Sumeg Hungary ( Sümeg )


Sumeg Hungary

Sumeg Hungary

Sumeg Hungary

Sümeg in Hungarian language

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Sumeg is a small city North from Lake Balaton, 25km from Heviz. I would not recommend Sumeg as a primary target in Hungary for a week or more, such as Lake Balaton, or Budapest, but for a day excursion from Lake Balaton, or Budapest is a very pleasant target. It is a small settlement with a Castle in the center. Not a big city which makes it enjoyable.

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Sumeg situated near Heviz close to the Northwest part of Lake Balaton. Sumeg is a small settlement in the Balaton uplands area. It is located behind the Keszthely mountains. East from Sumeg nice, beautiful little villages can be found.


Sumeg was occupied even in the Roman era. Archeologist found several traces in the city, such as pottery, and even traces of an ancient Christian Cathedral. In the development of the city the Castle had a big impact. See more about the Castle below.
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How to get there ?

Several ways to get there from Budapest:
Other option road No 7 until Szekesfehervar after road No 8(third access from Budapest next to Auchan store) – road 84 Csabrendek Sümeg
From Budapest, or Siofok M7 highway, all aroud Lake Balaton, Keszthely, Cserszegtomaj, Zalaszanto, Bazsi, Sumeg, see more detailed in Zalaszanto review
See more about Zalaszanto here

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Main attractions of Sumeg

Sumeg’s main attraction is the Castle which is situated on a 87m hill above the city. The Castle or Fortress is in a good shape compare to other Hungarian Castle ruins. The fortress first was built in the 14 century, after the Tatarian invasion in 1240-41. Afterwards the Castle was demolished in 1713 by the Habsburgs. Afterwards lots of rebuildings, and renovations happened here.

Sumeg castle

The Castle is quite visible from everywhere. Only accessed by walk, or by the special local Taxi. The parking is at the bottom of the hill.

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Sumeg festivals and events

Most festivals in Sumeg during the year are connected to the Castle.
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2015 Jun 13-14 National archery competition in the Sumeg Castle
2015 Jun 20 Rizling rendez-vous Wine tasting in the Castle garden with live performances
2015 Jun 21 Night of the museums in the Sumeg Castle
2015 Jun 24 11th St James days – The days of wine and hunting in the Castle garden
2015 Aug 08 Historical horse riding games in the Kisfaludy garden
2015 September 19-20 Farewell festival

Sumeg restaurants
Scotti udvarhaz restaurant

Location: 8330 Sümeg, Szent Istvan square 1.
Telephone: +36 87 550 063

Thirty’s restaurant

Location: Sümeg, Road No 87
Telephone: +36 87 350 013

Szt László Lovag restaurant

Location: 8330 Sümeg Tóth Tivadar 19.
Telephone: +36 550 166

Things to do and see nearby

Lake Balaton, Heviz hot water lake and several spa hotels and lots of resturants, Tapolca cave lake, Zalaszanto, Kehidakustany spa, can have big fun for the kids, Fenekpuszta roman era ruins near to Keszthely, Keszthely museums restaurants beach, Fenekpuszta bird ringing station, Nice forests at Keszthely hills, Castle ruins at Rezi next to Zalaszanto in the forest, Badacsony hills and wine cellars next to Lake Balaton. Varvolgy is also a nice place with a very good restaurant. Bakony hills huge green areas little North-east, most beautiful places here Zirc arboretum, Bakonybel, Fenyofo and Csesznek, Bakonyszentkiraly area.

Hotels in Sumeg
Hotel Kapitany Wellness

At the bottom of the Castle hill, family friendly
Location: 8330 Sümeg Tóth Tivadar u 19.
Telephone: +87 550 166

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