Boldogkovaralja Hungary

Boldogkovaralja (Boldogkőváralja in Hungarian)

Boldogkovaralja is located in the Zemplen hills, which is one of the most wild and romantic area in Hungary. It is a far Northeast corner of Hungary. I can say this area is a curiosity even for the local tourists, most people opt for the Lake Balaton Lake Velence Lake Tisza or one of the spa city. The little settlement has only 1200 inhabitants, according to official statistics. This is an exciting area because of natural beauty and abandonedness as well. The neighboring hills and forests are one of the most rich area of wildlife in Hungary, with different birds of prey, and other animals.

The area called Zemplen hills (also called Tokaj hills), the highest peak here is Nagy Milic with it’s 895m highest point. Boldogkovaralja located at the South part of the area, at the bottom of the hills. The hills has a vulcanic origin.

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Boldogkovaralja Castle / Fortress

The main attraction is the Fortress here.
boldogkovaralja 3
The Castle / Fortress was built on a rock called Bodoko (Bodókő). The fortress is not huge but not small either. There is a restaurant in it. The fortress was built in the 13th century after the Mongolian invasion (1241-42).
boldogkovaralja 4

Other attractions in Boldogkőváralján

Apart from the Castle there is a Péchy-Zichy 18th century Castle and it’s garden worth to mention. And there are some apartments as well.

Boldogkovaraljai festivals

During the year there are several festivals held here. In nearby Gonc (Gönc) preparing Palinka (the Hungarian whisky) has huge tradition,

Gönci Peach / Apricot festival 2016 júl 2-3.
held in Boldogkovaralja

Festivals in the neighborhood

Szerencs chocolate festival 2016 Augusztus 26-28.
There is a Castle here as well.

Attractions in the neighborhood

At below picture there is a map about the attractions around Boldogkovaralja (unfortunately only in Hungarian, but I include in English below the main attractions). This is just a smaller Southern part of the area. Some other interesting attractions like Fuzer Casle are not on this map.

boldogkovaralja 2

In the neighborhood there are hills, forests, and naturally protected areas can be found, apart from mostly smaller settlements. Some places there is not even any car traffic for relatively longer periods, which is a unique experience.

In nearby Vizsoly the first Hungarian Bible was printed in 1590, translated by Gaspar Karoli. When we enter the temple we also can print one page for ourselves.

There are several Castles / Fortressed ruins can be found in this region.

Fuzer and Regec both located at 50km from Boldogkovaralja. In Fuzer the Hungarian Crown was hidden in the 16 th century in the Castle built on a steep rock.

In Szerencs there is a Castle as well and the Chocolate factory.

In Sátoraljaújhelyen there is an interesting adventure park with a chairlift accross the forests, which is perhaps the longest in Hungary.

There are Castles in Kéked (Melczer kastély) and Füzérradvány (Károlyi kastély) as well.

Hollóháza is famous about it’s porcelain. It is located next to Fuzer.

Sárospatak is also interesting with a Castle. It is a little bigger settlement. The beautiful Bodrog river crosses the city.

The Unesco World Heritage site Tokaj is also not far from here. It is most famous about the Aszu dessert wine but two beautiful rivers (Bodrog and the Tisza Hungary’s second biggest river) also can be found here. Tokaj is a normal sized city in Hungary.

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Holloko Hungary


Holloko Hungary in Hungarian Hollókő


Holloko Hungary

Holloko or in Hungarian Hollókő means Raven stone.

Holloko is a small village in North Hungary, with several hundred inhabitants, 105 km from Budapest. By car Holloko is app 1h 40min drive from Budapest. Holloko is situated at the Eastern part of the Northern hills in beautiful natural surrounding. The village is the only village among the Unesco World Heritage sites. The famous old traditional houses are not located everywhere in the villages, there are newer houses there as well. The protected houses located at the right side of the main road if we come from Budapest, in the Petofi and Kossuth streets. There are 56 protected house can be found here. The local people are friendly and kindly talks about the history of their village.

