Festivals and events in Hungary


Festivals and events in Hungary

Festivals and events in Hungary

Last update: 14th July 2022

Festivals and events in Hungary 2022
Efott university festival 2022

Date: 13-17th of July 2022
Location: Sukoró, Lake Velence

Siofok New Orleans Jass festival 2022

Date: 15-17th of July 2022
Location: Siofok South side of Lake Balaton

Valley of Arts 2022

Date: 22-31th of July 2022
Location: Kapolcs little North from Lake Balaton

Ozora festival 2022

Date: 1-7th of August 2022
Location: Dadpuszta, Hungary

Sziget festival 2022

Date: 10-17th of August 2022
Location: Óbuda island Budapest
Sziget official website

Festivals and events in Hungary 2016

Below find the most famous yearly Hungarian festivals events, gastro and musical festivals, concerts, sports events, nature, sports, car, motorbike, retro and other festivals. Not everything listed here which happen in Hungary, but we try to collect the most interesting ones.

Festivals and events in Hungary

The festivals listed below are the main ones in Hungary, which is held usually at the same time of the year, this means expected in the same time next year as well. The festivals in Chronological order. On the sidebar will be more festivals by regions and pictures of different festivals.

Miskolc Jelly Fest 2016

Date: 28-31th of January 2016
Location: Miskolc Northeast Hungary

Buso Walking Fest 2016

Date: 4-9th of February,
Location: Mohács South Hungary, next to River Danube
Sokac people wear scary Masks

HollókŐ Easter Fest 2016

Date: 26-28th of March 2016
Location: Hollókő North Hungary

Tulip Fest 2016 Celldömölk

Date: 15-17th of April 2016
Location: West Hungary

Cherry Flower Fest 2016 Nagykörü

Many cherry tree bloom in Nagykörü in this time.
Date: 16th of April 2016
Location: Nagykörü

Vivicittá Running 2016

One of the most popular running in the best areas of Budapest
Date: 17th of April 2016
Location: Budapest

Volt festival

Date: 29th of June 2nd July
Location: Sopron West Hungary

Tata Water Music Flower festival

Family festival with lot of concerts, at the shore of the Old lake, 6 stages, air show, programs for kids, flower binding
Date: 24-26th of June 2016
Location: Tata Hungary

Szeged Open Air theatre

Paul Potts coming this year.
Date: 1st of July – 27th of August 2016
Location: Szeged Dóm square
Read more in detail here

Balaton sound

Date: 6-10th of July 2016
Location: Zamardi Lake Balaton

Visegrad International Palace Games 2016

Date: 8-10th of July 2016
Location: Visegrad Hungary

Blue Ribbon Regatta

Date: 14-16th of July 2016
Location: starts at Balatonfüred Lake Balaton, around the Lake
600 boats with 3000 people on it

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Date: 22-24th of July 2016
Location: Mogyoród near Budapest

Ozora festival

Date: 1-7 August 2016 Ozora
Location: Ozora

Sziget festival

Date: 10-17th of August 2016
Location: Budapest Obuda Island

Debrecen Flower Fest 2016

Date: August 2016
Location: Debrecen East Hungary
Chariots wrapped with flowers, marching at the main road
and square at Debrecen the second biggest city in Hungary.

Mór wine days 2016

Date: 29th of September 2nd of October 2016
Location: Mór Hungary

SPAR Budapest Marathon 2016

Date: 9th of October 2016
Location: Budapest Hungary

Bekescsaba sausage fest 2016

Date: 28-31 th of October 2016
Location: Bekescsaba Southeast Hungary

Budapest Christmas Fair 2016

Date: November 2016 – Febr 2017
Location: Budapest

Festivals and events in Hungary 2015
Sports events in Hungary 2015

Seems many interesting Sports evens will be held in Hungary in 2015.

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Table tennis World Tour, Budapest 28th of January – 1st February 2015.
Kimi Raikonen rides throught the Chain bridge in Budapest 1st of May 2015. Nagy Futam (Great Race Budapest event)
World Touring car Championship Mogyorod, Hungaroring May 1-3 2015
Shidokan Karate Open World Championship 16th of May 2015 Pestszentimre
European Woman Basketball Championship organized by Hungary – Romania 11-28 June 2015
Sebastian Vettel comes for the Ferrari racing days 26-28th of June 2015
4th Grand Prix in Athletics in memoriam Istvan Gyulai, Szekesfehervar 8th of July 2015
Formula One Grand Prix on Hungaroring, Mogyorod 26th of July 2015.
IFAA World Championship in Archery 22-30th August 2015
Track race Hungaroring 05-06th September 2015
Two carriage driving Fabiansebestyen 10-13th September 2015
Wizz Air Half Marathon – 13th of September 2015
World Canoe Marathon Gyor 11-13th of September
Spar Budapest Marathon, 11th of October 2015

Below can be find the most popular festivals and events in Hungary, at the bottom current events.

