Hungary Counties

Hungary Counties

Hungary counties
Hungary is divided into 19 Counties. One of the county (Pest) include the capital Budapest, the area of Budapest filled with red color.

In the following section I discuss each areas about turistic importance, most interesting targets, what to see, what to do, geography of the regions etc. I concentrate on tourism, but many add notes about economy and other things as well. Later there will be separate pages for each counties with lot more details. This page is for the clever ones, who will know, and understand much more about the country in context.

The counties of Hungary are the following:


Baranya county is located in South Transdanubia, see the map above for exact position. The center of this area is Pecs which is a little mediterranean little Turkish city in this nice hill area. Pecs has about 150,000 inhabitants. The surrounded area covered with forests, nice lakes, caves, beautiful villages can be found here. Quite a nice place for tourists.

Bács Kiskun

Bács Kiskun county is located South between Hungary’s two main river, the Danube and the Tisza. The area is flat and mostly sand covered. It is a good news here especially for tourist, otherwise it would be a same boring agricultural land than other huge areas of the country. The main natural values here are the salty lakes, which in summer sometimes dried up, but gives home to many endangered bird species. Many areas belong to the Ksikunság national park. Other popular activity here is horse riding, there are many farms waiting for it’s visitors. There are many hot water spas as well. There are some really nice abandoned places here as well, with low quality roads, which I particularly like (keep the masses away, which helps to maintain the nature). The biggest city is Kecskemét in this area, where there are several nice buildings to see, there are several museums, a new botanical garden around the city.


Békés is located in the far Southeast part of the country. most tourists even in Hungary not go so far. The area is flat but quite nice. Gyula is a spa city with a unique brick Castle, and lots of programs during the year which is the hotspot of this area near the Romanian and Ukranian border. Several middle sized rivers also can be found here, there are nice protected natural areas of the Koros Maros National Park, next to these rivers.

Borsod Abaúj Zemplén

Northeast part of the country mainly covered with hills and forest of the National park. Some very nice places like Lillafüred Miskolctapolca can be found here, caves, beautiful forests, lakes. For nature lovers.


Csongrád located in the Southeast part of Hungary. The main city is Szeged here the home of Hungarian paprika and Pick salami divided by the River Tisza. Flat area with lots of sunshine.


Fejér county is located little South from Budapest. Szekesfehervar is a former coronary city worth to look at, with it’s several nice buildings, the Castle of Jenő Bory, who was a sculptor/architect.

Győr Moson Sopron

Győr the main city here is very enjoyable with it’s several rivers, Spa Complex and University. Sopron “the faithful city” is also a very nice place near the Austrian border, with many interesting building, nice nature, and high quality food.

Hajdú Bihar

In Hajdu Bihar county the most interesting places are Hajduszoboszlo with the biggest Spa complex in Europe, Debrecen the second biggest city in Hungary, and the Hortobagy plains Unesco World Heritage site.


Heves is a popular destination with the Charming Historic city of Eger with it’s Castle fortress, Wine cellars, Mosque and Spas. Nearby in the wally there are other three important spa cities: Egerszalok, Demjén and Bogács.

Jász Nagykun Szolnok

Half of the area of Szolnok is an agricultural land. Turistically most interesting is the beautiful Lake Tisza here.

Komárom Esztergom

The beautiful unique Danube bend can be found here, which is 80km section of the river and the surrounding 900-1000m hills. Most area is part of the National Park.


Nógrád is located in the Northern hills, but not as visited as the higher parts of the area.


The Capital city is the center of this county.

Szabolcs Szatmár

Szabolcs Szatmár is perhaps the least visited part of the country. Can be a good news for nature lovers. Some really nice rivers, and villages can be found there, and the one and only remaining Mud fortress.


Somogy is perhaps the most forest covered area in Budapest. There are huge forests there, and the beautiful River Drava, the historic Szigetvar and several nice spas as well. Mostly small villages, little towns and several mid-sized towns can be found here. Some places looks like the time has stopped, there are abandoned houses in some villages as well. The area of the county is quite big in Hungary terms.


Vas is located next to the Austrian border. Lots of forests, natural beauty, old Castles, temples, villages.


Veszprém is located North from Lake Balaton Hungary’s biggest resort area.


Zala is located at the far Southwest part of the country. Nice places forests, small hills little villages. There is a very nice spa in Zalakaros.

