Lake Balaton Events


Lake Balaton Events

Lake Balaton Events
Anna Ball – Balatonfured

The first Anna Ball was held in 1825 in Balatonfured, Szentgyörgyi Horváth Fülöp János held in the honour of her daughter Anna Krisztina. Anna met his bridegroom – Erno Kiss at the first Anna Ball, who was one of the 13 Martyr generals of the Hungarian revolution executed by the Habsburgs in Arad in 1849. The ball is usually held at Saturday nearest to Anna day around 20th of July (in Hungary there are namedays such as Birthdays throughout the year). The Anna ball was always one of the most important ball in Hungary, most famous writers, artists, politicians met here.

Kek szalag (Blue ribbon)

– regatta – this competition held every two year where the competitors going around the 145km route around the Balaton from Balatonfured and going to Balatonkenese-Tihany-Keszthely and back to Balatonfured. Between the two year also has a competition with slightly different rules, which allows other types of boats to attend. The first Blue ribbon regatta was organised in 1934. Usually held in July.

Swimming through the Lake

– 5th of July 2014 – the participants swimming through the lake in one of the shortest direction in 5.2 km from the North side to the South from Revfulop to Balatonboglar beach. From 7-13h can register for the competition at the nearby soccer field. The competition is greatly depend on weather condition, and this way sometimes cancelled.

Balaton events and Festivals in 2016

Harley Davidson Open road fest

8-12th June 2016 Alsoors (the date is not 100% sure, but in June I think)

Balaton events and Festivals in 2015

Harley Davidson Open road fest

10-14th June 2015 Alsoors

Balaton sound festival

8-12th July 2015

Bmy lake festival

19-22th Aug 2015 Zamardi

Balaton events and Festivals in 2014

Harley Davidson festival

Usually held in Alsoors at the North shore 4th-8th of June 2014

Balaton sound

10-13th of July 2014 Zamardi is a popular festival in Zamardi at the South shore. The scene is next to the Lake, where the camp situated in several kilometers(2-3) along the lake.

Balaton events and Festivals in 2013

Martin day palinkafestival

Siofok 8-10th of November 2013

Sweet Vonyarc

17th of November 2013 – Vonyarcvashegy

Boiled wine competition

– Badacsonytordemic 7th of December 2013

Cadillac Museum Keszthely

– 13th of June to 31st december 2013

Nagyvazsony Advent

1st of December 2013

Gyenesdias Advent

14-15th of December 2013

Events near Lake Balaton

Valley of Arts

– Kapolcs, Taliandorogd

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