Pecs Hungary


Pecs Hungary

Pecs Hungary

Pecs Hungary

Location – Pecs Hungary

Pecs located in South-Transdanubia at the South part of Hungary. Pecs situated between the Mecsek hills and Transdanubian smaller hills in picturesque surrounding.

How to get there ? Pecs Hungary

From Budapest all the way on road No 6.

Pecs history – Pecs Hungary

The city has an abundant history. There was a city at this place even in Roman times, called Sopianae. After the Turks occupied the city in 1540. Several buildings shows the Turkish heritage in the city. The Turks constructed baths, minarets, and other kinds of buildings in Pecs. Some of this buildings still can be seen here.

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Main attractions – Pecs Hungary

The city has a little mediterranean feeling. Main attractions are the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city, nice natural surrounding, a nice zoo on the hill. In Pecs there are some of the most interesting exhibitions of Hungarian artists, such as Victor Vasarely, Amerigo Tot and Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary. Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary was a pharmacist, when he decided to be a painter. He died in poverty. Now a Csontvary painting costs a huge money, one can buy a big farm from that sum. Some very beautiful area can be found near Pecs. In 2010 Pecs was a capital of European union together with.

Ancient Cristian Tombs Unesco World Heritage site

In the Roman times the city built here was called Sopianae. In the beginning it was a smaller settlement, but after became bigger and was a center of the area called Valeria which was a part of the Pannonia provincia (area of Hungary).
The tombs can be found in the side of the city at the South side of the Mecsek hills is from the 4th century. Apart from Italian tombs the Pecs site is the most important archeological finding regarding Cristian tombs. There are many tombs even two level tombs included. The upper level was used as a temple. The first tomb was found in the yard of the high school in the beginning of the 18th century. They find 18 burial tombs totally, and many other tombs not in buildings. They brought thousands of roman era objects to the surface.

Names of the tombs – Pecs Hungary

I-XX. with roman numbers

I. Peter Paul tomb
II. tomb
III. tomb
IV. tomb
V. tomb
VI. tomb
VII. tomb
VIII. tomb
IX. tomb
X. tomb
Cella Trichora
Cella Septichora
Ancient Christian Mausoleum
Apaca street. 14. building
Apaca street. 8. (Baranya Megyei Könyvtár udvara)
XVII–XVIII. cementary building
XX. building

What is interesting in this tombs how well some of the details preserved during this long period. There are paintings on the wall and the ceilings. One of the tombs has octogonal layout. Check before visit these buildings are not always open to the public.

Turkish Heritage sites – Pecs Hungary

The Most Turkish era heritage can be found perhaps in Pecs in Hungary.
There are only 4 places remain Mosques in Hungary: In Pecs, in Szigetvar, in Eger and in Erd. It is specially interesting because according to Turkish historians there were around 80 Mosques only in Buda (West Budapest) at that time. Out of the four remaining Mosques the one in Pecs is the biggest. It was the Mosque of Gazi Kaszim pasha. It was built around 1579, from the stones of the former temple. The height of the Mosque is 22m and the dome diameter is 16,5m. Now it is functioning as a Catholic temple. There is an another Mosque in Pecs the Jakovali Haszan Pasha Mosque which is the best shape remaining Mosque in Hungary. There is a ruin of the Turkish bath in Pecs: Memi Pasha bath in the inner city. There are several Turkish wells as well in Pecs.

Pecs zoo – Pecs Hungary

The Pecs zoo can be found in the hill in nice natural surrounding. There are many interesting animal can be found there including Tiger, Hippopotamus and many others.
Address:7621 Pecs, Angyan J u (street)
Tel: +36 72/312-788
7621 Pecs, Munkacsy M u. 31
Tel:+36 72 532-151

New information:

Seems the zoo is closed until 2015 May 5, the Aquarium Terrarium is open, and situated in the Middle age cellar system under the city. There are 27-28 degree Celsius in all year, and there are 138 different species can be found there all kinds of fishes, crocodiles and huge snakes included. At the yard of the Terrarium, Tortugas, Parrots and Monkeys can be seen, and here is the night house as well, where night animals can be observed.
Opening hours for the Terrarium: 9-18h or 9-17h depending on the season.

Zsolnay porcelain factory – Pecs Hungary

Zsolnay is a famous porcelain factory in Hungary. They have truly beautiful products.

Zsolnay stores:
Zsolnay Márkabolt Pécs
7621 Pécs, Jókai tér 2.
Telefon: 0672310220
open: m-f 9:00-17:00, sat 9:00-13:00,
Sunday closed

Zsolnay Márkabolt Pécs
7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos utca 37.
Telefon: 0672510800
open: m-f 9:00-17:00, sat 9:00-13:00,
Sunday closed

Zsolnay Art
Zsolnay Kulturális Negyed É18 épület
7630 Pécs, Zsolnay Vilmos utca 37.
Tel: 0672510801
Open: tuesday-sat 08:00-16:00,
Sunday closed

Post palace – Pecs Hungary

The Post Palace is one of the most beatiful building in Pecs.

Zsolnay well – Pecs Hungary

The Zsolnay well can be found in the main square near the Mosque.