Holloko castle

There is a relatively smaller castle also can be found in Holloko near the end of the village.


There are several museums in Holloko: the Old village, the Village museum, the Puppet museum, the Post museum and several others.

Protected areas

There are 151 hectare protected areas around the village by the Bukk hills national park.


A 6km bicycle road is available to check all the attractions of the village.

Main events

The Main event is a traditional Easter festival in the village when the guys pour water to the girls of the village. Perhaps this is the best time to visit Holloko.

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Fuzer Hungary (In Hungarian Füzér )


Fuzer Hungary ( Füzér in Hungarian)

Fuzer Hungary

Fuzer Hungary
Where is Fuzer

Fuzer is situated in the very North Eastern part of Hungary close to Slovakia.

Interesting facts about Fuzer Hungary

Fuzer was chosen as the most beautiful settlement last year in Hungary(2012).

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About Fuzer Hungary

Fuzer situated in the Zemplen hills. Fuzer is a small settlement with several hundred inhabitants. Fuzer is part of the Zemplen hills region. Zemplen hills are one of the most rural part of Hungary. Huge spaces can be found here with few people. One of the most abandoned part of Hungary. As it is like this the area has lots of natural values: beautiful hills, forests, landscapes can be find here. Don’t expect huge supermarkets or other city based infrastructure here. At approximately 8 o’clock there were no traffic at the road which leads Fuzer, which is very rare in Hungary, even at the smallest settlements. Basically on the map Zemplen hills are like two green spot: a bigger one at South and a smaller one at North. Fuzer is situated at the South part of the smaller Northern located spot.

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Main attractions of Fuzer

Fuzer Hungary
The main attraction of Fuzer is a Castle/Fortress built on a 170m high volcanic hill in the village. The fortress is built very early in the 13th century or before. The Fortress is first mentioned in a document dated 1264 A.D. There were times where the Hungarian crown was hided here in the 16th century. Today the fortress is a little ruined state but renovation is already started with the fund from the European union and Hungarian government. The hill has forests on it, and several interesting plant can be found here. The whole area is protected by its natural values. The Castle can be accessed from the asphalt covered road from the village through a payed parking area. The parking fee is 380 HUF(April 2014). After the parking must pay 500 HUF/person for the visit. The Castle is at higher level than the parking, approximately 20-30 minutes needed depends on the fitness level to reach the top of the hill, after a little steep walking. The panorama is very nice from the top of the hill, all the adjacent hills and forest can be seen from here. There is a plan to restore the Castle which had two parts, an upper and lower parts. Currently only the upper part exists.

About the village

The village is small with nice houses, a spring flow through the village, called Biso. The Spring is coming from the Nagy-Milic which is the highest hill in the Zemplen hills(896mm). The Castle is visible from everywhere.

Things to see and do nearby

Hollohaza with a famous porcelain factory and store just several kilometers, Fuzerradvany castle, Keked Melczer castle hotel, Vizsoly temple and the first Bible translated to Hungarian, Izra lake in Slovakia also 5km from Fuzer, see below, the road leeds through a beautiful beech forest, the Lake is in the forest too. There are two other Castles in the Zemplen region: Regec and Boldogkovaralja both of them are litte bit farer from Fuzer(50km both of them but different locations).

Izra lake

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Zalaszanto Hungary

zalaszanto Hungary


Zalaszanto situated near Heviz close to the Northwest part of Lake Balaton. Zalaszanto is a small settlement in the Keszthely hills area. The area of Zalaszanto is beautiful: forests, small hills, some of the forested area of the Kovacsi hill is a protected nature reserve area. There are approximately 1000 people lives in the village. Zalaszanto is not a main tourist target like Budapest or Lake Balaton, where one can spend a week holiday, but can have a nice day here, in this beautiful village with the friendly local people.
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How to get there ?

