Berekfurdo Hungary


Berekfurdo Hungary


About Berekfurdo:

Situated at East of Hungary, Berekfürdő is an interesting place at the border of the Hortobágy area. Apart from the main season the village is a small abandoned place with approximately 500 inhabitants, one main street, a big spa, and three lakes among the great plain. The spa is open whole year. In Kunmadaras just approximately 4km from Berekfürdő an abandoned military airport can be find, which is often used as a location of different motorbike or car shows. Lake Tisza is not very far from Berekfürdő, and the great Hortobágy plain also not far, the protected area starts just several kilometers from the village border. The nearby city Karcag is a traditional agricultural city, 10kilometers from Berekfürdő, also a spa has been constructed, with a huge plain area around the city with several lakes, and canals. In the city border an 1858 constructed Windmill can be seen. Several natural reserve can be found around the city: Kecskeri reservoir, Kecskeri plain, Zádor bridge, Zádor plain. Karcag is home for several craftsmen: carvers, potters can be found here.


External pools: two hot thermal water pools, a huge swimming pool, two pool with approximately 30 degree celsius water temperature, a childrens pool. In winter only the two external hot water thermal pool is functioning.

Lake and a fishing lake:

The internal lake is inside the Bath area, and there is a bigger lakes outside of the Spa area just next to the internal lake. The camping is next to the External fishing lake. There is one more fishing lake can be find little further in the outside area. Both lakes are supplied with the thermal water.

Things to see and thing to do nearby:

Lake Tisza area Abadszalok and Tiszafured is not far from Berekfurdo, Hortobagy plain protected area is just next to Berekfurdo area, but the visitor center is little farer, Karcag city with a Windmill. Abandoned military airport at Kunmadaras. Interesting protected area (Kecskeri puszta) with a huge reservoir between Karcag and Kisujszallas with abundant wildlife, Zador bridge area next to Hortobagy is also an interesting area.

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