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Interesting facts about Hungary


Interesting facts about Hungary

Interesting facts about Hungary

The two biggest rivers of Hungary are the River Danube and river Tisza. The River Danube highest level was in last year at Budapest, when the water level is almost reached the level of the bridges, see below.

interesting facts about Hungary danube flood

At River Tisza the story is quite different. The River Tisza easily flood roads and sometimes building as well in Hungary. The local people and the army lots of times brings sand filled bags to stop the river to flood homes or asphalt covered roads.

interesting facts about Hungary

High buildings – Interesting facts about Hungary

The Hungarians invaded the area of the country around 896 AD. Most high buildings was built for the Millenium, and is 96m high. The St Stephen cathedral, the Parliament building and all other high buildings in Budapest are 96m high. Apart from the temple buildings, and TV towers not many high buildings can be found in the country, especially residential buildings. The few exception are the Pecs residential building, which is 84m high, and uninhabited since 1989, and a 24 level residential building in Szolnok, which is 81m high, which is the current highest residential building in the country. In Debrecen are also has one 75m high tower building, and there are several smaller ones in Budapest, and here and there around the country.

Population – Interesting facts about Hungary

Hungary has approximately 10,000,000 inhabitants. The biggest city is Budapest with 1,7 million people, the second biggest is Debrecen with 208,000. The smallest is Iborfia with 9 people. There are many other villages under 100 people of population.

Lovely villages

There are many lovely villages in Hungary. Holloko village is a Unesco World Heritage site, the only one of this kind. See beautiful villages of Hungary below.
Most beautiful villages in Hungary

Thermal water

Hungary is extremely rich in thermal waters. Lots of spas can be found in Hungary almost everywhere. Around 200 thermal baths can be found in Hungary. This means in average there is a thermal bath in every 27km in Hungary. Somewhere it is more, somewhere it is less, depend on the location.See more about Spas here
Interesting facts about Hungary

National parks – Interesting facts about Hungary

Hungary is rich in natural values, the country’s area is divided into 10 National parks. Hortobagy is a unique national park in Hungary, and was the first founded in 1973. Here the shepperds still live in the wild with Hungary’s famous Grey cattle. It’s plain area is 80,000 hectare. The Hortobagy has a surprisingly rich wildlife. See more about Hortobagy here


In Hungary can be found the biggest floodforest in Europe, the Gemenc forest. There are many stories about politicans hunting there, which was always popular. One of stories, I don’t know it is true or not, that one president is supposed to come to Hungary, and they asked him, what he wants to hunt for. He said he want to shoot bear. The Hungarians thought no bear here, what to do? They find a bear from the Great circus in the City park. They transport the bear to the Forest and wait for the guest to arrive. They started to hunt, next to ruined building when a postman arrives to the house with the mail. After what they see in the telescope of the shotgun? A bear come out of nowhere and left the place on the Bicycle !



There are many huge and interesting caves in Hungary. There is even a cave spa in Miskolctapolca. There is a cave lake as well in Tapolca not far from Lake Balaton. The two longest cave is the Palvolgyi cave in Budapest and Aggtelek cave in the North part of the country. The Aggtelek Cave system is part of the Unesco World Heritage sites.

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List of thermal baths in Hungary


List of thermal baths in Hungary

List of thermal baths in Hungary

List of thermal baths in Hungary

See the main page in the Menu for more detailed information (exact locations, no of pools, other informations) (Spas in Hungary.)

The most popular thermal baths are the following in Hungary: Szechenyi budapest, Heviz hot water lake, Hajduszoboszlo, Zalakaros, Gyula, Buk, Egerszalok, Sarvar, Kehidakustany, Gyoparosfurdo, Nyiregyhaza sosto, Kiskunmajsa, Harkany, Berekfurdo, Cserkeszolo.

