Kehidakustany Hungary


Kehidakustany Hungary

Kehidakustany Hungary

Kehidakustany Hungary


Kehidakustany situated near Heviz close to the Northwest part of Lake Balaton. Kehidakustany is a small settlement created from two separate village Kehida and Kustany. There are approximately 800 people lives in the village. Between the two parts of the village flows the Zala river, which comes from the Orseg area, and the main water supply of the Lake Balaton through the Kis Balaton reserve area. In Kehidakustany the Zala river is quite small, just several km-s away significantly wider, before it enters the Lake Balaton.

Kehidakustany hungary

How to get there ?

The easiest way to go on road No 76 from Lake Balaton’s west side, after turn right, where the sign indicates it, and after all the way through. The spa going to be leftwards, from the main road need to turn left after we arrive in the village. We cross Zala river, after keep leftwards, and the Spa entrance with a big parking area can be found in right side of the road.

Kehidakustany spa

The spa in Kehidakustany is not a small one. There are many pools, internal and external as well. I wouldn’t say that it belongs to the very best in Hungary, but it is very nice. Nice calm atmosphere, even there is a quiet room, playing room for small kids, jacuzzi, thermal water pools. In the end of November there were not too many people in the Spa, I bet in summer in rainy weather many people can be found here. Even if many people attend, the facilities are quite big, no problem to provide lots of people


Kehidakustany spa ticket system

In the spa there is an interesting ticket system. They offer several packages. There is a simple package, a little more pricey package with thermal-medical bath, an even more expensive with saunas, and so on. In Late afternoon the prices are discounted in every category from a specified date, before closing.


No of pools:13
total water covered area: 2400 m2
Slides:94m giant slide, outside kamikaze slides(summer) – there are some restrictions about the slides regarding ages, and height (1.2m)
Lazy river, bigger than in the Szechenyi bath in Budapest
Pool bar
Kids splash
Other services: Baby mammy quiet room

Things to do and see nearby

There are an asphalt covered bicycle road near the village border, Heviz hot water lake, Zalaszanto buddhist stypa, watermill museum, Fenekpuszta bird ringing station, Fenekpuszta ruins, Sumeg castle, Nice forest at Keszthely hills, Kis Balaton reserve area, Keszthely (a little bigger city here next to Lake Balaton) Festetich castle, and several museums and restaurants

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