Sarvar spa information (Sárvár in Hungarian)

Location: 9600 Sárvár, Vadkerti út 1.

Opening hours : 8 – 22h

Pools: 9 pools totally, spa, kids pools, wave pool

Other services : saunas

Website : Sárvár spa website

Sarvar Hungary (Sárvár in Hungarian)

Sarvar is a very nice place at the West Part of Hungary. Lots of nice opportunities for tourists: A nice Spa, Botanical garden, beautiful lakes, Raba river, forests, a nice Castle, horse riding possibilities all this in a moderate sized city meaning peaceful atmosphere with not so much travelling. The Castle of Sarvar can be found in a beautiful Park in the city center. The castle was built in the end of 13th century. The Nadasdy Ferenc museum can be found inside the Castle walls, who was the owner of the castle. The museum has 1300m2 exhibition area about the Hungarian “Huszars” history between 1526-1945, history of Sarvar, Carta Hungarica map history exhibition, Industrial Arts exhibition, and book printing history of Sarvar. The castle has been built outside Renaissance inside Baroque style.

The Sarvar spa also very famous in Hungary, they organise lots of musical and other programs in the spa also in day and nighttime.
Sarvar spa website

The Sarvar area covered with lots of forests. Good possibility for people like to be in the nature, and wants to be away from the crowd of the city.

Sarvar has a beautiful botanical garden with several lakes, and lots of flowers and plants.
Sarvar arboretum

Sarvar castle, Hungary

Raba river, Sarvar Hungary

Entrance of Sarvar castle, Hungary

Sarvar view, Hungary

Horse riding in Sarvar, Hungary

Information table of Sarvar botanical garden
Sarvar botanical garden, Hungary

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