Delegyhazi lakes

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Nov 302016
Delegyhazi lakes

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Delegyhaza is a smaller settlement about 27km from Budapest in South direction. Around 3700 people live here. The biggest attraction is the gravel lakes there. There are 12 lakes (or more) with a total area of 300 hectare. Some of the lakes are used for bathing others for fishing and there is a lake for naturists as well. These lakes were formed as a side effect of gravel digging. As this industry is continuing newer lakes are formed as well. Delegyhaza is not the only place in this region with such industry, there are many places like this around started from Budapest’s South border. Fishermen and bathing people like the result though, there are many lakes in this region.



When we visited the place several years ago, there was not much infrastructure. The grass and the shore was well kept, but not many other facilities, or restaurants. If you want bathing and swimming the Rukkel lake between Bugyi and Taksony has much better service, but in hot sunny days there are many people there. The Delegyhazi lakes are more natural, there are huge spaces, and not many people (sometimes there are many people here as well).


Places to visit

Most people go for the Nomad shore where you can find the biggest beach. Most pictures were taken there. There are dedicated fishing lakes as well.

Other things to do and see in Delegyhaza

There as an old Wild Pear tree in the city, which is said to 400 years old. The locals like the tree very much. The tree is about 6m tall, app. 80cm wide at the lower parts, and now both of the main branch of the tree is supported with a steel structure. There is a horse riding opportunity in the nearby farms. The Piroth Castle / Country house is also found in Delegyhaza, which now serves as a House of culture.

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Other things to do and see nearby

The above mentioned Rukkel lake is one option with huge slides, and relatively good service. This is also a gravel pit, smaller than the ones in Delegyhaza, but has many restaurants, benches, and facilities. For fishermen there are plenty of options, there are lakes everywhere in the Region and there is the Soroksari Danube branch as well for fishing. The Soroksari danube branch is a 53km long mostly narrow (50-60m, at the Southern end it is more wide) branch of the Danube. It starts at Budapest and goes to South direction. Both sides and the numerous islands are covered with weekend houses. It is one of the most popular fishing place in Hungary, at least in the past.

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Th text on the wall of the building is “Open air disco” I think it is from the 80’s.

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Budapest festivals 2016

Budapest festivals 2016

Budapest festivals 2016
There is a festival in Budapest almost every time. This list is not complete, as very hard to follow all of these festivals, but we try our best.

Mangalica Festival 2016

Mangalica is a type of pig which is kept for his fat. Very trendy today in Hungary.
Date: 12-14th of February 2016
Location: Budapest, V. district Szabadság square

Titanic International Film festival 2016

Date: 7-16th of April 2016
Location: Budapest ‘art’ movies: Toldi, Uránia, Puskin, Örökmozgó

Budapest 100

Celebrating the 100 year old buildings in Budapest
Date: 16-17th of April 2016
Location: Budapest

Budapest Spring Festival 2016

Mainly classical music and Jazz and World music as well. In multiple locations in Budapest
Date: 8-24th of April 2016
Location: Budapest

May day festivals

Date: 1st of May 2016
Location: Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle, Citypark

Rosalia festival

Date: 6-8th of May 2016
Location: Budapest, Vajdahunyad Castle, Citypark

Palinka festival

Pálinka is the traditional Hungarian alcohol with 40-51 % of Alcohol content. This is a unique gastro festival where you can check it out, there are many types to choose from different fruits.
Date: 7-10th of May 2016
Location: Budapest, Városháza park

The Night of museums

Date: 25th of June 2016
Location: Budapest, National museum and other museums

Red Bull Air race show

Date: 16-17th of July 2016
Location: Budapest Danube bank, between Elisabeth and Margaret bridge

Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix

Date: 22-24th of July 2016
Location: Mogyoród near Budapest

Sziget festival

The biggest international music festival with 400,000 people every year on a 1km2 Obuda island.
Date: 10-17th of August 2016
Location: Budapest Obuda Island


