Danube branch with a longish shape island as well. The city has a historic atmosphere.

Esztergom Cathedral

Esztergom Hungary 6
The Esztergom cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Hungary (and the highest building in all Hungary). The height of the Cathedral is 100m, the area is 5660 m2 (6700 square yards). Not many bigger clerical building can be found in Europe, except the St Peter’s in Rome, the St Paul’s in London, the Koln dome and the Milan’s dome as far as I know. The building is quite visible almost from everywhere in the neighborhood. The current classicist building was designed by Jozsef Hild. The first Cathedral was built by St Stephen the first King of Hungary, the original building was destroyed by a fire in 1180. In the 16th century the Turks has demolished and used as a Mosque. Later the stored ammo exploded and almost the whole building disappeared.

Esztergom Castle

Esztergom Hungary 4
The Esztergom Castle is located next to the Esztergom Cathedral. It was a very important stronghold, after the Turks occupied it they speak about it after for long decades.

Kis Duna (Little Danube)

Esztergom Hungary 2
The Danube has a smaller branch which creates an island next to Esztergom. It looks like a channel, bordered by huge plane trees, there are many boats on the surface of the water, and it has a very nice atmosphere.
Esztergom Hungary 8

Aquasziget Esztergom – Esztergom Aqua-island bath

The Esztergom open bath is located next to the Danube on the small longish island. The bath is quite enjoyable with green areas, catering services and several pools and slides. There are external and internal pools as well. In the summer heat it is very useful.

Location: Esztergom, Táncsics Mihály u. 5, 2500
Telephone: (30) 994 9288

Esztergom inner city

The inner city of Esztergom is very nice. The street has a historic feel, the atmosphere is quite nice relaxed, peaceful. Usually no crowd here. There are huge trees in most places.
Esztergom Hungary 9
Esztergom inner city Sewage Manhole cover
Esztergom Hungary 10
Statue in the inner city.

Maria Valeria bridge and Parkany (Sturovo)

Esztergom Hungary 11
The Maria Valeria bridge over the Danube connects the areas of Esztergom and Parkany. Parkany is a smaller city on the Slovakian side. It has 11,100 inhabitants, mostly Hungarians as well. There was a settlement here even in the Roman times. It has a popular thermal bath, especially it was popular because it was very cheap, I don’t know the situation now. The Garam spring joins the Danube river here. There are some smaller hills up to 400m height. It is the Southest settlement in current Slovakian area. Apart from the bath the city center and the Danube bank are the most popular sites here. The bridge is quite windy compare to what I used to in most places in Hungary. The Danube is natural wind corridor, which is a good thing.

Esztergom museums

Esztergom Hungary 3
Esztergom has many museums.

Church museum

Here we can check many collections from the 12-20th centrury including paints, coins, sculptures, icons, graphical collections from different artists from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, italy and Hungary.

Location: 2500 Esztergom Mindszenty hercegprimás tere 2.

Esztergom Hungary 16

Cathedral treasury

It is in the Main Cathedral.
Location: 2500 Esztergom Szent István tér 1.

National museum’s Castle musem

Location: 2500 Esztergom Szent István tér 1.

Danube museum

Location: Esztergom, Kölcsey Ferenc u. 2, 2500
Telephone: (33) 500 250

Palatinus lake

The Palatinus lake is a very popular lake in Esztergom Dorog area. Half of the lake is beach in summer, the other side of the lake is used for diving. Even an old boat was sunk here, which was found in the Danube. The water of the lake is very clear.

Esztergom restaurants

Esztergom has several very nice restaurants mainly next to the Danube and in the inner city near the Cathedral.

Prímás Pince

Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 4.
Telephone: +36 33 541-965 ·

Csülök csárda

Cím: Esztergom, Batthyány Lajos u. 9, 2500
Telephone: (33) 412 420


Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Helischer József út 2
Telephone: (70) 521 2135

Nautilus boat bar

Cím: 2500 Esztergom,
Telephone: +36 30/642-69-53, +36 33/313 942

Caffe grante

Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Dorogi út 5–7.
Telephone: (33) 435 272


Cím: Esztergom, Pázmány Péter u. 21, 2500
Telefon: (33) 311 212

Vaskapu menedekhaz

Cím: It is in the hills called Vaskapu
Telefon: +36 30 335 3325 (Hunor Gábor)

Szalma csárda

Cím: Esztergom, Nagy Duna stny. 2., 2500
Telefon: (33) 403 838

Esztergom’s natural values

Esztergom is located at the foot of the very nice Pilis hills, and part of the Danube bend as well. There are many green areas, forests, hills, lakes around with significant wildlife.

