Egerszalok Hungary (Egerszalók in Hungarian)


Egerszalok Hungary (Hungarian Egerszalók )

egerszalok hungary

Egerszalok Hungary

Where is Egerszalok

Egerszalok is situated in the North Eastern part of Hungary, just 7km from Eger.

About Egerszalok

Egerszalok is a small settlement with 1878 inhabitants according to a survey carried out in 2013.

How to get there

By car from Budapest it is easily and conveniently accessible, through M3 motorway it takes only an hour and a half.
From Eger it is just a 15 minutes drive by car.
As for the public transportation:
by train from Budapest – there is direct railway connection only to Eger from where a local bus (leaving from Eger Railway Station) takes right to the entrance of the Spa, altogether it takes approximately 3 hours
by bus from Budapest – leaving from Stadion Bus Station in every hour and gets there within 3 hours.

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The Thermal Spa and Saliris Resort hotel

A couple of years ago there was only a little pool here next to the salt hill. By 2007 the whole landscape changed enormously and the new service provider opened its doors to hundreds of potential visitors and guests. Today there is a hotel/spa complex with lots of pools and services suitable for all ages meeting the needs and living up to the expectations of many.

Natural surrounding

The natural surrounding is beautiful as it is located in the Bukk mountains, forests abound, the air is clean and fresh.

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The Thermal water of Egerszalok Hungary

It is a medicinal spa which means that the water used here is rich in minerals and the health benefits of this water have been proven by medical tests under the supervision of the Hungarian government.


There are 17 external and internal pools here out of which 6 are external and 11 internal pools.

Type of pools:

Lots of medical pools, cave pool, jacuzzi, Kneipp pools, child pool, water temperature from 14 degree Celsius to 42 degree Celsius, most pools are between 33-36 degree Celsius.

Other services:

Saunas, different type of medical treatments, Fitness room

Other informations:

The wellness hotel is a bit further away from the village Egerszalók. Due to the long distance (10 km) of this area from Eger, a car is highly recommended to use in order to fully make the most of the time spent here for example for short trips in the nearby places to visit. Some may like the restaurant of the Hotel and the Spa, some may not.

Things to see and do in Egerszalók

– Butterfly Museum
– Lake Egerszalók
– cave houses
– old stone bridge
– thermal spring, salt hill
– interesting stone formations
– Roman Catholic church
– built strolling path

Things to see and do nearby

To the north from Egerszalok a 130 hectare water reservoir/fishing lake can be found as well as the Lasko spring. Demjen spa is just several km away while Eger is a popular place for tourists to visit in Hungary: a historical city with a fortress, lots of museums, huge thermal bath with swimming pool, lots of famous wine cellars. The fortress and other popular and interesting targets are in the inner city, the wine cellars can be found at the entrance of the city, and a better place called Szepasszonyvolgy (Valley of the Beautiful Women) which is a very nice place with wine cellars around.

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