Festivals and events in Hungary – Musical Festivals 2015
Festivals and events in Hungary – Sziget Festival 2015

–  Budapest 10 – 17th August 2015 – Perhaps the biggest festival in Hungary and Europe as well, held in the North Obuda or Boat Factory island in Budapest – almost with 400,000 visitors every year
Official website of the:Sziget website

Festivals and events in Hungary – Balaton sound 2015

Zamardi 9-12 July 2015
The Balaton sound is held at the South shore of Lake Balaton at Zamardi. The festival is held near the beach, at a several km long area.

Volt Festival Sopron

– 1-4th of July 2015, Sopron
A very popular musical festival in Sopron West Hungary near the Austrian border.
Motörhead, John Newman, Lily Wood, Rise against, Parov Stelar band, Parkway Drive are expected this year.
See more about Sopron here

Fishing on Orfu (Orfű) – 17-20th June 2015

Musical festival
In the Panorama Camping next to the Lake in South Hungary near Pecs. Mostly Hungarian bands.

Ozora Musical Festival

– 3-9th of August 2015, Ozora

Andrea Bocelli in the Budapest Arena

22th of November 2015

There are many others but these are the most popular.

Festivals and events in Hungary – Budapest Festivals 2015

In Budapest there are incredible amount of events during the whole year. There are just few bigger listed here.

6-8th of February 2015 Mangalica ( Pig ) festival Budapest.

Jazz Spring

28-30th of May 2015 at the Palace of Art building in South.

St Stephen’s day National holiday 20th of August every year

One of the biggest Hungarian celebration is the celebration of the new bread and St Stephen the first Hungarian King. Lots of people in the streets of Budapest, and other cities as well with a traditional firework at 9 o’clock usually. Best place to look at the Budapest bridges or from the neighboring hills. If you don’t like really huge mass of people you can see it from a distance as well.

Budapest Spring festival

– 10th – 26th of April 2015, perhaps the biggest cultural event in Hungary, mostly about classical music.

The Night of Museums

21th June, 2015. Very popular but huge crowd at some places usually like the National Museum for example.

Buda castle wine and champagne festival

9-13th of September 2015

Fish festival

All kinds of fish meal in the garden of the National museum. The location perhaps change every year inside Budapest. This is a newer festival, I include some pictures how a typical gastro fest looks in Hungary.
2015.02.19 – 2015.02.22 Vajdahunyad Castle in the City park
festivals and events in hungary 1
festivals and events in hungary 2
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festivals and events in hungary 6
festivals and events in hungary 7

Budafok wine and champagne festival

Budafok is an external district famous for the Torley champagne factory.


Usually held in Nepliget city park

Fridge festival

21-24th of November Budapest

Art market

Budapest 28th of Nov-1st Dec Budapest

Festivals and events in Hungary – Biggest Festivals 2014
Festivals and events in Hungary-Buso walking festival

Mohacs 12 – 27th of February Mohacs 2014 – one of the most famous traditional festival in All Hungary – it has a meaning of the farewell from the winter and greetings of the Spring as well – the Sokac people dress themself in scary masks – there is an explanation that this event has a connection with Turkish invasion – they scare the Turkish home with this scary masks – this is probably not true because Sokac people only arrived in the Mohacs area 10 years after the Turkish left the area, Mohacs is a Southern city of Hungary next to the Danube famous for fishing and nice natural areas.

Hollokő Eastern Festival

4-6th of April 2015 Hollokő is a Unesco World Heritage site in Hungary. This is a traditional village unique as this is the only one of this kind among Unesco sites. The small village has some streets ( Old village ) with traditional houses. There is small Castle/Fortress there as well and beautilful Natural surrounding. Hollokő situated in the Northern hills area.

Debrecen flower carneval 08-22 of August 2015

Usually held in 20th August the celebration of the St Stephen and the new bread, usually half million people attend to the 220,000 city. They dress the 15-16 horse and carriage with approximately 3 million flowers, which shows themselves on Debrecen’s main street.

10-12 July 2015 – Visegrad Palace Knight Festival
Valley of Arts

– Kapolcs and Taliandorogd – 26th of July – 4th of August 2013 – a very interesting Art festival not far from Lake Balaton, held in small villages

Hegyalja (bottom of the hill) festival

9-12 July, 2014 Tokaj – The most famous wine territory in Hungary, at the joining of the Tisza and Bodrog river at North East Hungary.

