Balaton beaches


Lake Balaton beaches

There are many beaches around the Lake Balaton. At the South shore where the water is shallower the beaches are almost continuous in the whole shore of the Lake.

At the North shore there are not as many beaches, the area is more “wild”, the water is deeper most places. There are not as many free beaches. The infrastructure usually better at the South shore (restaurants, tidyness, services), but it depends where you go. Paid beaches are also cheap, and you usually get better services, like shower, toilet, food, organised programs etc.

The place are quite varied place to place, but usually everywhere the shore is grassy, not so many places has covering on the surface. Usually there are trees everywhere, but not everywhere the same quantity, so better to get a tent or something because on the shore it is hot under the sun, if there is no shadow around. Those who arrive earlier can choose better places to stay when stay on the shore not in the water.

On settlement can have more beaches, Fonyod for example has at least 4. If you prefer huge crowd the most popular beaches are in Siofok, Balatonfured, Csopak area, and in the Northeast parts of the lake (Almadi, Alsoors, Kenese, Akaratty). If you prefer not so many people, the Western parts are better.

Free beaches

Balatonakarattya – North shore or Between North and South
Balatonberény – South shore
Balatonboglár – South shore
Balatonfenyves – South shore
Balatonföldvár – South shore
Balatonkenese – North shore or Between North and South
Balatonmáriafürdő – South shore
Balatonöszöd – South shore
Balatonszárszó – South shore
Balatonszemes – South shore
Balatonudvari – North shore
Balatonvilágos – South shore
Fonyód – South shore
Keszthely – North shore
Örvényes – North shore
Siófok – South shore
Szántód – South shore
Tihany – North shore
Zamárdi – South shore
Zánka – North shore

Payed beaches

Ábrahámhegy – North shore
Alsóörs – North shore
Badacsony – North shore
Badacsonytomaj – North shore
Balatonakali – North shore
Balatonakarattya – North shore
Balatonalmádi – North shore
Balatonberény – South shore
Balatonederics – North shore
Balatonfüred – North shore
Balatonfűzfő – North shore
Balatongyörök – North shore
Balatonkenese – North shore
Balatonlelle – South shore
Balatonmáriafürdő – South shore
Balatonszepezd – North shore
Balatonudvari – North shore
Balatonvilágos – South shore
Csopak – North shore
Gyenesdiás – North shore
Keszthely – North shore
Pálköve – North shore
Révfülöp – North shore
Siófok – South shore
Szigliget – North shore
Tihany – North shore
Sajkod – North shore
Vonyarcvashegy – North shore
Zánka – North shore

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