Esztergom Hotels

There are not many Hotels in Esztergom, but there are plenty in the neighborhood.

Bellevue Hotel ****

80 rooms in the Bubanat valley (not in the center, but not far in a beautiful area) with nice view on the Danube bend.
Location: Esztergom/Búbánatvölgy, Őrtorony u. 49, 2500
Telefon: +36 (33) 510 810

Hotel Grante ***

Dog-friendly place.
11 rooms, for 35 people, very popular, and highly rated, but it is a 3 star Hotel.
Location: Esztergom, Dorogi út 5, 2509
Telefon: (33) 435 272

Hotel Saint Adalbert ***

In the center under the Cathedral and the Castle. 39 rooms for 79 people, there are apartmans and smaller rooms as well.
Location: +36 33 541 972
Telefon: +36 33 541 972

Esztergom Hotel ***

Location: Prímás island, HRSZ: 16332,
Telefon: (33) 412 555

Roza Hotel ***

Location: Esztergom, Táti út 28, 2500
Telefon: +36 (33) 630 005

Boutique Hotel Atrium

Location: 2500, Esztergom, Bajcsy Zsillinszky u. 29.
Telefon: +36 (33) 402-196

Interesting Hotels nearby

This area is very pleasant at the both side of the Danube. This is why many nice hotels here as well, some of the with thermal water or wellness services, or without. Some of them is a very nice forest or valley, others in the city center. Mostly green the main dominant color at these places though.

Oreg halasz Hotel and restaurant ***

Location: 2534 Tát, Fő út 2.
Telefon: +36 33 444 592.

Thermal Hotel Visegrad ****


Szent Orbán Forest wellness Nagybörzsöny-Kóspallag ****

Inside the Börzsöny hill forest, the Hotel built from wood material, 60 rooms for 148 person

More pictures about Esztergom

Esztergom Hungary 7Esztergom Hungary 14Esztergom Hungary 15Esztergom Hungary 13

Szolnok Hungary

Szolnok Hungary

Szolnok Hungary

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Szolnok is situated in the Great Plain in Eastern part of Hungary. The River Tisza is crossing at the borders of Szolnok, which is a second biggest river in Hungary. Szolnok is not really a tourist target for Hungarians, but if you happen to be there, there are some nice places there to see and enjoy.


The city was inhabited even in the ancient times. Lots of interesting archeological traces was found here, like a Mammoth thigh bone with a chain connected to it for example. They found this bone from the River Tisza. The written history of Szolnok is app 1000 years old. During the Tatarian invasion everybody was killed in the city. The Turkish army invaded the city easily in the 16th century. Later the first bridge was built here on the River Tisza. The railways was early built between Szolnok and Budapest, it was one of the firsts in the country.

About Szolnok

Szolnok is a middle sized Hungarian city with it’s 78,000 inhabitants. Recently it was awarded as the most liveable Hungarian city. Local people find this as little strange. The city is quite calm, without heavy industry. Basketball is very popular here as the local team won several Hungarian championships, and recently played in the Euroleague as well. The Basketball court can be found in Tiszaliget area. Usually the court is quite full on every match here with 3000 people or more. Other very popular sports are water sports here: water polo, kayak-canoe and perhaps fishing. The Tisza backwater is a popular scene of kayak canoe championships.

Most interesting places in Szolnok

The most interesting places in Szolnok for touristic point of view are the following: the inner city, the area next to River Tisza at both sides of the River, Tisza backwater little outside of the city, Fishing lakes at North, Mayflower shaped pedestrian bridge at River Tisza, areas next to River Zagyva which joins River Tisza at Szolnok.


The area next to the River Tisza at the opposite side as the city called Tiszaliget (Tisza park). What can you find here? A nice park, an open summer bath with slides, several sports court, a nice area for running walking or go out with the dog.

Tisza backwater

The Tisza back water can be found little outside of the city itself. Is a popular place here with weekend houses, for fishing and for water-sports as well.

