Cegled spa


Cegled spa Hungary (Cegléd in hungarian)

Cegled Thermal spa and Leisure center

About Cegled:

Cegled is a middle sized city in Pest county. Cegled has approximately 40 000 inhabitants. The city is situated approximately 70km from Budapest at South-East direction. Cegled is situated on the Great Plain area of Hungary, and quite a quiet place.

About the Cegled spa:

The Cegled spa is quite a new one had been constructed in 2001-2003. The center of the Spa is a three storey building of the thermal bath. In front of the Bath building a huge parking can be found. The Spa located a little bit outside of the city, at the side nearer to Budapest.

Location of the spa:

2700 Cegléd, Fürdő út 27-29.


+36 53/505-000

Spa opening hours:

From 16th of September 10:19 h
2013 Nov 04-08 Closed


The open bath has 10 pools and 17 slides which located on a spacious area. The parking in front of the Spa entrance also spacious. The spa is quite a new one, this way not so crowded than the older baths already known lots of years ago.


There are many slide can be found in Cegledtheral Spa. One of the most interesting is equipped with 4 paralell fields which can be enjoyed together as a family. There are also closed ones with a onion shape, pendulum slides and mini slides for smaller children. Kamikaze slide and black hole slide is also available. Slow river, wild river and many other fancy staff.

Other services:

Medical treatments, Sauna, Catering services

Cegled thermal spa website : Cegledi termal bath

Things to see and do nearby :

Fishing, horse riding, visit Cegled city, Kossuth museum, Natural history hunting museum, Drum museum, municipal Sports history collection, Cast iron stove collection, Cegled gallery

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