This is not like Octoberfest, started as a Gastrofest, with cultural programs and concerts of mainly Hungarian bands. For families. 100,000 visitor in 2014, 10 % of non-hungarian tourists.
Date: 2-4th of September 2016
Location: Budapest Nepliget city park

National galopp

Hungarian celebrities on horseback, each rider represents a city or village, the winner can take home the Gallop sword.
Date: September 2016 No date specified yet
Location: usually Budapest Varosliget city park

Buda Castle wine festival

Date: 8-11th of September 2016
Location: Budapest, Buda Castle

Budafok wine and sparkling wine festival

Date: September 2016
Location: Budapest XII distric in Southwest

Budapest Christmas Fair 2016

Date: November 2016 – Febr 2017
Location: Budapest

Budapest New Year’s Eve 2016/2017

Date: 31st of December 2016 – 1st January 2017
Location: Budapest

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Esztergom Hungary

Esztergom Hungary

When the Hungarians invaded this land around 895-896 Esztergom was a main city.
Esztergom HungaryEsztergom street view with the Cathedral, and the Castle.


Esztergom is an interesting city in Danube bend. It is located North from Budapest, and it is the end of the Danube bend area and here the Danube flows to East West direction (or West East to be precise) not North South direction as most the areas in Hungary, from Esztergom to Baja. I worked here in Esztergom one and a half years on a project and here proposed my girlfriend as well. You can guess this is not an ugly place.

It is especially interesting as one tour from Budapest it is possible to check three interesting targets (Szentendre, Visegrad, Esztergom) from Budapest in the Danube bend in the same direction. Szentendre is the closest to Budapest around 25km, after coming Visegrad (a must see) around 45km and after Esztergom (around 60km).

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Esztergom area

Esztergom situated in the Danube bend area which is characterized by the Danube, hills, caves and islands, with significant natural values. The very popular Pilis hills just started at the borders of Esztergom. There are lots of green areas around as it is usual in this part of Hungary. Esztergom is not a big city but bigger than Visegrad the other very popular city in the Danube bend.

Esztergom’s main attractions

Esztergom is not a big city, but despite that it is rich in different types of attractions. The inner city is very nice with the Casthedral, the Castle, several museums and there is a smaller Danube branch with a longish shape island as well. The city has a historic atmosphere.

Esztergom Cathedral

Esztergom Hungary 6
The Esztergom cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Hungary (and the highest building in all Hungary). The height of the Cathedral is 100m, the area is 5660 m2 (6700 square yards). Not many bigger clerical building can be found in Europe, except the St Peter’s in Rome, the St Paul’s in London, the Koln dome and the Milan’s dome as far as I know. The building is quite visible almost from everywhere in the neighborhood. The current classicist building was designed by Jozsef Hild. The first Cathedral was built by St Stephen the first King of Hungary, the original building was destroyed by a fire in 1180. In the 16th century the Turks has demolished and used as a Mosque. Later the stored ammo exploded and almost the whole building disappeared.

Esztergom Castle

Esztergom Hungary 4
The Esztergom Castle is located next to the Esztergom Cathedral. It was a very important stronghold, after the Turks occupied it they speak about it after for long decades.

Kis Duna (Little Danube)

Esztergom Hungary 2
The Danube has a smaller branch which creates an island next to Esztergom. It looks like a channel, bordered by huge plane trees, there are many boats on the surface of the water, and it has a very nice atmosphere.
Esztergom Hungary 8

Aquasziget Esztergom – Esztergom Aqua-island bath

The Esztergom open bath is located next to the Danube on the small longish island. The bath is quite enjoyable with green areas, catering services and several pools and slides. There are external and internal pools as well. In the summer heat it is very useful.