Szeged Hungary – Attractions Aquapolis Dragon boat Hotels


Szeged Hungary

Szeged Hungary

szeged hungary


Szeged Hungary

Here I collected every information you needed as a tourist: Main attractions, restaurants, hotels, lakes, rivers, zip code, map, sports, history, everything you curious about.


Szeged is an interesting city in Hungary, Szeged is a bigger sized city in Hungarian measures, otherwise not big at all, with approximately 170 000 inhabitants. Szeged is a city of sunshine, a very enjoyable place, with nice atmosphere, Szeged has a sub-mediterranean climate. Szeged is a vibrant city for several reasons:

1. Lots of students mingle in the streets of the inner city
2. The city with it’s huge trees and nice River bank has a pleasant atmosphere.
3. Szeged has a very nice inner city with beautiful buildings, and lovely atmosphere.
4. Szeged is near to the city border, and very close to Serbia and Romania.
Szeged is divided into two main parts by the river Tisza. Between the two riverbank there is a bridge which connects the two parts of the city together.

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Szeged can be found where river Tisza and River Maros meets at the Southeast part of Hungary.
Szeged is approximately 170km from Budapest in South-east direction.

Szeged map

szeged map

How to get there ?

From Budapest M5 goes at Szeged direction.


One of the big event in Szeged’s history was the big flood in 1879. The flood nearly destroyed the whole city.

Main attractions of Szeged

Szeged has a Paprika and Pick salami museum. Szeged has the biggest zoo in Hungary. Szeged has a nice mediterrain atmoshphere. The number of sunshiny hours are here the most in Hungary. Szeged has the River Tisza, the second biggest river in Hungary and River Maros joins the River Tisza in the city. Szeged also has a Maros backwater in the city, and Szeged has a very nice botanical garden too. At the North part of the city there are several fishing lakes which are very important in natural point of view: In Fall thousands of migrating cranes sleep in this lakes. Szeged also has an international kayak-canoe course at the Southwest part of the city.

Szeged inner city vicinity of Dom square

Szeged has a very nice inner city with historical buildings, huge trees, and comfortable spaces. The River Tisza is not far from the city center. At the inner city, very nice icecream can be bought. The city has a very nice atmosphere, not crowded or noisy.

Szeged Hungary-paprika museum

The paprika museum can be found near the bank of Lake Tisza. The best quality paprika one can find in Hungary is produced in Szeged.
szeged paprika museum

Szeged Zoo they called Vadaspark

Szeged zoo is the biggest zoo in Hungary. The zoo situated in nice natural surrounding at the side of the city. Lots of animals can be seen here: lions, cheetah, snow leopard, leopard, tapir, giraffe and many others.
szeged zoo

Aquapolis Szeged

Szeged has a newly build thermal/adventure bath complex. The Bath called Aquapolis. In Hungarian they call it Sunshine bath. There are lots of fancy things can be found there, several slides, lazy river, 25m swimming pool, quiet part of the bath for people prefer relaxation without the noise of the children (only people above 16 year can enter to this part of the complex). For the kids there is a lot to experience they call the different slides in different names, like onion-slide, anaconda, kamikaze. There are totally 1km of slides functioning during the whole year.

Maty er Kayak-Canoe track or Szeged Olympic centrum

In Szeged there is a professional water sport (kayak-canoe-dragonboat-rowing etc) track, the track is 2.5km long, 130m wide, and convenient for organising even the highest quality international kayak-canoe championships. They claim it is one of the best location in the whole word for such events. Apart from Kayak-Canoe many other sports also welcomed here: long distance swimming, dragonboat, triatlon, duatlon, rowing, bycicle, fishing, water-ski, roller skate.