Museums – Pecs Hungary
Vasarely museum

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 3
Telephone:+36 30 873-0129
Opening hours: 10:18 Closed on Mondays

Csontvary museum
(one of the most famous Hungarian painter)

7621 Pecs Janus pannonius 11
Telephone:+36 72 310-544

Ancient christian tombs

Cella Septichora
Unesco World Heritage site from the
4th century probably can be visited from March 2014
7621 Pecs Apaca 8,14
Telephone:+36 72 224-755

Zsolnay porcelain exhibition

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 2
Telephone:+36 72 324-822

Amerigo tot museum

7621 Pecs Janus Kaptalan 2
Telephone:+36 72 514-040

Retro museum

7621 Pecs Kiraly 10
Telephone:+36 70 953-9637

Restaurants, wine houses in Pecs

Best restaurants in Pecs:
Tettye restaurant
Palatinus restaurant
Elefantos restaurant and pizzeria
Susogo wine restaurant
Art and fit hotel Kikelet
Maestro pizzeria
Pezsgohaz restaurant
Szent Gyorgy restaurant
Rundo restaurant
Bohemia restaurant

Things to do and see nearby

Orfu lake, Mecsek hills, Abaliget cave

Archeological museum

7621 Pecs Szechenyi 12
Telephone:+36 72 312-719

Mine exhibition

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 3
Telephone:+36 99 312-667

Ferenc Martyn museum

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 4
Telephone:+36 30 873-8116

Endre Nemes museum

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 5
Telephone:+36 72 310-172

Renaissance stone exhibition

7621 Pecs Kaptalan 4
Telephone:+36 72 312-719

Museum of natural history

7621 Pecs Szabadsag 2
Telephone:+36 72 213-419

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Szigetvar Hungary


Szigetvar Hungary, Szigetvár, Magyarország

Szigetvar is a very interesting historical place in Hungary. The Defenders of the fortress had fight a battle till death with the Turkish army. In the old times the fortress had been surrounded by water, this is where the name come from (Szigetvar means island fortress). For me as a Hungarian man the visit of the ancient heroes home land gives a lot. It was moving to hear from people who sacrificed their life for the Nation. The fortress is very interesting, it is possible to walk around at the top of its walls. The fortress can be found in a beautiful park packed with birds, the area is very quiet and relaxing. Before the fortress entrance a small Spring can be found with a bridge over it.






Where the cannon ball fly…..


Recently a new open Bath has been constructed very near to the old historical fortress. The bath has three bigger external pools together with several internal pools. The bath has a design fit to the city’ historical atmosphere.


Other things to see in the neighborhood: Barcs, Barcs spa, Drava gate National Park visitor center in Dravaszentes very near to Barcs with a nest of a White tailed eagle, the area has the biggest White tailed eagle population in Hungary, Drava river, Forest’s almost everywhere in the neighborhood, Csokonyavisonta spa with very healthy medical water, Otter Park Labod

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Barcs spa


Barcs spa

Barcs spa

Barcs spa Hungary


About Barcs

Barcs is a middle-sized city in Southwest Hungary. The region is famous about it’s nice natural values, huge forests, and the beautiful Drava river. The area doesn’t belong to the “Mainstream” tourist targets in Hungary, but there are many interesting things here for the curious tourists: here can be find near to Barcs the Barcs ancient forest, the Dravaszentes visitor center of the National Park, the Szigetvar Castle. The Drava river is also very nice at Barcs. At the side of the River a nice area can be found with catering possibilities and with huge green area. For wildlife photographers perhaps this area can be very interesting: here lives the most White tailed eagles in Hungary. I saw one of these eagles just above the Dravaszentes Visitor center.



7570 Barcs Május 1. utca 2
Telephone: (82) 565 500

About the Barcs spa:

The Barcs spa is a relatively new spa, it has been built in 2005-2006. It is a good, well balanced facility, it has everything what is need for a good rest and relaxation. The fees are not high and the spa is not over-crowded.


There are three external (swimming pool, adventure pool, and children’s pool) and several internal pools. The spa is not small, but not among the biggest spas in Hungary. There are a spacious green area around the external pools, with several catering services.

Things do and things see nearby:

Drava river, Dravaszentes visitor center of Drava National Park, here it is possible to see several things if we lucky we can see White tailed eagle as well hovering above the visitor center, Forests around Barcs, Szigetvar Fortress, Csokonyvisonta spa, Szigetvar spa – the Barcs spa is a little higher grade than the other two, Csokonyvisonta has the best medical water, Otter Park in Labod

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Labod Otter Park Vidrapark Lábod


Labod Otter Park Vidrapark Lábod

The film about the two Otters unfortunately only in Hungarian:

How to get there:

From Csokonyavisonta (Gorgeteg) direction must pass the village towards Nagyatad, after turn right at the roundabout, where the sign shows Vidrapark (Otter park), after one more time needs to turn right, and goes along until the house at the right side of the road and the lake in front.


The Park located deeply in a forest area.






The area is very beautiful, the buildings, garden furnitures, well fit together with the unique natural surrounding. Several lakes can be found here, a canal, forested area all around, with several meadows. During our visit we saw the two Otters has been raised by humans, currently lives in a fence bordered area of the lake system. The film Vidrasors “Otter fate” made by Zoltan Torok (Zoltán Török) describes the life of the baby Otters in humans hands.

We see the following species during our visit:

White stork
Western Marsh Harrier
Grey heron
Ferroginous duck
Tree sparrow
Great crested grebe.

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