Location: Esztergom, Táncsics Mihály u. 5, 2500
Telephone: (30) 994 9288

Esztergom inner city

The inner city of Esztergom is very nice. The street has a historic feel, the atmosphere is quite nice relaxed, peaceful. Usually no crowd here. There are huge trees in most places.
Esztergom Hungary 9
Esztergom inner city Sewage Manhole cover
Esztergom Hungary 10
Statue in the inner city.

Maria Valeria bridge and Parkany (Sturovo)

Esztergom Hungary 11
The Maria Valeria bridge over the Danube connects the areas of Esztergom and Parkany. Parkany is a smaller city on the Slovakian side. It has 11,100 inhabitants, mostly Hungarians as well. There was a settlement here even in the Roman times. It has a popular thermal bath, especially it was popular because it was very cheap, I don’t know the situation now. The Garam spring joins the Danube river here. There are some smaller hills up to 400m height. It is the Southest settlement in current Slovakian area. Apart from the bath the city center and the Danube bank are the most popular sites here. The bridge is quite windy compare to what I used to in most places in Hungary. The Danube is natural wind corridor, which is a good thing.

Esztergom museums

Esztergom Hungary 3
Esztergom has many museums.

Church museum

Here we can check many collections from the 12-20th centrury including paints, coins, sculptures, icons, graphical collections from different artists from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, italy and Hungary.

Location: 2500 Esztergom Mindszenty hercegprimás tere 2.

Esztergom Hungary 16

Cathedral treasury

It is in the Main Cathedral.
Location: 2500 Esztergom Szent István tér 1.

National museum’s Castle musem

Location: 2500 Esztergom Szent István tér 1.

Danube museum

Location: Esztergom, Kölcsey Ferenc u. 2, 2500
Telephone: (33) 500 250

Palatinus lake

The Palatinus lake is a very popular lake in Esztergom Dorog area. Half of the lake is beach in summer, the other side of the lake is used for diving. Even an old boat was sunk here, which was found in the Danube. The water of the lake is very clear.

Esztergom restaurants

Esztergom has several very nice restaurants mainly next to the Danube and in the inner city near the Cathedral.

Prímás Pince

Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 4.
Telephone: +36 33 541-965 ·

Csülök csárda

Cím: Esztergom, Batthyány Lajos u. 9, 2500
Telephone: (33) 412 420


Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Helischer József út 2
Telephone: (70) 521 2135

Nautilus boat bar

Cím: 2500 Esztergom,
Telephone: +36 30/642-69-53, +36 33/313 942

Caffe grante

Cím: 2500 Esztergom, Dorogi út 5–7.
Telephone: (33) 435 272


Cím: Esztergom, Pázmány Péter u. 21, 2500
Telefon: (33) 311 212

Vaskapu menedekhaz

Cím: It is in the hills called Vaskapu
Telefon: +36 30 335 3325 (Hunor Gábor)

Szalma csárda

Cím: Esztergom, Nagy Duna stny. 2., 2500
Telefon: (33) 403 838

Esztergom’s natural values

Esztergom is located at the foot of the very nice Pilis hills, and part of the Danube bend as well. There are many green areas, forests, hills, lakes around with significant wildlife.

Esztergom Hotels

There are not many Hotels in Esztergom, but there are plenty in the neighborhood.

Bellevue Hotel ****

80 rooms in the Bubanat valley (not in the center, but not far in a beautiful area) with nice view on the Danube bend.
Location: Esztergom/Búbánatvölgy, Őrtorony u. 49, 2500
Telefon: +36 (33) 510 810

Hotel Grante ***

Dog-friendly place.
11 rooms, for 35 people, very popular, and highly rated, but it is a 3 star Hotel.
Location: Esztergom, Dorogi út 5, 2509
Telefon: (33) 435 272

Hotel Saint Adalbert ***

In the center under the Cathedral and the Castle. 39 rooms for 79 people, there are apartmans and smaller rooms as well.
Location: +36 33 541 972
Telefon: +36 33 541 972

Esztergom Hotel ***

Location: Prímás island, HRSZ: 16332,
Telefon: (33) 412 555

Roza Hotel ***

Location: Esztergom, Táti út 28, 2500
Telefon: +36 (33) 630 005

Boutique Hotel Atrium

Location: 2500, Esztergom, Bajcsy Zsillinszky u. 29.
Telefon: +36 (33) 402-196

Interesting Hotels nearby

This area is very pleasant at the both side of the Danube. This is why many nice hotels here as well, some of the with thermal water or wellness services, or without. Some of them is a very nice forest or valley, others in the city center. Mostly green the main dominant color at these places though.