Szeged botanical garden

Szeged has a very nice botanical garden. The botanical garden are the not usual side of the River Tisza, opposite compare to the Paprika museum and the inner city.
szeged botanical garden

Lake Feher (Fehér tó in Hungarian, White lake)

The Lake Feher is a unique natural value of Hungary. In reality it is not one lake, but seneral lakes. Earlier it was a salty lake, this is why called Feher (White), afterwards it became a fishing lake. There are many lakes called this way in Hungary. Every Autumn several thousand migrating cranes are sleeping in the Lake’s shallow water. They organize trips for seeing the cranes arriving in the lake. At the lake a permanent ornithological camp can be found.(At Sandorfalva, little bit further, from Szeged). Near the Lake a very good Restaurant can be found specialized for fishes, but there are also lots of other special Hungarian foods available. (Halászcsárda in Hungarian).

szeged Lake feher

szeged cranes

Festivals in Szeged

-5-7th of September 2014, River Tisza international fish festival
-17-21th of September 2014 Wine festival
-23-27th of September 2014 St Gellert festival
-7-8 November Szeged jazz days
-25th of November 24th of December advent in Dom square
17-22th December 2014 Advent, 6720 Szeged Dugonits square

Szeged Lake Feher HungarySunset at Lake Feher near Szeged Hungary

Restaurants in Szeged

You will recognize that many restaurants they call Halaszcsarda (fishing restaurant) this doesn’t necessarily mean you only can eat fish there. In this region of Hungary eating fish is more popular the most other parts. The usual fish meals in Hungary is a fish soup (halaszle) which is a paprika-onion based usual Hungarian-style dish from different kinds of fishes, other very nice fish is sullo or fogas(walleye) here grilled or fried with lemon is quite tasty. Other usual popular fish meal in Hungary is the small fishes (keszeg) fried in paprika flour. Cheaper fishes of Hungary like catfish and other fishes under this price category (carp and other species) is a matter of taste if you like it or not.

Tiszavirag Bistro

Address: 6722 Szeged, Hajnoczy u 1/B.
Telephone: +36 62 554-888

John bull pub

Address: 6727 Sz, Oroszlan u. 6
Telephone: +36 62 484-217


Address: 6727 Sz, Oroszlan u 8.
Telephone: +36 62 555-566

Oreg Korossy halaszcsarda

Address: 6723 Sz, Sárga üdülőtelep 262
Telephone: +36 62 495-481

Kiskorosy restaurant

Address: 6727 Sz, Felso Tisza part 336.
Telephone: +36 30-338-0555

Feherto halaszcsarda
(fishing restaurant)

Address: 6728 Szeged, Budapesti u 41
Telephone: +36 62 555-960

Alabardos restaurant

Address: 6720 Sz, Oskola u 20.
Telephone: +36 62 420-914

Vendeglo a regi hidhoz

(Restaurant to the old bridge)
Address: 6720 Sz, Oskola u 4.
Telephone: +36 62 420-910

Roosevelt square halaszcsarda

Address: 6727 Sz, Roosevelt square 14.
Telephone: +36 555-980

Jobb mint otthon restaurant

Address: 6727 Sz, Napos u 5/B
Telephone: +36 62 555-808

Hungarian cuisine

I though if you interested I give some tips for Hungarian dishes. Most Hungarian dish are not an easy meal like salads, or fish. Most Hungarian meal is based on paprika-onion combination later added some meat to this.

Remember Szeged is the homeland of the best paprika in Hungary, if you interested Mako is where the best onion you can get, also not far. The Goulash is originally a soup, not a stew, it was made by herdsmen who involved in nomadic shepherding, and make this meal for themself at campfire from beef. There is a stew version of it, which called porkolt (Pörkölt).

Hungarian usually eat porkolt with nokedli, which is an in-situ made pasta from flour and eggs boiled in water afterwards. They also eat this stew with normal pasta as well. There are two other types of soup which is also interesting, the Jokai bean soup(Jokai was a famous Hungarian writer lived between 1825-1904) and Babgulyas (Bean stew) it is still not a stew, but a thicker meal can be a main course normally.

There are other bean soup which they don’ call Gulash theses soups are not main courses just before your meal. Babgulyas is best with some sour cream from milk called Tejfol(tejföl) in Hungarian. To make you even more informed restaurants likes to trick with the Gulash soup thing.

Some soups they made are just for collecting money, but reality they made from some water and pre-made stuff without properly cooking it. Such stuff I usually like to omit totally. So before you order it is good to ask if the Goulash soup is a main course or not. If they said no, then sometimes better to eat something else.

