National Parks in Hungary

National Parks in Hungary

Hungary‘s area divided into 10 National Parks.

The first National Park in Hungary is the Hortobágy National Park, has been founded in 1973. Hortobágy area is the greatest natural plain in Europe.

The Hortobágy Natural Park’ area is 82 000 Hectare. Hungary is famous about it’s birdlife, there are more than 400 bird species has been recognised in Hungary. Lots of unique species can be found in Hungary: the Great Bustard, Red-footed falcon, Bee eater, Roller, White tailed eagle, Imperial eagle, Saker falcon, Avocet, Black winged stilt.

Lots of mammals also easily can be found here, totally 88 species: Roe deer, Deer, Moufflon( Northern hills), Boars, Hares, Foxes, Bobcat, Golden jackal, Lesser mole rat a very unique, cute little animal can be found just very few places under the ground, and many other species.

Bear is very rarely occur in Hungary in the Northern areas (in that case Slovakian conservationists ask: Where is our bear :)), some wolves can be found in Borsod county, but the chance to meet them is minimal.Majority of the areas can visit freely. Each park has dedicated visitor routes all around the country.

Duna Ipoly National Park

Duna Ipoly National park website This includes Budapest area, Komarom Esztergom, Fejer counties Pilis, Visegrad and Borzsony hills, Ipoly river, Szentendrei island

Balaton uplands National Park

Balaton uplands National park website Balaton and uplands area

Hortobágy National Park

Hortobagy National park website Hortobagy plain in East

Kiskunság National Park

Kiskunsag National park website Kiskunsag between Danube and Tisza area, salty lakes, sandy dunes, plain area

Duna Drava National Park

Duna Drava National park website Southern areas with Gemenc forest Drava and Danube river

Körös Maros National Park

Koros Maros National park website Eastern Koros and Maros rivers main habitat of the Great bustard

Bükk National Park

Bukk National park website Northern hills area

Fertő National Park

Ferto Hansag National park website Ferto lake and surrounding

Aggtelek National Park

Aggtelek National park website Aggtelek cave in North East

Őrség National Park

Orseg National park website Orseg forested area in West

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