Lake Balaton wineries

Lake Balaton wineries

There are many wineries around the Lake Balaton. The most wineries can be found in Badacsony, the North areas of the Lake and Balatonboglar area in South. The side of the vulcanic hill is very good for winemaking, and there are many cellars there as well. The locals like to invite people in their cellars to taste their wines.

There are also several wine festivals next to Lake Balaton during the year.

In the Fesztetics castle in Keszthely winetasting is possible from the region’s different wines.

Lake Balaton famous winemakers, best wineries, wine Hotels
Légli winery

Location: 8630 Balatonboglár, Árpád utca 47.
Telephone: +36 30 226 6917
Fresh, tasty, White wines.

Szeremley winery and restaurant

Location:Badacsonytomaj, Kisfaludy u 5.

Figula winery and restaurant

Location: 8230 Balatonfüred, Siske u. 44/b.

Szent Donát winery

Location: Csopak, Szitahegyi u. 28, 8229
Telephone: (20) 928 1181

Söptei Pince Kft. Cellar & Restaurant

Location: Csopak, Istenfia u. 5, 8229
Telephone: (87) 340 201

Borbély family cellar

Location: 8258, Badacsonytomaj, Káptalantóti út 19.

Nyáry cellar

Location: 8265 Hegymagas, 881 hrsz.
Telephone: +36 (30) 942-3174

Laposa cellar

Location: 8261 Badacsonytomaj Római út 199, 8261
Telephone: (87) 431 425

Varga winery

Location: 8257 Badacsonyörs, Füredi út 49. (Next to road No 71)
Telephone: +36 87 471 211
Cellar appointment: Csoltai Lajos,, +36 70 330 2691

Villa Tolnay winehouse

Location: 8286, Gyulakeszi, Csobánchegy 24.

Szaszi winery

8265, Hegymagas, Szentgyörgy-hegy, 035/7 hrsz.

Pálffy Pince (cellar)

Location: 8274, Köveskál, Fő út 40.

Famous lake Balaton wines

These names are fun, but these are real Hungarian wines.

Kéknyelű (Blue leaf stalk ) this grape is only can be found in Badacsony and this area in the whole World.
Juhfark (Sheep tail)
Szürkebarát (Grey friend)

Wine regions in Hungary

Wine regions in Hungary

In Hungary there are big traditions of vine producing and vine drinking. In Hungary there are 22 wine regions identified, 15 of them can be found in Transdanubian area. (West from the Danube line.) The most famous the Tokaj area at North-East of Hungary.

There are huge number of events organized in Hungary about gastronomy and wine drinking.

Tokai Aszu

The most famous Hungarian wine is the

Tokai Aszú. The Aszú is a sweet type of dessert wine in gold colour. The grapes are going through noble rot by the assistance of Botrytis Cinerea fungus in the humid environment. Only produced in Hungary. Other famous Hungarian wines are the Villányi area wines. Every year in Hungary the vinemaker of the year is elected.


There is a special grape which is ONLY can be found in Hungary called Kéknyelű (translated blue handle). This special grape only grows in Hungary in the vulcanic soil at the North shore of Lake Balaton.