Swimming through the Lake Balaton

Swimming through the Lake Balaton

Balatonatuszas 2
The swimming through the lake Balaton usually starts at Revfülöp at the North shore and ends at Balatonboglar. This is quite a nice event, the gathering is at the Revfulop soccer field usually. It takes hours that everybody gets into the water. Along the way there are boats all along at both sides at every 50m where the swimmers go. It is usually held in July. The distance is 5.2km / 3.23 miles.

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Date in 2015/2016: 2015 Július 4./2nd of July 2016. can change due to weater conditions

Participation fee: 7000 HUF / who was born later than 2001 3000 HUF. (in 2014)

The date can change due to weather conditions. The distance is 5.2 km or 3.3 miles, which the fastest can finish in 1 hour. Before start there is medical check and shower.

Balaton átúszás

If somebody gets tired can climb up the boats all along the way.

The participants goes to the water during long hours (8-14h).
Balatonatuszas 5
Balatonatuszas 6
Balatonatuszas 4

Drinking alcohol is forbidden, the younger ones under age 14 only can swim together with adults.

Balatonatuszas 8Nice green at the distance and everthing gleaming.

In sunny weather some clothes on the head is strongly recomended. Medical check paper is necessary (not older than 1 month), other way there is a doctor at the place, but in this case must wait.

The neighborhood at Révfülöpön

The neighborhood is quite nice with an alley, waterbirds, natural looking area.
Balatonatuszas 9Plane trees with a bicycle road in the middle.

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Fishing lakes around Budapest


Fishing lakes around Budapest, and other fishing possibilities around Budapest

Fishing lakes around Budapest

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The options around Budapest for Fishing:


There are lots of possible lakes, waters even in Budapest

-Danube at Budapest sometimes surprisingly good for river fishes, different fishing permit needed for different areas
-Soroksári Danube branch – 57km long with islands 50-60m wide very popular, hard to catch a fish at the Budapest area
-Hazireti reservoir 26Ha before Pilisvorosvar a nice very popular lake, but not the cheapest, North from Budapest next to road No10
-Pilisvorosvar gravel lakes
-Csepel island gravel pits not all of them a fishing lake
-South from Budapest lots of former gravel pits can be found for fishing purposes lots of lakes in Dunaharaszti, Alsonemedi, Bugyi, Taksony,Dunavarsany, -Delegyhaza area for example Moby dick, Szavanna lake, Farmer lake, Csali lake, Petofi lake, Kek lake
-Naplas lake next to XVIth and XVIIth district, little abandoned naturally protected area
-Koerberek lake next to Residential area next to Road 7 at South buda
-Dunakeszi gravel lake
-Lakes at Szodliget, Vacliget
-Biatorbagy lake very nice lake with significant natural values
-Balazs lake a smaller lake (1 Ha) in the XVIIIth district
-Omszk lake in North Buda wakeboard is happen at the lake fishing at certain areas
-Lupa lakes other side of the road as the Omszk lake, usually lots of people use as a beach but as I know officially not allowed
-Pilisszentivan gravel lake
-Ecser fishing lake
-Kiskunlachaza Preri lake
-Domsod Preri lake on Csepel island
-Danube-Tisza connecting canal

Lakes with stonger turistical values and lots of bathing people
-Velencei lake 50km from Budapest 25 km2
-Balaton 120km 595 km2

Usual rules: There are three kinds of fishing waters:
1. Private lakes
2. Fishing lakes for official fishermen who works with a net or drain off the lake
3. Other usual area as Danube, Balaton, other rivers or areas belong to national autority

How to get a permit? The most easy the category 1. Most of them only need a National yearly ticket (costs 2250 HUF together with a fishing diary) and a daily ticket can be bought at the given lake at the small wooden house or guardhouse.

Where to get the National Yearly ticket:
At several places for example at Nagybudapesti Fishing Association at 1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi utca 14. see map below. They open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 15:30 o’clock. Here also can have daily tickets for several waters as Danube, Balaton, Lake Tisza, several rivers and backwaters, canals, etc. If there is a fishing permit from another country perhaps needs to bring and show.



2.nd category also need the yearly National ticket, sometimes also can have a ticket from the owner, or forbidden to fish there.
3.rd category needed a yearly national ticket, and an areal ticket or daily ticket to be able to fish.

For the category 1. the rules are varying between the lakes: Somewhere the ticket contains several fish can be bought home, somewhere need to pay extra/kg for every fish we catch and wants to bring home, somewhere they want the fishers to buy the caught fish even they don’t want to bring home.

