Szarvas arboretum Hungary


Szarvas arboretum Hungary


5540 Szarvas, Arborétum u I. Külterület 9.

Opening hours :

Every day 8 – dusk


82 Hectare

No of species:

Plants: 1600 species of tree and bushes, 250 species of other plants, 211 species of fungus,120 No of birds species, bugs, and other animals.

Before we enter the garden the first thing we recognise here is the gate of the arboretum. This gate is a true masterpiece made by Sárossy Tibor. When I first see this gate I become very happy, I just liked it very much. Unfortunately we arrived here to visit in March, this way we cannot see the real potential of this arboretum, next time definitely come back in Spring or Summer. The area is quite huge, with all kinds of plants, flowers and trees. To make the garden more attractive several peacocks are walk in the garden among the visitors. To see this birds is a real adventure with their beautiful colours.(See in the gallery.) At the “back” of the arboretum a beautiful Koros backwater can be find.

Thing to see and do nearby:

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