Fuzer Hungary (In Hungarian Füzér )


Fuzer Hungary ( Füzér in Hungarian)

Fuzer Hungary

Fuzer Hungary
Where is Fuzer

Fuzer is situated in the very North Eastern part of Hungary close to Slovakia.

Interesting facts about Fuzer Hungary

Fuzer was chosen as the most beautiful settlement last year in Hungary(2012).

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About Fuzer Hungary

Fuzer situated in the Zemplen hills. Fuzer is a small settlement with several hundred inhabitants. Fuzer is part of the Zemplen hills region. Zemplen hills are one of the most rural part of Hungary. Huge spaces can be found here with few people. One of the most abandoned part of Hungary. As it is like this the area has lots of natural values: beautiful hills, forests, landscapes can be find here. Don’t expect huge supermarkets or other city based infrastructure here. At approximately 8 o’clock there were no traffic at the road which leads Fuzer, which is very rare in Hungary, even at the smallest settlements. Basically on the map Zemplen hills are like two green spot: a bigger one at South and a smaller one at North. Fuzer is situated at the South part of the smaller Northern located spot.

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Main attractions of Fuzer

Fuzer Hungary
The main attraction of Fuzer is a Castle/Fortress built on a 170m high volcanic hill in the village. The fortress is built very early in the 13th century or before. The Fortress is first mentioned in a document dated 1264 A.D. There were times where the Hungarian crown was hided here in the 16th century. Today the fortress is a little ruined state but renovation is already started with the fund from the European union and Hungarian government. The hill has forests on it, and several interesting plant can be found here. The whole area is protected by its natural values. The Castle can be accessed from the asphalt covered road from the village through a payed parking area. The parking fee is 380 HUF(April 2014). After the parking must pay 500 HUF/person for the visit. The Castle is at higher level than the parking, approximately 20-30 minutes needed depends on the fitness level to reach the top of the hill, after a little steep walking. The panorama is very nice from the top of the hill, all the adjacent hills and forest can be seen from here. There is a plan to restore the Castle which had two parts, an upper and lower parts. Currently only the upper part exists.

About the village

The village is small with nice houses, a spring flow through the village, called Biso. The Spring is coming from the Nagy-Milic which is the highest hill in the Zemplen hills(896mm). The Castle is visible from everywhere.

Things to see and do nearby

Hollohaza with a famous porcelain factory and store just several kilometers, Fuzerradvany castle, Keked Melczer castle hotel, Vizsoly temple and the first Bible translated to Hungarian, Izra lake in Slovakia also 5km from Fuzer, see below, the road leeds through a beautiful beech forest, the Lake is in the forest too. There are two other Castles in the Zemplen region: Regec and Boldogkovaralja both of them are litte bit farer from Fuzer(50km both of them but different locations).

Izra lake

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