Lake Balaton restaurants


Lake Balaton restaurants

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Lake Balaton restaurants at the North shore

Most of them can be found next to the main Road No71. In most of the Lake Balaton restaurants a main course is started about 2000 HUF. Fish meals are usually more expensive, pastas, or starters are sometimes cheaper. Some restaurants are cheaper, some are more expensive. Waiters are usually expects tips, despite some places they include a sum in the bill for serving. Younger waiters are better :).

In quality they are quite different, what people expect from a Restaurant is also quite different. For 2000 HUF is hard to get a Michelin star quality. Sometimes we can have a pleasant surprise, sometimes we can be disappointed.

If the question which is the best restaurant next to the Lake Balaton, according to Hungarians, the Kistucsok in the South shore in Balatonszemes is the best. Other good choices the St Domonkos in Varvolgy see below, Mala garden in Siofok, restaurants in Tihany, and Heviz are usually are also good quality. The restaurant in the end in Balatonszemes camping, they made fantastic cold Fruit soup.

Varvolgy (Várvölgy) St Domonkos restaurant 

– a very nice one near Keszthely see the picture below. Varvolgy restaurant can be found approximately 9km from the main road from Keszthely in North direction. The restaurant placed next to the road. If we go there also worth to visit the neighboring village Zalaszanto where a Buddhist stypa and a Watermill museum can be found.

Lake Balaton restaurants

Vigmolnar (Vígmolnár) csarda Csopak

Laroba hotel Alsoors (Alsóörs)


Romai pince (cellar) Heviz (Hévíz)

Baricska Balatonfured (Balatonfüred)

Halaszkert Balatonfured (Balatonfüred)

Kali art inn Koveskal (Köveskál)

Restaurant of Bakos Attila Szigliget

Varga vendeglo Balatongyörök (Balatongyörök)

Karolina cafe house Balatonfured (Balatonfüred)

Vorosko (Vöröskő) Kaptalanfured (Káptalanfüred)

Karolina fuszerkertje Tihany

Usually the restaurants in Tihany has a good quality.

Lake Balaton restaurants at the South shore

Gulya Csarda Balatonszentgyorgy

See below


Kistucsok (Kistücsök in Hungarian)

Balatonszemes the most famous restaurant at Lake Balaton with vinery. Not many restaurants really wants to be the best, but this is the one who really strive to do it. This restaurant is so good, that some people from Budapest drive 130 km to come here just for a meal.
Kistucsok website

Kukorica csarda Balatonfoldvar (Balatonföldvár)

Platan restaurant Balatonfoldvar (Balatonföldvár)

Chateau-visz (Berencsepuszta)

Chateau visz website

Geleta confectionery and restaurant Balatonlelle

Mala garden Siofok (Siófok)

Mala garden website

Cafemolo Siofok (Siófok)

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