Esztergom Hungary

Esztergom Hungary

When the Hungarians invaded this land around 895-896 Esztergom was a main city.
Esztergom HungaryEsztergom street view with the Cathedral, and the Castle.


Esztergom is an interesting city in Danube bend. It is located North from Budapest, and it is the end of the Danube bend area and here the Danube flows to East West direction (or West East to be precise) not North South direction as most the areas in Hungary, from Esztergom to Baja. I worked here in Esztergom one and a half years on a project and here proposed my girlfriend as well. You can guess this is not an ugly place.

It is especially interesting as one tour from Budapest it is possible to check three interesting targets (Szentendre, Visegrad, Esztergom) from Budapest in the Danube bend in the same direction. Szentendre is the closest to Budapest around 25km, after coming Visegrad (a must see) around 45km and after Esztergom (around 60km).

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Esztergom area

Esztergom situated in the Danube bend area which is characterized by the Danube, hills, caves and islands, with significant natural values. The very popular Pilis hills just started at the borders of Esztergom. There are lots of green areas around as it is usual in this part of Hungary. Esztergom is not a big city but bigger than Visegrad the other very popular city in the Danube bend.

Esztergom’s main attractions

Esztergom is not a big city, but despite that it is rich in different types of attractions. The inner city is very nice with the Casthedral, the Castle, several museums and there is a smaller Danube branch with a longish shape island as well. The city has a historic atmosphere.

Esztergom Cathedral

Esztergom Hungary 6
The Esztergom cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Hungary (and the highest building in all Hungary). The height of the Cathedral is 100m, the area is 5660 m2 (6700 square yards). Not many bigger clerical building can be found in Europe, except the St Peter’s in Rome, the St Paul’s in London, the Koln dome and the Milan’s dome as far as I know. The building is quite visible almost from everywhere in the neighborhood. The current classicist building was designed by Jozsef Hild. The first Cathedral was built by St Stephen the first King of Hungary, the original building was destroyed by a fire in 1180. In the 16th century the Turks has demolished and used as a Mosque. Later the stored ammo exploded and almost the whole building disappeared.

Esztergom Castle

Esztergom Hungary 4
The Esztergom Castle is located next to the Esztergom Cathedral. It was a very important stronghold, after the Turks occupied it they speak about it after for long decades.

Kis Duna (Little Danube)

Esztergom Hungary 2
The Danube has a smaller branch which creates an island next to Esztergom. It looks like a channel, bordered by huge plane trees, there are many boats on the surface of the water, and it has a very nice atmosphere.
Esztergom Hungary 8

Aquasziget Esztergom – Esztergom Aqua-island bath

The Esztergom open bath is located next to the Danube on the small longish island. The bath is quite enjoyable with green areas, catering services and several pools and slides. There are external and internal pools as well. In the summer heat it is very useful.

Location: Esztergom, Táncsics Mihály u. 5, 2500
Telephone: (30) 994 9288

Esztergom inner city

The inner city of Esztergom is very nice. The street has a historic feel, the atmosphere is quite nice relaxed, peaceful. Usually no crowd here. There are huge trees in most places.
Esztergom Hungary 9
Esztergom inner city Sewage Manhole cover
Esztergom Hungary 10
Statue in the inner city.

Maria Valeria bridge and Parkany (Sturovo)

Esztergom Hungary 11
The Maria Valeria bridge over the Danube connects the areas of Esztergom and Parkany. Parkany is a smaller city on the Slovakian side. It has 11,100 inhabitants, mostly Hungarians as well. There was a settlement here even in the Roman times. It has a popular thermal bath, especially it was popular because it was very cheap, I don’t know the situation now. The Garam spring joins the Danube river here. There are some smaller hills up to 400m height. It is the Southest settlement in current Slovakian area. Apart from the bath the city center and the Danube bank are the most popular sites here. The bridge is quite windy compare to what I used to in most places in Hungary. The Danube is natural wind corridor, which is a good thing.

Esztergom museums

Esztergom Hungary 3
Esztergom has many museums.

Church museum

Here we can check many collections from the 12-20th centrury including paints, coins, sculptures, icons, graphical collections from different artists from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, italy and Hungary.

Location: 2500 Esztergom Mindszenty hercegprimás tere 2.

Esztergom Hungary 16

Cathedral treasury

It is in the Main Cathedral.
Location: 2500 Esztergom Szent István tér 1.

National museum’s Castle musem

Location: 2500 Esztergom Szent István tér 1.

Danube museum

Location: Esztergom, Kölcsey Ferenc u. 2, 2500
Telephone: (33) 500 250

Palatinus lake

The Palatinus lake is a very popular lake in Esztergom Dorog area. Half of the lake is beach in summer, the other side of the lake is used for diving. Even an old boat was sunk here, which was found in the Danube. The water of the lake is very clear.

Esztergom restaurants

Esztergom has several very nice restaurants mainly next to the Danube and in the inner city near the Cathedral.