From road 71 – the main road that goes parallel at the North part of Lake Balaton, North direction through Hevizi road after Sumegi road. See below.
Zalaszanto map

Main attractions of Zalaszanto

Those who interested in rural tourism, this is one of the places I can suggest. Not far from Lake Balaton, a one day trip can be a good adventure. Zalaszanto is 13 km from Heviz by car.

Zalaszanto water mill museum

zalaszanto water mill

One of the main attractions of Zalaszanto is a water mill museum. The name of the Water mill museum is Kotsy, which is the name of the last owner of the mill. He is now(2013) 90 year old. This was a functioning water mill in the past, from the 17th century. The water mill was built on the spring crossing the village. The water mill can be accessed from the main road, need to walk approximately 100 meters to the Mill building. The water mill museum building currently owned by the Balaton uplands national park. The stuff can give thorough explanation how the mill is functioning, and show all the machinery involved in the process.

zalaszanto mill

Honey cake house

Near the Water mill museum can be found the honey cake house. Here can be seen lots of different shape and type honey cakes. Honey cakes also can be bought here. The people here happily explains all the traditions and history of the honey cakes. Also gives information and recipes of honey cakes.

Smallest chapel in Hungary

In Zalaszanto can be found the smallest chapel in Hungary. A normal sized nice temple also can be found here.

Tatika hill fortress ruins

In North part of Zalaszanto the ruins of the former fortress of Zalaszanto can be found.

Zalaszanto buddhist stypa

The stypa situated at the top of the Kovacsi hill, at the end of the village, in a beautiful forested area. The Stypa was built in 1992. As I understand this is the biggest stypa in Europe, containing some of Buddha’s bones. The stypa was built according to buddhist traditions. Next to the stypa an another asian like building can be found. The stypa is approximately 30m high, and 24m wide.
zalaszanto Stypa

Things to do and see nearby

Lake Balaton, Heviz hot water lake and several spa hotels, lots of restaurants, Kehidakustany spa, Sumeg castle this castle is in good shape, can have big fun for the kids, Tapolca cave lake, Fenekpuszta roman era ruins near to Keszthely, Keszthely museums restaurants beach, Fenekpuszta bird ringing station, Nice forests at Keszthely hills, Castle ruins at Rezi next to Zalaszanto in the forest, Badacsony hills and wine cellars next to Lake Balaton, Szigliget castle with nice view on Lake Balaton. Varvolgy is also a nice place with a very good restaurant. Bakony hills huge green areas little North-east, most beautiful places here Zirc arboretum, Bakonybel, Fenyofo and Csesznek, Bakonyszentkiraly area.

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Lillafured Hungary


Lillafured Hungary
(In Hungarian Lillafüred)

Lillafured abh
Lillafured the waterfall next to the Castle Hotel
lillafured hungary
Lillafured, Hungary. The picture was taken from the Castle Hotel
Lake Hamori Lillafured the Castle Hotel in front (behind the vegetation)

About Lillafured

Lillafured is located in Northeast Hungary, in the Bukk mountains, near to Miskolc (10 km). It is a fairy tale place: there are only a few places like this in Hungary. It is perhaps the most beautiful resort in Hungary. It is situated in a quiet location surrounded by greenery. A four-star Castle hotel, the Lake Hamori, two caves, a zoo, several waterfalls, forests and two streams can be found in the area. Lillafured is an ideal place for weddings and honeymoons or for just a holiday, vacation of this kind. Interestingly it is possible to even hold weddings in the neighboring caves as well, as the National Park has an offer for such events.

Lillafured Hungary

The Castle Hotel Palota

The Palota Hotel is the center of Lillafured. A nice huge castle with more than a hundred rooms, beautiful furnishing, a wellness centre in the basement ground with a fascinating view on the steep hills and the Lake Hamori. The Castle is surrounded by a hanging garden, a large park with waterfall and Lake Hamori.
Hotel Palota Lillafured

Surrounding mountains and forests

The area around Lillafüred is simply fascinating: wonderful mountains, natural springs; forests and trees are everywhere. The place has an abundant wildlife. The air is crystal clear as well as the waters, the time we spent outdoor was very enjoyable and relaxing.


