Szigetvar Hungary


Szigetvar Hungary, Szigetvár, Magyarország

Szigetvar is a very interesting historical place in Hungary. The Defenders of the fortress had fight a battle till death with the Turkish army. In the old times the fortress had been surrounded by water, this is where the name come from (Szigetvar means island fortress). For me as a Hungarian man the visit of the ancient heroes home land gives a lot. It was moving to hear from people who sacrificed their life for the Nation. The fortress is very interesting, it is possible to walk around at the top of its walls. The fortress can be found in a beautiful park packed with birds, the area is very quiet and relaxing. Before the fortress entrance a small Spring can be found with a bridge over it.






Where the cannon ball fly…..


Recently a new open Bath has been constructed very near to the old historical fortress. The bath has three bigger external pools together with several internal pools. The bath has a design fit to the city’ historical atmosphere.


Other things to see in the neighborhood: Barcs, Barcs spa, Drava gate National Park visitor center in Dravaszentes very near to Barcs with a nest of a White tailed eagle, the area has the biggest White tailed eagle population in Hungary, Drava river, Forest’s almost everywhere in the neighborhood, Csokonyavisonta spa with very healthy medical water, Otter Park Labod

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