The proper Goulash is well made, but there are many differences how they made it overall the country, some of them are awful with many fat in it, others are like a charm. In better restaurants you usually get the better ones, or at least they tell you what you going to get. There are some very interesting Hungarian cakes as well, some of them can be incredibly good, but perhaps not the best if you are on a diet:

-Somloi (Somlói) galuska
-Feketeerdo torta
-Ekler fank
-Francia kremes

And other sweets like can be also increasingly popular.

Confectionaries in Szeged
A Capella confectionery and cafe house

Address: 6720 Szeged, Karasz u 6.
Telephone: +36 62 559-966

Dom confectionery

Address: 6722 Sz, Oskola u 18.
Telephone: +36 62 442-422

Palank confectironery

Address: 6727 Sz, Oskola u 1.
Telephone: +36 20 420-732

Hotels in Szeged
Hunguest Hotel Forras

Location: Szeged, Szent-Györgyi A. u. 16-24.
Address: +36 62 566-466

Dom Hotel

Location: Sz, Bajza u 6.
Address: +36 62 423-750

Matrix Hotel

Location: Sz, Zarda u 8.
Address: +36 62 666-720

Hotel Korona

Location: Sz, Petofi S sugarut 4.
Address: +36 30 326 – 1001

Art hotel

Location: Sz, Somogyi u 16.
Address: +36 62 592-888

Tisza Hotel

Location: Szeged, Széchenyi tér 3.
Address: +36 62 478-278

Hotel Bella

Location: Sz, Pacsirta u 31.
Address: +36 62 542-325

City hotel

Location: Sz, Arany J u 5.
Address: +36 62 311-444

Things to do and see nearby

Morahalom spa is not far from Szeged, Morahalom is a small settlement west from Szeged, the spa is a very family and kid friendly place, this is why lots of people likes it, Near the village, some wery nice salty Lake area can be found with lots of waterbirds, even some of the very rare species. Lake Feher is also a very nice place North from Szeged, here five fishing lake can be find next to each other and there is a very nice restaurant too, see more information above, Oroshaza – Gyoparosfurdo spa is also not very far, approximately 50 km from Szeged in North direction. Little bit farer(112 km) Gyula is one of the most popular Spa city in Hungary. Gyula has a very nice, friendly, peaceful atmoshphere, a huge thermal bath and a Castle with brick walls.

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Sumeg Hungary ( Sümeg )


Sumeg Hungary

Sumeg Hungary

Sumeg Hungary

Sümeg in Hungarian language

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Sumeg is a small city North from Lake Balaton, 25km from Heviz. I would not recommend Sumeg as a primary target in Hungary for a week or more, such as Lake Balaton, or Budapest, but for a day excursion from Lake Balaton, or Budapest is a very pleasant target. It is a small settlement with a Castle in the center. Not a big city which makes it enjoyable.

Sumeg Hungary 2


Sumeg situated near Heviz close to the Northwest part of Lake Balaton. Sumeg is a small settlement in the Balaton uplands area. It is located behind the Keszthely mountains. East from Sumeg nice, beautiful little villages can be found.


Sumeg was occupied even in the Roman era. Archeologist found several traces in the city, such as pottery, and even traces of an ancient Christian Cathedral. In the development of the city the Castle had a big impact. See more about the Castle below.
Sumeg Hungary 3

How to get there ?

Several ways to get there from Budapest:
Other option road No 7 until Szekesfehervar after road No 8(third access from Budapest next to Auchan store) – road 84 Csabrendek Sümeg
From Budapest, or Siofok M7 highway, all aroud Lake Balaton, Keszthely, Cserszegtomaj, Zalaszanto, Bazsi, Sumeg, see more detailed in Zalaszanto review
See more about Zalaszanto here

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Main attractions of Sumeg

Sumeg’s main attraction is the Castle which is situated on a 87m hill above the city. The Castle or Fortress is in a good shape compare to other Hungarian Castle ruins. The fortress first was built in the 14 century, after the Tatarian invasion in 1240-41. Afterwards the Castle was demolished in 1713 by the Habsburgs. Afterwards lots of rebuildings, and renovations happened here.

Sumeg castle

The Castle is quite visible from everywhere. Only accessed by walk, or by the special local Taxi. The parking is at the bottom of the hill.