Prímás Pince

Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 4.
Telephone: +36 33 541-965 ·

Csülök csárda

Cím: Esztergom, Batthyány Lajos u. 9, 2500
Telephone: (33) 412 420


Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Helischer József út 2
Telephone: (70) 521 2135

Nautilus boat bar

Cím: 2500 Esztergom,
Telephone: +36 30/642-69-53, +36 33/313 942

Caffe grante

Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Dorogi út 5–7.
Telephone: (33) 435 272


Cím: Esztergom, Pázmány Péter u. 21, 2500
Telefon: (33) 311 212

Vaskapu menedekhaz

Cím: It is in the hills called Vaskapu
Telefon: +36 30 335 3325 (Hunor Gábor)

Szalma csárda

Cím: Esztergom, Nagy Duna stny. 2., 2500
Telefon: (33) 403 838

Esztergom’s natural values

Esztergom is located at the foot of the very nice Pilis hills, and part of the Danube bend as well. There are many green areas, forests, hills, lakes around with significant wildlife.

Esztergom Hotels

There are not many Hotels in Esztergom, but there are plenty in the neighborhood.

Bellevue Hotel ****

80 rooms in the Bubanat valley (not in the center, but not far in a beautiful area) with nice view on the Danube bend.
Location: Esztergom/Búbánatvölgy, Őrtorony u. 49, 2500
Telefon: +36 (33) 510 810

Hotel Grante ***

Dog-friendly place.
11 rooms, for 35 people, very popular, and highly rated, but it is a 3 star Hotel.
Location: Esztergom, Dorogi út 5, 2509
Telefon: (33) 435 272

Hotel Saint Adalbert ***

In the center under the Cathedral and the Castle. 39 rooms for 79 people, there are apartmans and smaller rooms as well.
Location: +36 33 541 972
Telefon: +36 33 541 972

Esztergom Hotel ***

Location: Prímás island, HRSZ: 16332,
Telefon: (33) 412 555

Roza Hotel ***

Location: Esztergom, Táti út 28, 2500
Telefon: +36 (33) 630 005

Boutique Hotel Atrium

Location: 2500, Esztergom, Bajcsy Zsillinszky u. 29.
Telefon: +36 (33) 402-196

Interesting Hotels nearby

This area is very pleasant at the both side of the Danube. This is why many nice hotels here as well, some of the with thermal water or wellness services, or without. Some of them is a very nice forest or valley, others in the city center. Mostly green the main dominant color at these places though.

Oreg halasz Hotel and restaurant ***

Location: 2534 Tát, Fő út 2.
Telefon: +36 33 444 592.

Thermal Hotel Visegrad ****


Szent Orbán Forest wellness Nagybörzsöny-Kóspallag ****

Inside the Börzsöny hill forest, the Hotel built from wood material, 60 rooms for 148 person

More pictures about Esztergom

Esztergom Hungary 7Esztergom Hungary 14Esztergom Hungary 15Esztergom Hungary 13

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Danube bend Hungary


Danube bend Hungary

Danube bend Hungary

Danube bend Hungary

The view of the Danube from the Visegrad Castle
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Where is it ?

The Danube bend is the area next to the Danube between Esztergom and Budapest. Here the Danube flows between Börzsöny hills (North) and Visegrád hills (South-west). The area is a popular tourist target in Hungary. The shape of the 90 degree bend is quite obvious on the map, but the area is little more than this bend.


The area is quite diverse: here can be find hills up to almost 1000m heights, rivers, plain areas, forests, caves, huge and smaller islands as well. From a historical aspect the area have always been a favourite place of former Governors, has been a location of meetings of Kings, or nowadays Prime ministers. In Esztergom there is a 100m height Cathedral, in Visegrád a Castle of former King Mathias can be found. At the West side of the Danube the three most visited cities are Szentendre, Visegrád, and Esztergom. At East – North side are smaller villages/cities can be found with lovely atmosphere, and yes there is a life in between where the Szentendrei island with 5 smaller villages, and other islands also can be found.

danube bend

Popular places to visit

This places are among the finest and most popular places in Hungary. They are rich in historical, cultural and natural values as well.

1. Visegrad

is one of the finest place in Hungary. Several castles and fortresses with picturesque view on the Danube(see the upper picture), beautiful forests, fountains can be found here.
See more about Visegrad here Visegrad
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2. Szentendre

is a city of painters it is located approximately 20km from Budapest, with narrow streets, a village museum, restaurants next to the Danube.
See more about Szentendre here Szentendre

3. Esztergom

is also a beautiful city with a 100m high Cathedral, nice restaurants, islands, a new bridge towards Slovakia can be found here. Read more about Esztergom here

4. Vac

is also a nice town next to the Danube with a beautiful square, historical buildings, monuments.

5. Zebegeny and other Northern Cities

Zebegeny and the neighboring cities and villages has a unique atmosphere, they are more quiet at the foot of the Borzsony hills. At Kismaros a nice fish restaurant can be found.

Water sports, Ski, Bicycling and Mountain hiking

Above mentioned sport activities are the most popular in the Danube bend area. At Pilis hills at Dobogoko a ski resort can be found. Asphalt covered Bicycle road goes along the Danube from Budapest.

Natural values

The Danube bend area has significant natural values, several protected areas can be found in the area in both sides of the river Danube. Some very rare species can be found in this unique area.

Other curiosities

Pilis hills has a cristal clear air. Here a village can be found.

Pictures of Danube bend Hungary

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