List of thermal baths in Budapest

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Budapest 2
see more about Gellert here
see more about Rudas bath here
see more about Szechenyi baths here
-Veli bej
see more about Veli bej here

List of thermal baths in Bacs Kiskun county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Bacs Kiskun
Location: Middle South Hungary between River Danube and River Tisza

-Balloszog – they also call it Silverado because of the many horsemen

List of thermal baths in Baranya county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Baranya

South Transdanubia


List of thermal baths in Bekes county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Bekes

-Oroshaza Gyoparosfurdo
see more about Oroshaza-Gyoparosfurdo here

List of thermal baths in Borsod abauj Zemplen county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Borsod Abauj Zemplen

-Miskolctapolca cave bath

List of thermal baths in Csongrad county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Csongrád

List of thermal baths in Fejer county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Fejér


List of thermal baths in Hajdu Bihar county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Hajdú Bihar


List of thermal baths in Heves county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Heves
see more about Eger here
-Paradfurdo hospital

List of thermal baths in Gyor Moson Sopron county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Gyor Moson Sopron

List of thermal baths in Jasz Nagykun Szolnok county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Jász Nagykun Szolnok
see more about Berekfurdo here
see more about Cserkeszolo here

List of thermal baths in Komarom Esztergom county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Komárom Esztergom
-Esztergom (currently closed – 2013)

List of thermal baths in Nograd county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Nógrád
-Bank lake

List of thermal baths in Pest county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Pest county

List of thermal baths in Szabolcs Szatmar Bereg county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Szabolcs Szatmár Bereg

List of thermal baths in Somogy county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Somogy
see more about Barcs bath here

List of thermal baths in Tolna county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Tolna

List of thermal baths in Vas county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Vas
see more about Sarvar here

List of thermal baths in Veszprem county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Veszprém

List of thermal baths in Zala county

List of Thermal Baths Hungary Zala
see more about Heviz here
see more about Kehidkustany here
see more about Zalakaros here

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Luxury hotels Hungary


Luxury hotels Hungary

Luxury hotels Hungary

Budapest luxury hotels

Most hotels at below list is five star hotels in Budapest, offering high quality services.

Gresham Palace Four Season hotel at the Chain bridge – the most luxury Hotel in Budapest
Gresham palace hotel website

Hilton in Budapest in the Castle district
Hilton hotel website

Marriott hotel next to the Danube river
Marriott hotel website

Boscolo Budapest
Boscolo hotel Budapest website

Corinthia Hotel Budapest
Corinthia hotel Budapest website

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest
Kempinski hotel website

Intercontinental Budapest
Intercontinental hotel website

Le Meridien
Le Meridien hotel website

Sofitel Budapest
Sofitel hotel website

Hajduszoboszlo Hotel Atlantis

Hotelatlantis hotel website


Heviz is one of the top tourist target in Hungary with a natural hot water lake biggest of it’s kind near Lake Balaton. The thermal water comes from a 38m deep cave under the lake. The lake has two spring a hot and a cold one. The lake is warm even in winter.
Heviz lotustherme hotel website

Castle Hotel Hedervar not far from Gyor

Hedervar Castle hotel website

Northern hills area


A Castle Hotel at one of the finest place in all Hungary.
Castle hotel Lillafured website


A Castle Hotel at one of the finest place in Hungary’s highest mountain.
Castle hotel Paradsasvar website

Szilvasvarad La Contessa Castle hotel

A Castle Hotel at one of the finest place in Hungary in Bukk hills
La Contessa Castle Hotel Szilvasvarad website

Tarcal Andrassy Hotel Wine&Spa

in Tokai region
Andrassy hotel Tarcal wine&Spa website

Tarcal Grof Degenfeld Castle Hotel

in Tokai region
Grof Degenfel hotel Tarcal website


A very nice wellness hotel in the West part of the country.
Sarvar Spirit hotel website

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Hungary map geography info

Map of Hungary

Map of Hungary

Most of Hungary’s area is a plain area. The ground level above the see varies between 76-1014 m. The highest point of Hungary is Kekesteto in Matra hills (1014m). The two biggest rivers of Hungary is the Danube at West and the Tisza at East.
Hungary to 10 drava river
The Danube has a 90 degree bend just North from Budapest. There are three hilly area in Hungary: The Northern hills from the Danube line to East direction, the Transdanubian hills at Middle West and Mecsek hills around Pecs city in South. The biggest lakes are Lake Balaton (595 km2) in South-West, Lake Tisza in North East(127 km2), and Lake Ferto together with Austria at North-West(309 km2 totally). The eastern part of the country called the Great Plain, this area contains the Hortobagy area the biggest natural grassland in Europe, a World Heritage site.

