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Barcs spa

Barcs spa

Barcs spa Hungary


About Barcs

Barcs is a middle-sized city in Southwest Hungary. The region is famous about it’s nice natural values, huge forests, and the beautiful Drava river. The area doesn’t belong to the “Mainstream” tourist targets in Hungary, but there are many interesting things here for the curious tourists: here can be find near to Barcs the Barcs ancient forest, the Dravaszentes visitor center of the National Park, the Szigetvar Castle. The Drava river is also very nice at Barcs. At the side of the River a nice area can be found with catering possibilities and with huge green area. For wildlife photographers perhaps this area can be very interesting: here lives the most White tailed eagles in Hungary. I saw one of these eagles just above the Dravaszentes Visitor center.



7570 Barcs Május 1. utca 2
Telephone: (82) 565 500

About the Barcs spa:

The Barcs spa is a relatively new spa, it has been built in 2005-2006. It is a good, well balanced facility, it has everything what is need for a good rest and relaxation. The fees are not high and the spa is not over-crowded.


There are three external (swimming pool, adventure pool, and children’s pool) and several internal pools. The spa is not small, but not among the biggest spas in Hungary. There are a spacious green area around the external pools, with several catering services.

Things do and things see nearby:

Drava river, Dravaszentes visitor center of Drava National Park, here it is possible to see several things if we lucky we can see White tailed eagle as well hovering above the visitor center, Forests around Barcs, Szigetvar Fortress, Csokonyvisonta spa, Szigetvar spa – the Barcs spa is a little higher grade than the other two, Csokonyvisonta has the best medical water, Otter Park in Labod

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