Labod Otter Park Vidrapark Lábod


Labod Otter Park Vidrapark Lábod

The film about the two Otters unfortunately only in Hungarian:

How to get there:

From Csokonyavisonta (Gorgeteg) direction must pass the village towards Nagyatad, after turn right at the roundabout, where the sign shows Vidrapark (Otter park), after one more time needs to turn right, and goes along until the house at the right side of the road and the lake in front.


The Park located deeply in a forest area.






The area is very beautiful, the buildings, garden furnitures, well fit together with the unique natural surrounding. Several lakes can be found here, a canal, forested area all around, with several meadows. During our visit we saw the two Otters has been raised by humans, currently lives in a fence bordered area of the lake system. The film Vidrasors “Otter fate” made by Zoltan Torok (Zoltán Török) describes the life of the baby Otters in humans hands.

We see the following species during our visit:

White stork
Western Marsh Harrier
Grey heron
Ferroginous duck
Tree sparrow
Great crested grebe.

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