Alcsut arboretum


Alcsut arboretum

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Location: 8086 Alcsutdoboz. Access from Budapest: Bp-Biatorbagy-Etyek-Alcsutdoboz

The Alcsut arboretum located not very far from Budapest (50km from the city center), Alcsutdoboz is the next village after Etyek.

How to get there ?

Alcsut arboretum 2
From Budapest: M1-M7 joint highway (7.4km), M1 highway that goes to Gyor (27.7km from the separation of the two highways, the right highway to choose) – Road No 1 (2.3km) this road is parallel with the highway at left side, needs to go the same direction away from Budapest – Road No 811 (7.6 km)

Opening hours :

Every day 10-18h in Spring, 10-16h in Winter


40 Hectare

No of species:

540 species of trees

Entrance fee :

700 Huf/person, 450 HUF/person, group 600/person(above 10 person)

Other :

Dogs not allowed

About Alcsutdoboz

Alcsutdoboz is a small enjoyable village, with good atmosphere. Alcsutdoboz has 1454 inhabitants according the 2009 survey. The huge arboretum is the main attraction here.


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Prince Jozef has been founded the Alcsut botanical garden in 1820. Arriving from Etyek the truly beautiful big Platan trees on the two sides of the road is the first attraction before Alcsut. The area of Etyek and Alcsutdoboz is beautiful with small hills, green areas, vineyards. The arboretum is a very nice naturally looking huge green area with several buildings, ruins, a lake with not so much artifical object, signs, etc. Although the small parking was full of cars when we arrive, we didn’t really met people in the huge green area. A nearby restaurant is a good possibility after finishing the walk between the beautiful trees, and flowers.

What can we see in the Alcsut arboretum ?

We can see lots of trees, flowers, several lakes, Neoclassical Castle ruin – can check in the above gallery, Neoclassical barn today is a school, Temples

Things to do and see nearby

Etyek is the obvious place nearby, Etyek is famous about wine-making, has a filmstudio, and a golf course. The area is quite nice with small hills, forests, and a beautiful alley from huge Plane trees between Etyek and Alcsutdoboz.

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Alcsut arboretum flowers
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Lakes in the arboretum
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