Sumeg Hungary 4

Sumeg festivals and events

Most festivals in Sumeg during the year are connected to the Castle.
Sumeg Hungary 5

2015 Jun 13-14 National archery competition in the Sumeg Castle
2015 Jun 20 Rizling rendez-vous Wine tasting in the Castle garden with live performances
2015 Jun 21 Night of the museums in the Sumeg Castle
2015 Jun 24 11th St James days – The days of wine and hunting in the Castle garden
2015 Aug 08 Historical horse riding games in the Kisfaludy garden
2015 September 19-20 Farewell festival

Sumeg restaurants
Scotti udvarhaz restaurant

Location: 8330 Sümeg, Szent Istvan square 1.
Telephone: +36 87 550 063

Thirty’s restaurant

Location: Sümeg, Road No 87
Telephone: +36 87 350 013

Szt László Lovag restaurant

Location: 8330 Sümeg Tóth Tivadar 19.
Telephone: +36 550 166

Things to do and see nearby

Lake Balaton, Heviz hot water lake and several spa hotels and lots of resturants, Tapolca cave lake, Zalaszanto, Kehidakustany spa, can have big fun for the kids, Fenekpuszta roman era ruins near to Keszthely, Keszthely museums restaurants beach, Fenekpuszta bird ringing station, Nice forests at Keszthely hills, Castle ruins at Rezi next to Zalaszanto in the forest, Badacsony hills and wine cellars next to Lake Balaton. Varvolgy is also a nice place with a very good restaurant. Bakony hills huge green areas little North-east, most beautiful places here Zirc arboretum, Bakonybel, Fenyofo and Csesznek, Bakonyszentkiraly area.

Hotels in Sumeg
Hotel Kapitany Wellness

At the bottom of the Castle hill, family friendly
Location: 8330 Sümeg Tóth Tivadar u 19.
Telephone: +87 550 166

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Pecs Hungary


Pecs Hungary

Pecs Hungary

Pecs Hungary

Location – Pecs Hungary

Pecs located in South-Transdanubia at the South part of Hungary. Pecs situated between the Mecsek hills and Transdanubian smaller hills in picturesque surrounding.

How to get there ? Pecs Hungary

From Budapest all the way on road No 6.

Pecs history – Pecs Hungary

The city has an abundant history. There was a city at this place even in Roman times, called Sopianae. After the Turks occupied the city in 1540. Several buildings shows the Turkish heritage in the city. The Turks constructed baths, minarets, and other kinds of buildings in Pecs. Some of this buildings still can be seen here.

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Main attractions – Pecs Hungary

The city has a little mediterranean feeling. Main attractions are the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city, nice natural surrounding, a nice zoo on the hill. In Pecs there are some of the most interesting exhibitions of Hungarian artists, such as Victor Vasarely, Amerigo Tot and Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary. Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary was a pharmacist, when he decided to be a painter. He died in poverty. Now a Csontvary painting costs a huge money, one can buy a big farm from that sum. Some very beautiful area can be found near Pecs. In 2010 Pecs was a capital of European union together with.

Ancient Cristian Tombs Unesco World Heritage site

In the Roman times the city built here was called Sopianae. In the beginning it was a smaller settlement, but after became bigger and was a center of the area called Valeria which was a part of the Pannonia provincia (area of Hungary).
The tombs can be found in the side of the city at the South side of the Mecsek hills is from the 4th century. Apart from Italian tombs the Pecs site is the most important archeological finding regarding Cristian tombs. There are many tombs even two level tombs included. The upper level was used as a temple. The first tomb was found in the yard of the high school in the beginning of the 18th century. They find 18 burial tombs totally, and many other tombs not in buildings. They brought thousands of roman era objects to the surface.

Names of the tombs – Pecs Hungary

I-XX. with roman numbers

I. Peter Paul tomb
II. tomb
III. tomb
IV. tomb
V. tomb
VI. tomb
VII. tomb
VIII. tomb
IX. tomb
X. tomb
Cella Trichora
Cella Septichora
Ancient Christian Mausoleum
Apaca street. 14. building
Apaca street. 8. (Baranya Megyei Könyvtár udvara)
XVII–XVIII. cementary building
XX. building

What is interesting in this tombs how well some of the details preserved during this long period. There are paintings on the wall and the ceilings. One of the tombs has octogonal layout. Check before visit these buildings are not always open to the public.

