Castles in Hungary


Castles in Hungary

castles in hungary
Boldogkő Castle in Northeast the settlement called Boldogkőváralja (Happy stone castle bottom)

In Hungary there are many Castles. Most of them was a property of noble families usually with a huge garden or arboretum attached to them. There are many fortresses as well many of them in ruined state, sometimes just parts of the walls remained, but some Castles were renovated and many serves as Hotels nowadays. Many of these fortresses were a part of the defense system in the 13-18th century, later many were destroyed by the Ottomans in the 16th century and later by the Habsburgs during the Hungarian revolution (1848-49). The first Castle system was built from mud in the strategic places to defend the are from the enemy. Later many fortresses was built from stone material.

Castles in Hungary

Castles in Hungary Fuzer
The Hungarian Crown was hidden here in the 16th century. The Castle was built on a steep rock in the small settlement in the 13th century.

Buda Castle
Visegrád Castle

castles in hungary
The Visegrad Castle in the picturesque Danube bend 40km from Budapest certainly is a must not miss category. The Upper Castle with three level are built on a 333m high hill above the Danube.

Gödöllő Castle
Soroksár Castle
Martonvásár Castle Castle

Castles in Hungary Nograd

Castles in West Hungary
Fertod Esterhazy Castle

The most popular Baroque Castle in Hungary in the lake Ferto region in West Hungary.

Sarvar Castle

castles in hungary

Castles in North Hungary
Eger Castle

Eger Castle is perhaps the most famous in Hungary, but not the most picturesque. The Castle is famous about historical reasons, because here the small Hungarian army is keeping the fortress against the huge Ottoman army in 1552. In the end the Turks went away because of the coming winter.

Lillafüred Castle
Szerencs Castle
Regéc Castle
Boldogkőváralja Castle
Diosgyor Castle Miskolc
Kéked Castle
Füzérradvány Castle
Castles in East Hungary in the Great Plain
Castles in North Transdanubia
Tata Castle

castles in hungary tata

Castles in South Transdanubia and around Lake Balaton
Festetics Castle Keszthely

castles in hungary keszthely
The Festetics Castle located in Keszthely, next to Lake Balaton.

Szigliget Castle

The Szigliget Castle is very unique because it was built on a hill over Lake Balaton.

Sümeg Castle

Sumeg Hungary
The Sümeg Castle is located North from Lake Balaton. It is one the best shape Castle / Fortress in Hungary. The Castle is visible from everywhere in the small town. The Castle was built on a small hill inside the city.

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