Szeged open air theatre

At Dom square, very popular usually 95% are the visitor rate, 50 000 attend every year this festival.
Musicals in the program:
4-5th July 2014 Zorba the Greek
11-12th of July 2014 the Csardaskiralyno
18,19,20 July 2014 Gone with the wind
August Hary Janos, Singing in the rain

Szeged Youth Days

24-30th of August 2014

Water, Music, Flowers festival Tata

Tata is a middle sized city app 70km from Budapest. Tata is a city of waters: there are several very nice lake in Tata. The old lake is famous about the Geese arrive in Autumn migration.
26 June to June 28 June 2015

Miskolc jelly Gastro festival

5-8 February 2015
In the inner city of Miskolc, the third biggest city in Hungary.

Csaba Beer and Knuckle festival

22-25 June 2015 Bekescsaba This popular gastro festival held in South-Eastern part of Hungary famous for its meat products.

The day of the Hungarian Song

13th of September 2015
Several places concerts around the country

Festivals and events in Hungary – Lake Balaton Festivals 2014
Festivals and events in Hungary – Balaton sound 2015

Zamardi 9-12 July 2015
The Balaton sound is held at the South shore of Lake Balaton at Zamardi. The festival is held near the beach, at a several km long area.

Blue Ribbon regatta

2-5th July 2015 Balatonfüred – Balatonkenese – Tihany – Keszthely – Balatonfüred. The first regatta was held in 1934. Th whole distance is 160 km.

Harley Davidson Open road festival

Alsoors, Balaton 10 – 14th of June 2015

Balaton Bike Fest

– 23-25th of August 2013

Nagyon Balaton

18 20th of August 2013

Beach festival

19-22 th of August 2015 Zamardi

B my lake

19 22th of August 2015 Balatonaliga


Current events in Hungary

The list is growing.

Festivals and events in Eger

Feszt Eger Musical festival 28-30th of May 2015

There are many interesting festivals, and events held here during the year.
-National antic fair 7th September, 2014
-The Day of the Hungarian Song 7th September, 2014
-Siege of Eger – traditional event 10th September-17th of October, 2014
-Eger harvest (wine-making) festival – 27,28 September, 2014
-National antic fair 21th September, 2014
-The day of the Eger stronghold 17th October, 2014
-The day of Hungarian painting 18th October, 2014
-National antic fair 19th October, 2014
-Singing Hungary reginal choir festival 24-26th October, 2014
-Gardonyi days (the writer of the Stars in Eger) 25-26th October, 2014
-Museum Martin day 8th November, 2014
-New wine and Geese days 8-13th November, 2014
-Paloc(nationality in Mezokovesd) gala 21th November, 2014
-Beauty contest 22th November, 2014 Agria Park
-Advent 3th December, 2014
-Santa claus 5th December, 2014
-Book festival 13th December, 2014
-National antic fair 21th December, 2014
-Wine sanctifying in St John’s day 27th December, 2014
-Eger wine salon 30th December, 2014
current Festivals Eger – not yet active

Festivals and events in Sopron

VOLT Music festival 1-4th of July 2015

5-7 September 2014 Sopron harvest festival
10-13th September Inno lignum forestry exhibition and fair
19-20th September 2014 Soproni kekfrankos Chief king election and street festival
27-28 September 2014 Agfalvi farewell
18-19th of October Minerals exchange Sopron
current Festivals Sopron – not yet active

Festivals and events in Szeged

-5-7th of September 2014, River Tisza international fish festival
-17-21th of September 2014 Wine festival
-23-27th of September 2014 St Gellert festival
-7-8 November Szeged jazz days
-25th of November 24th of December advent in Dom square
current Festivals Szeged – not yet active

Festivals and events in Heviz

current Festivals Heviz – not yet active

Festivals and events in Hajduszoboszlo

current Festivals Hajduszoboszlo – not yet active
31st of December 2014 New Year Eve – Farewell to 2014

Festivals and events in Bukfurdo

current Festivals Bukfurdo – not yet active
31st of December 2014 New Year’s Eve in many places

Festivals and events in Zalakaros

current Festivals Zalakaros – not yet active
31st of December 2014 Star magic in the Main street
31st of December 2014 All inclusive Retro party in the Bath
05th of April April rabbit chasing

Festivals and events in Siofok

current Festivals Siofok – not yet active
29th November – 24th of December 2014 Siofok advent fair

Festivals and events in Debrecen

current Festivals Debrecen – not yet active
Not all programs listed here
31st of December 2014 Happy new Year Debrecen – street music and festival
08th of February 2015 Carneval with Alma band

Interesting targets in Hungary at the links below

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