The usual fee:1000-5000 HUf/day depends on how much fish included/excluded and what service provided. This doesn’t include the fee of the National yearly ticket see above.

Opening hours: somewhere until 18:00, somewhere all day, somewhere two tickets: one for day, one for night fishing.

Usual fishes: Mostly Carp, Crucian, and smaller fishes somewhere Amur, Pike, Walleye, Catfish

Possible style of fishing: lots of places spinning is forbidden, somewhere only floating style is allowed, mostly everywhere is feeder or bottom fishing is the default style.

How many rods usable: usually for 1 daily ticket for 1 person is two rods usable, perhaps somewhere only 1.

Where to buy baits ? usually basic baits at private lakes can be bought at site, everything that is needed, except for very special kinds of things. Perhaps rods and reels cannot buy there. If you need some equipment check the fishing shops here

Lake between Alsonemedi and Dunaharaszti

See lakes around Budapest also here

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Fishing in Hungary

Fishing in Hungary

fishing in hungary

Fishing in Hungary

Fishing is a very popular activity in Hungary. In an approximately 10 million people country, there are approximately 330 000 registered fishermen and fisher women. This is very well reflects that Hungary is usually very successful in the Fishing World Championships. The country has a very good natural capability for fishing, Hungary situated between the surrounding hills in the Carpathian basin, with lots of small and several big lakes, and two relatively big, and several smaller rivers. The biggest lake is the Lake Balaton with it’s approximately 595 km2 area. Lake Tisza and Lake Velencei is also very popular. See separate articles about Lake Tisza and Lake Velencei in Main menu. Lots of backwaters and influents are also popular fishing waters in Hungary.

Fishing lakes and rivers – Fishing in Hungary

Hungary is rich in fishing waters. Hungary has two big rivers the Danube and the Tisza both of which is an excellent condition. Mayflies accur in Danube river as well since 2012, after 40 years. It is possible to catch fish even in the Danube at Budapest. Most popular lakes and rivers: Soroksari Danube branch which starts at Budapest and end at Rackeve (53 km long). This in reality more like the Lake than a river. Lots of huge fish caught here. Carps of more than 20kg, grass carp of the same or bigger size. The best sections are not at Budapest, more than the other end, which was a legendary place in past.

Biggest lakes:
Lake Balaton: 595 km2, little bit tricky place for fishing because of the shallow water.
Lake Velence: good fishing spot at the same direction as Lake Balaton. 26km2. In summer the South side almost continuously is a bath/beach area, but good for fishing at night for example when the temperature is better as well.
LakeFerto: only 1/3 area belongs to Hungary, it is very shallow salty lake.
Lake Tisza: 127km2 an excellent place with huge fishes. An exotic place with wonderful natural surrounding, at Northeast Hungary. See more information in general in the main menu.

Biggest fishes caught in Hungary – Fishing in Hungary

There are many huge fishes caught in Hungary. The biggest fish is catfish in Hungary. The most usual fish is carp. Many private lakes are full with carps. Smaller and bigger private lakes can be found almost everywhere in the country.
Catfish – 96kg
Carp: 25kg
Grass carp 30kg
Pike around 20kg
Walleye around 15kg

Permits – Fishing in Hungary

The Hungarian system for fishing is the following: One intend to fish first has to get a Country license, after license for a given area. Lots of private lakes perhaps only needed a daily fee (usually between 1500-5000 Huf/5-15 EUR), perhaps somewhere they ask for a Country license as well(needed according to recent law).

The Country ticket are usually valid for 1 year and costs app 1000 HUF (3 EUR). Usually before payment, an exam must be accomplished. For foreign fishers their own country ticket is enough before pay the 1000 HUF. The country ticket can be bought almost anywhere where they selling the regional tickets. (Usually guardhouses next to lakes, fishing shops, and fishing societys.) The regional permits are valid as noted, usually for 1 year. The country is divided 14 fishing regions.

The national association issues some whole country tickets as well, but this cannot be used anywhere (mainly bigger natural waters, part of the Danube and Tisza, and most fisher used waters, and an extended one with Balaton included),  and only for 1 year period.

General rules for fishing – Fishing in Hungary

General rules: Varies area by area, maximum 2 rods can be used at the same time, there are protected periods, when fishing is prohibited. The bigger fishes has a limitation: fishes smaller than certain size must be let go. This is different species by species, usually between 30 (carp) and 50cm (catfish). The measurement must made from the beginning of the nose to the beginning of the peak fin. In private lakes usually must pay for the fish separately from the ticket.

Some places different kind of fishing can be prohibited, because of the size of the water, or the number of fishermen.

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