The Lake Hamori

The area is 10 hectare, and the Lake itself is a 1,5km (1640 yard) long artificial lake which was formed by the damming of the Garadna spring. It has a longish shape following the spring. On one side of the Lake a path was made which is ideal for walking, jogging or running. In the summertime boating or paddle boat to hire are possible. The Lake has a cold and deep water so unfortunately it is not convenient for bathing. In cold winters skating can also be an option. It is one of the most picturesque lakes in Hungary. The Lake is also popular among fisherman: trout, which is unique in Hungary, can be caught here.

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The Saint Istvan Cave

The Saint Istvan Cave can be found approximately 500m from the Palota Hotel, next to the main road. The cave was discovered around 1910 when a dog fell in it and could not get out. Finally two young men found the dog. The part of the cave where the dog was found is now called Dog Hall. The cave was officially opened for the public in 1931. It is a highly protected area, operated by the Bukk National Park. The total length of the cave flight is 1043m (1140 yards), the vertical dimension is 94m (103 yards), the visitable area is 170m (186 yards). Numerous fascinating forms and stalactite crystals make the cave very interesting. The visited area has carefully been constructed with handrails, stairs and well-built visitor routes with adequate electric lighting. The lighting helps to see the unique structures of the cave. The cave can be visited throughout the whole year. The guided tours usually start by every hour depending on the number of visitors, minimum 10 persons needed for each tour. Guided tours are held twice a day, at 11:00 and 14:00 regardless of the number of visitors. The average temperature in the cave is not high, around 15 Celsius (55 Fahrenheit), a pullover is needed even in summer. The duration of the tours is 30 minutes.

Opening hours: from 1st of April-30th of September 9:00 – 18:00 (last tour starts at 17:00), from 30th September to 31st of March: 9:00 – 15:00 (last tour starts at 14:00)
Fee: For adults appr. 3.3 EUR, for kids/pensioners 2 EUR, free entry for kids under 3.
Phone number:: +36 46/334-130

Anna Cave

The Anna Cave can be found at the bottom of the garden next to the Hotel Palota, near to the Szinva waterfall. It has 508m (555 yards) long flight system, the visitable area is 208m (227 yards). This cave is also a highly protected area and operated by the Bukk National Park.
Opening hours: From 1 st of April to 31st of October 10:00 – 17:00 at every hour(last tour at 16:00) if there are at least 10 visitors. It is closed for the rest of the year. Guided tours are held twice a day, at 12:00 and 15:00 regardless of the number of visitors.
Fee: For adults appr. 3.3 EUR, for kids/pensioners 2 EUR, free entry for kids under 3.
Phone number: +36 46/334-130

Forest railway

At the upper level of the Lillafured Forest Railway building an exhibition is held featuring the Relics of the past. Here several minerals typical for the area can be found together with some of the ancient tools used by people long ago. These were all found in the nearby caves. Some of the exhibited objects are allowed to be touched and held in the hands of the visitors. The railway has two routes: one of them is 11km (6 miles 1470 yards) the other is 14 km (8 miles 1230 yards) long. The main line goes through Lillafured starting from Miskolc and goes all the way to Garadna.

Program possibilities nearby

Eger, Szilvasvarad, Miskolc, Miskolctapolca Cave Spa, hiking in Bukk hills, fishing, boating, skating (in cold winters) on the Lake Hamori, Miskolc Zoo, Szeleta Cave in Miskolc, Bukkszentkereszt as the highest settlement in Bukk hills with a Glass Making Museum, Paper Museum of Diosgyor Papermill, hiking among white stones above Lillafured on blue tourist line, Mezokovesd, Bogacs, Demjen, Egerszalok Spa, Tokaj

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