Oreg halasz Hotel and restaurant ***

Location: 2534 Tát, Fő út 2.
Telefon: +36 33 444 592.

Thermal Hotel Visegrad ****


Szent Orbán Forest wellness Nagybörzsöny-Kóspallag ****

Inside the Börzsöny hill forest, the Hotel built from wood material, 60 rooms for 148 person

More pictures about Esztergom

Esztergom Hungary 7Esztergom Hungary 14Esztergom Hungary 15Esztergom Hungary 13

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Szentendre Hungary – the city of painters


Szentendre Hungary

szentendre 1

Szentendre is situated in the Budapest region, and one of the most popular destination for those who visit Budapest. Budapest suburban railway at Buda side goes to Szentendre as well. It is located in the Danube bend area North from Budapest.

Szentendre history

Szentendre was an important settlement even in Roman times. Ulcisia Castra (Wolf castle) was the name of Szentendre at that times. It was a favourite camp of Marcus Aurelius. Septimius severus, Caracalla and II. Valentinianus also visited here. Later at Hungarian invasion (895-896) nobody lived here.

After prince Kurszan settled here, who come with Árpád, who led the Hungarians here in the 9th century. He renovated the Castle made by the Romans. In the Ottoman era in the 16-17th century almost
nobody lived here.

Later significant amount of Serbians and Dalmatians arrived in the area. First it the settlement was like more of a village and later become a city, officially in 1872.

Formerly Szentendre was mainly an agricultural settlement, but today already houses can be find at the places of former Lands and wineyards. Some museums kept the tradition of the former agricultural way of life. Szentendre is highly popular because of it’s vicinity to the capital Budapest, and because of it’s natural conditions. The city face with the beautiful, 31km long Szentendre island, which starts at Arpad bridge line in Budapest and ends at Kismaros.

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Szentendre is a very nice, picturesque town quite close to Budapest. Szentendre is situated at the Danube bank at the bottom of Pilis hills. Szentendre has a Beautiful Danube bank, nice narrow cobblestone covered streets, good restaurants, beautiful temples and nice mediterranean atmosphere. A village museum also can be found here. Szentendre is a popular place among Hungarian and foreign tourists as well. A bicycle road goes along the Danube from Budapest.

Szentendre is an ideal place for example for a rendez-vous. At South part of the city a beautiful small area can be found with big trees, small forest at the Danube bank. A real forest at a relatively small area next to the Danube river. A small playground also can be found here.

Szentendre is very popular among painters. A group of Hungarian painters named after the city. People who is familiar with Hungarian painters perhaps heard the names of: Banati Sverak Jozsef, Banovszky Miklos, Barcsay Jeno, Czobel Bela, Korniss Dezso, Paizs Goebel Jeno, Vajda Lajos just to name a few. Szentendre is a safe bet for tourists and (vendors alike as I think.) Szentendre has a unique Open Air Ethnographical museum (Skanzen), where they present how the people lived here several decades, or a century ago.

How to get there ?

Budapest suburb railway at Buda side starting from Batthyanyi square goes until Szentendre (HEV). By car needs to go Northwise from Buda side on road No 11 until we see the table showing the city border. If we come from Pest side from Arpad bridge we should go leftwards up on the structure after right-wise as the road leads. The place where we can access the inner city is can be find right side of the road: there is a restaurant with a hawk on the top. There must turn right, just after the restaurant, park in the right parking, and go by walk along the road, we first find a beautiful small forest, a playground, after right-wise we can find the inner city, next to the Danube bank, with restaurants.