Hungary Esztergom 5
the Esztergom cathedral, it is a 100m high Church the biggest in the country

Area, Population, language

Hungary is a relatively smaller country in Eastern-middle Europe. The area of Hungary is approximately 93 000 km2. Hungary has approximately 9 909 000 inhabitants (2013). The language of Hungary is Hungarian, a very difficult language to learn, belongs to Finno-Ugric language family. According to survey 6,5 % of Hungarian population claims themselves a different nationality (Roma, German, Romanian, Slovakian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Ukranian, Polish, Greek, Armenian), in reality according to scientific surveys 8-10% is their proportion.


The Hungarian capital is Budapest. Budapest is situated in the Northern middle part of Hungary. Budapest has approximately 1,7 million inhabitants, and totally with the suburbs there are 2,5 million people lives in Budapest. Budapest is one of the biggest city in East-Central Europe. Budapest has two parts the Buda and Pest which were separate cities in the past and was united in 1873. Buda side is a hill area with a beautiful World heritage Castle area, Pest side is a plain area. The Danube separates the two sides from each other. In Hungary Budapest has a very dominant role in Hungary in terms of population, economy, and many other areas.


The library in the World Heritage site Pannonhalma
Hungary is divided into 19 counties.

Biggest cities

Debrecen is the second biggest city with 208 000 inhabitants. Other big cities are: Szeged (170 000), Miskolc(166 000), Pecs (156 000), Gyor (131 000), Nyiregyhaza (118 000), Kecskemet (114 000), Szekesfehervar(101 000), Szombathely(79 000), Szolnok (74 000)


Sumeg Hungary 2
Sümeg Castle

Hungarians invaded the land of present Hungary in 895. Formerly they were nomads on their horses, and according to theory they lived in Forested Marshland area in East next to rivers of Ob and Ural. First they wants to invade the neighboring countries but after the first victories they were defeated. After with a lot of fight they picked up Catholic religion under the King Stephen around 1000. After Hungary was invaded by the Tatars (1240-41), and later by the Turkish (1552-1686). After being defeated by the Turkish Hungary had been teared into three parts: Western Parts included present Slovakian area was under the Habsburgs, the middle area under the Turkish, and the Transylvanian area also was under the Turkish. In 1699 the Habsburgs had drove out the Turkish from Hungary. Hungary become part of the Habsburg empire. The Hungarians several times wants to be free from the Habsburgs, the biggest revolution was in 1848-49. The huge fight ended with the Habsburgs victory and 13 admirals of the Hungarian Revolution was executed in Arad 6th of October 1849. In 19th century Hungary become part of the Austrian Hungarian Monarchy. Hungary is participated in both World Wars in 1914 and 1945.

Most important tourist targets in Hungary

The most important tourist target of Hungary are the following:
-Budapest –Budapest
-Balaton region (Heviz, Siofok, Balatonfured, Keszthely, Fonyod, Tihany, Badacsony ,etc) –Balaton
-Spa cities there are many, in Hungary there is a Spa almost any 30km (most famous are Heviz, Hajduszoboszlo, Zalakaros, Buk, Gyula, Kehidakustany, Gyoparosfurdo, Berekfurdo, etc) – Spas in Hungary
-Sopron and Lake Ferto area next to Austrian border with several Castles around Sopron
-Northern hills (Eger, Lillafured, Miskolctapolca, Aggtelek cave area – Eger, Egerszalok, Bogacs spas) Lillafured
-Danube bend (Szentendre, Visegrad, Esztergom, Zebegeny, etc) –Danube bend
-Hortobagy Hortobagy
-Lake Tisza Lake Tisza
-Orseg and Transdanubian hills area Orseg

Nature wildlife


The country is rich in natural values. Mayflowers only appear here in Europe. In river Tisza, millions of insects cover the water after several hours of mating, than the larvae spent 3 years in the mud before the ritual can happen again. In winter tens of thousands cranes spent the night in the Hortobagy, Feher and other lakes in the Great Plain.


There are also many caves to choose from.
WHERE TO GO IN HUNGARY aggtelekThere are many beautiful stalactite and limestone caves here. Some of them are more than 25km long, some has beautiful lakes in it. Many of them has paving and lighting which makes the visit more comfortable.

Interesting targets in Hungary at the links below

Top 10 places to visit in Hungary
Miskolctapolca cave bath
Eger Hungary
Lake Tisza

Aggtelek caves Hungary
Pannonhalma Archabbey

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