Rivers Hungary


Rivers Hungary – Hungarian rivers

Hungary has lots of very beautiful rivers.

The River Danube

The river Danube at Visegrad – River Danube is the biggest river in Hungary, and one of the biggest in Europe. The River Danube is 2850km long, started in Germany in the Scharzwald area and goes to the Black see. The Hungarian length is 417 km. There are many very fine places in the Hungarian section: the Famous Danube bend between Budapest and Esztergom, the Gemenc flood forest at South, and many very nice places in between. In the Hungarian area there are many smaller and bigger islands, including the 257km2 Csepel island or the 56km2 Szentendre island in the Danube bend, the Margaret island or the famous “Sziget” Obuda island, and many other. Lately the water of the River Danube is more and more clear which perhaps results that from 2012 Mayflies occur again in the River Danube as well, after 40 years. The width of the Danube at Budapest is around 300m.

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The River Tisza

River Tisza
The River Tisza is the second biggest river in Hungary. The length of the River Tisza is 597km in Hungary. The river Tisza flows through the great plain, which is not so densely populated. The river had a lots of bend before, which was altered to make the River more sloping and more quickly flowing. The water level of the River Tisza is very unequable, which was realised in the Flood of Szeged. In 1879 the whole city had flooded. The River Tisza is famous for it’s  Mayflies: this unique creatures lives only several hours after mating, after live 3 years as a larvae in the mud, than mating makes the river looks like flowers in them. In Lake Tisza can be found the famous Lake Tisza reservoir, which is a unique place for nature lovers, and fishermen alike. The River Tisza has numerous very nice backwaters: for example at Martely, Tiszaalpar.

The River Drava

img_3414_1The River Drava is a South border river in Hungary. It is a dangerous river, but the area next to the river is beautiful with endless forests and beautiful scenery. Canoeing on the river is subject to prior permission. Well advance need to ask  for a permit because of the huge interest about the activity. The area is beautiful with a rich wildlife. Looks really wild somewhere, we did a tour and I was happy that we can managed to leave the forest after approximately 3 hours ride. No bears or other dangerous animals expected there though. The area is very popular for fishing at both bank: The Hungarian and the Croatian part as well.

The River Bodrog

img_7789-jpg The river Bodrog is a very nice river as well. The river Bodrog can be found at the far North-East part of Hungary. The river Bodrog has lots of nice brances and aboundant wildlife. Most popular activity here the Canoeing and fishing, because the river is quite safe with little sloping, and has lots of fish in there.

The River Raba


The River Ipoly


The River Koros


The River Maros

The river Maros joins river Tisza at Szeged.

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