Things to do in Lake Balaton


Things to do in Lake Balaton

Things to do in Lake Balaton



Lake Balaton is Central Europe’s largest freshwater lake. It’s surface just little bit bigger than the Lake Geneva (app 595 km2), but it is much shallower: average depth is around 3m. No engine powered ship is allowed at the Lake. The Lake’s water is quite clear, one can even drink it, but not clear looking: mud is in the water, which is good to treat several illnesses.

What to do here ?

This is a best place to relaxing, reading a book, sunbathing, swimming, sitting in the restaurant. Some parts of the Lake is more noisy some are more quiet. If you like many people around the best place is Siofok, Balatonfüred, Csopak, and the Eastern parts of the Lake. If you prefer quietness the western parts, and smaller places are usually more quiet.

Things to do in Lake Balaton

I would list some things I like to do here.

1. Check Tihany: Tihany is a very interesting place to visit here: a thousand year old monastery, beautiful forest next to the Lake, interesting vulcanic structures can be found here.

2. Visit Szigliget: Szigliget is a beautiful place with a Castle ruin on top of a small hill.
From the Castle can have a nice view on the Lake.

3. Check Badacsony wine cellars.

4. Visit the Festetics Castle in Keszthely. Keszthely is a relatively bigger place here, with nice restaurants, museums, and several beaches.

5. Visit Kis Balaton nature reserve. At Zalavar visitor center all information available. Kis Balaton is situated at the Southwestern Part of the Lake Balaton. It is functioning as a filter for Zala river, which supplies water to the Lake. The main place for visiting is the Kanyavar island little bit South. The island can be accessed through a Wooden bridge.

6. Swimming in the Lake. The Lake is more deep at North shore, more shallow at South.

7. Visit Africa museum in Balatonederics. Perhaps a good program with the kids. Several animals can be seen here, together with several relics from Africa.

8. Visit Veszprem. Veszprem is a little bigger city (app. 60,000 inhabitants), not far from the North shore. Veszprem has a nice inner city, has a zoo, and several museums.

9. Visit the Heviz hot water lake. Heviz is one of the most popular destination in Hungary.

10. Check Spas in Zalakaros, Kehidakustany, Igal or Tamasi. (perhaps in colder weather.)

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