Photos of Szentendre

szentendre 2

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szentendre 3

szentendre 4

szentendre 5

szentendre 7

Szentendre group of painters

Szentendre was popular among artists. There is a group of painters in Hungary called Szentendre group of painters. The group was formed in 28th of January 1928. Béla Ivanyi Grunwald was elected as President, the vice president is always the Mayor of Szentendre, at that time dr Laszlo Strazsinszky.
The founding members are:

József Bánáti Sverák, Miklós Bánovszky, Henrik Heintz, Ernő Jeges, Béla Onódi
Jenő Paizs Goebel, Lajos Pándy, László Rozgonyi

Today around 200 different artists live in Szentendre.

Museums in Szentendre

Compare to the size of the city Szentendre is heavily packed with museums. Most of the museums are contains paintings and works of other artists works/worked here.

Folklore house

2000 Szentendre, Fő tér 2-5.
Temporary exhibition

Kovács Margit Ceramic Collection

2000 Szentendre, Vastagh György u. 1.
Permanent exhibition

Ferenczy Museum

2000 Szentendre, Fő tér 6.
Permanent Exhibition

Ámos Imre-Anna Margit Museum

2000 Szentendre, Bogdányi u. 10-12.
Permanent Exhibition

Barcsay Collection

2000 Szentendre, Dumtsa Jenő u. 10.
Permanent Exhibition

Czóbel Museum

2000 Szentendre, Templom tér 1.
Permanent Exhibition

Kmetty János Memorial museum – Kerényi Collection

2000 Szentendre, Fő tér 21.
Permanent Exhibition
Doll exhibition of dr. Kovács Jánosné, Marika collection

Roman era stone collection

2000 Szentendre, Dunakanyar krt. 1.
Permanent Exhibition

Szentendrei Paintings gallery

2000 Szentendre, Fő tér 2-5.
Permanent Exhibition

Vajda Lajos Exposition Memorial

2000 Szentendre, Hunyadi u. 1.
Permanent Exhibition

Boromissza Tibor Memorial house

2000. Szentendre, Dunakorzó 4.
Tel: 26/311-364

BKV Public traffic Museum

2000 Szentendre, Dózsa Gy. út 3., HÉV végállomás
Tel: 26/314-280

Caprice International Hungary Kft.

Museum, Jewellery and Diamant center
2000 Szentendre, Dózsa Gy. u. 22.
Tel: 26/302-512, Fax: 26/302-785
free with free, guarded parking

Dobos Sweets Museum

(at the upper level of Nosztalgia Cafe house)
2000 Szentendre, Bogdányi u. 2.
Tel/Fax: 26/311-660

Art mill Art and Cultural center

2000 Szentendre, Bogdányi út 32.
Tel/Fax: 26/301-701

National wine museum

2000 Szentendre, Bogdányi u. 10.
Tel/Fax: 26/317-054

Radio museum

2000 Szentendre Dunakorzó 10
Tel: 26/325-611, 20/9156-854

Open air ethnographical Museum (Skanzen)

2000 Szentendre, Sztaravodai út

Tel: 26/502-500
Fax: 26/502-502

Open air exhibitions
Skanzen Gallery
Ethnographical View collection
Szamos Marcipán Museum Confectionery

2000 Szentendre, Dumtsa Jenő u. 14.
Tel: 26/310-545
Fax: 26/500-165

Szabó Marcipán Museum

2000 Szentendre, Dumtsa Jenő u. 12.
Tel: 26/311-931
Fax: 26/500-16:

Szántó Memorial- and Prayer house

2000 Szentendre, Alkotmány u. 3.
Tel: 30/9322-900

The smallest Synagogue

Serbian Religion Museum

2000 Szentendre, Pátriárka u. 5.
Tel/Fax: 26/312-399

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