Hungary tourism Tourism Hungary


Hungary tourism Tourism Hungary

Hungary tourism Tourism Hungary

This site has been made with the aim to present Hungary as a tourist target. Although Hungary is a small country (approximately 93 000 km2) compare to the US or Russia or many other countries, it is quites interesting in touristical point of view.

Drava river, South Hungary

Why ?

Several reasons:

1. Hungary quite a safe place in many ways.
2. Hungary has lots of natural historical scientific and many other values compare to the small size of the country.
3. Hungary has Spas almost everywhere.
4. Hungarian food and wine are very good quality and is known Worldwide.
5. Most hungarian people are friendly and helpful with tourists.
6. Hungary is in between the East and West European culture in many ways.
7. The country’s capital is one of the Most Beautiful City in the whole World, situated between hills and located at the two banks of the River Danube.
8. The country has a good climate: not too cold, not to hot.(This is changing, perhaps summer is started to go hot a little bit.)
9. Apart from the capital Hungary is not so densely populated country.

Most popular targets:

1. Budapest
2. Balaton
3. Spa cities (Hajduszoboszlo, Heviz, Zalakaros, Buk, Sarvar, etc)
4. Historical cities (Sopron, Eger, Pecs, Komarom. etc)
5. Natural places (Hortobagy, Lake Tisza, Hills region, Orseg, Danube bend, Caves and cave lakes)

World heritage sites in Hungary:

1. Budapest Danube bank and Castle
2. Hortobagy plain
3. Pannonhalma archabbey
4. Holloko village
5. Ferto lake area
6. Pecs ancient christian tombs
7. Caves of Aggtelek
8. Tokai wine region
9. Budapest Andrassy road area

Popular activites:

Bicycling – there is a dedicated bicycle road around Lake Ferto, Balaton , Danube bend, Lake Tisza

Horse riding – more and more popular in Hungary long rides available in very nice places

Fishing – lots of lakes, rivers, backwaters fishing is very popular here

Motorbike – can go around the country smaller hills, nice nature, good roads

Wildlife photography – very popular in Hungary lots of rare species can be found here with beautiful places, lakes, hills, lots of bugs and butterflies

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