Turkish Heritage sites – Pecs Hungary

The Most Turkish era heritage can be found perhaps in Pecs in Hungary.
There are only 4 places remain Mosques in Hungary: In Pecs, in Szigetvar, in Eger and in Erd. It is specially interesting because according to Turkish historians there were around 80 Mosques only in Buda (West Budapest) at that time. Out of the four remaining Mosques the one in Pecs is the biggest. It was the Mosque of Gazi Kaszim pasha. It was built around 1579, from the stones of the former temple. The height of the Mosque is 22m and the dome diameter is 16,5m. Now it is functioning as a Catholic temple. There is an another Mosque in Pecs the Jakovali Haszan Pasha Mosque which is the best shape remaining Mosque in Hungary. There is a ruin of the Turkish bath in Pecs: Memi Pasha bath in the inner city. There are several Turkish wells as well in Pecs.

Pecs zoo – Pecs Hungary

The Pecs zoo can be found in the hill in nice natural surrounding. There are many interesting animal can be found there including Tiger, Hippopotamus and many others.
Address:7621 Pecs, Angyan J u (street)
Tel: +36 72/312-788
7621 Pecs, Munkacsy M u. 31
Tel:+36 72 532-151

New information:

Seems the zoo is closed until 2015 May 5, the Aquarium Terrarium is open, and situated in the Middle age cellar system under the city. There are 27-28 degree Celsius in all year, and there are 138 different species can be found there all kinds of fishes, crocodiles and huge snakes included. At the yard of the Terrarium, Tortugas, Parrots and Monkeys can be seen, and here is the night house as well, where night animals can be observed.
Opening hours for the Terrarium: 9-18h or 9-17h depending on the season.

Zsolnay porcelain factory – Pecs Hungary

Zsolnay is a famous porcelain factory in Hungary. They have truly beautiful products.

Zsolnay stores:
Zsolnay Márkabolt Pécs
7621 Pécs, Jókai tér 2.
Telefon: 0672310220
open: m-f 9:00-17:00, sat 9:00-13:00,
Sunday closed

Zsolnay Márkabolt Pécs
7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos utca 37.
Telefon: 0672510800
open: m-f 9:00-17:00, sat 9:00-13:00,
Sunday closed

Zsolnay Art
Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed É18 épület
7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos utca 37.
Tel: 0672510801
Open: tuesday-sat 08:00-16:00,
Sunday closed

Post palace – Pecs Hungary

The Post Palace is one of the most beatiful building in Pecs.

Zsolnay well – Pecs Hungary

The Zsolnay well can be found in the main square near the Mosque.

Museums – Pecs Hungary
Vasarely museum

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 3
Telephone:+36 30 873-0129
Opening hours: 10:18 Closed on Mondays

Csontvary museum
(one of the most famous Hungarian painter)

7621 Pecs Janus pannonius 11
Telephone:+36 72 310-544

Ancient christian tombs

Cella Septichora
Unesco World Heritage site from the
4th century probably can be visited from March 2014
7621 Pecs Apaca 8,14
Telephone:+36 72 224-755

Zsolnay porcelain exhibition

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 2
Telephone:+36 72 324-822

Amerigo tot museum

7621 Pecs Janus Kaptalan 2
Telephone:+36 72 514-040

Retro museum

7621 Pecs Kiraly 10
Telephone:+36 70 953-9637

Restaurants, wine houses in Pecs

Best restaurants in Pecs:
Tettye restaurant
Palatinus restaurant
Elefantos restaurant and pizzeria
Susogo wine restaurant
Art and fit hotel Kikelet
Maestro pizzeria
Pezsgohaz restaurant
Szent Gyorgy restaurant
Rundo restaurant
Bohemia restaurant

Things to do and see nearby

Orfu lake, Mecsek hills, Abaliget cave

Archeological museum

7621 Pecs Szechenyi 12
Telephone:+36 72 312-719

Mine exhibition

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 3
Telephone:+36 99 312-667

Ferenc Martyn museum

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 4
Telephone:+36 30 873-8116

Endre Nemes museum

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 5
Telephone:+36 72 310-172

Renaissance stone exhibition

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 4
Telephone:+36 72 312-719

Museum of natural history

7621 Pecs Szabadsag 2
Telephone:+36 72 213-419