Komarom Hungary


Komarom Hungary (Komárom in Hungarian)


Komarom is a very interesting historical town in Hungary, situated in Northwest Hungary. In fact there are two Komarom: at the Slovakian side also there is a city called Komarom (Komarno, Old Komarom, Port Komarom). To reach the other city just needs to walk through the bridge. Two bridge connects the two cities: a railway and a highway bridge. Earlier it was one city with different names, before that the Hungarian part was connected to other city (Szony). The bigger one at the Slovakian side can be found. At the Hungarian side a defense system has been consisted of several fortresses. The city was an important scene in 1848 revolution as well. Komarom is a spa city, Komarom has a huge spa.

Komarom spa

In Komarom a nice thermal water spa can be found. The spa has 9 pools. There are open air pools and covered pools as well.

Monostori stronghold

is an interesting part of this stronghold system: it is located in a huge area, see pictures below, usual place for film making for example.

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