Budai arboretum

Budai arboretum



This botanical garden is located at South Budapest, at Buda side, on the Gellert hill. It is not a huge arboretum, but not a small one either. Quickly we can go through in an hour, but can spend more hours easily as well. It is located at the side of the Gellert hill near to the bottom area. It can be accessed from Villanyi street direction. Between the trees and shrubs there are the buildings of the University of Horticulture.



Address: Budai Arborétum, 1118 Budapest, Villányi út 29-43.
Opening hours: 9.00-19.00 h
Entry fee: Free to enter to the garden if there is no special event

When to visit

The best time to visit an arboretum in Hungary is Spring (from May) and Autumn (September-October). This time the trees has their foliage, flowers blossom in Spring and the garden has a great atmosphere. Unfortunately I visit arboretums in many different times during the year due to different reasons, as by chance visit this arboretum in middle of November.

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Parts of the garden

There are two gardens above each other on he hillside divided by a smaller street. In both gardens there are the buildings of the university as well, some modern buildings and old ones as well.


There are some buildings in the garden most of them used by the university, but some of them looks totally abandoned.

Trees plants

I like huge trees. These old trees are quite interesting. The biggest trees here are Oak trees (different species), there are two huge Oak tree in this garden, and many other interesting trees. This two Oak tree is really big, see on the above picture, very rarely I see something like this by chance.


There are some unique plants here for example the “Biggest persion tree in Hungary”. In fact I haven’t seen one of these trees in any other arboretums. This tree looks like the nut tree with many parallel branches, the bark is spotted like the bark of the maple tree.



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