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Program possibilities at Hortobagy:

Hortobagy programs

Hortobagy is a very interesting place. It is the biggest continuous grassland in Europe. At first visit without any information we see almost nothing, apart from the famous 9-hole bridge with several buildings, and the smaller river also called Hortobagy. Most of the area is flat with some fishing lakes here and there. If we have some patience and we dig a little deeper, we can have lots of good adventures here. My suggestion is first to check the Visitor center to ask about the possibilities of the given season. One of the biggest attraction is the Crane migration in Autumn when tens of thousand cranes moves from the grasslands to the lakes.



Lots of information can be obtain in Hortobagy Visitor center.

Visit the unique Bird hospital

The bird hospital is a very unique place even in Hungary, no such other hospital exist anywhere else in the country. Usually here lots of injured or ill birds can be seen in the hospital itself, and in the attached outside aviary. We saw several Buzzards, Kestrels, an Eagle and several other Birds of Prey. Storks, herons, all kinds of other injured birds can be seen in the hospital. If they manage to cure the bird, and the bird is successfully recovered, they set them free when the bird is in a good, required physical condition. They cured perhaps several hundreds, or more than thousand of birds already. The bird hospital is started and maintained by a veterinarian and his family by donations since 1999. The bird hospital can be visited but certain parts are restricted.

Craftsmen yard and exhibition
Hortobagy wildlife park
Visit the Fishing lakes
Herdsmen museum
Visit the Cow farm
Small train

Lots of organized events during the year: fairs, competitions, guided tours

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