Aug 292016
Domony valley lake Hungary

Domony walley Hungary

Domony valley located app. 47km from Budapest in North-East direction. It is famous partly for this bathing lake on the pictures. (Other interesting place is the equestrial farm of the Lazar brothers, in front of the lake). It is very close to the city called Godollo, which is famous about the Castle of the former Governor Sissy (Empress Elisabeth (1837-1898) wife of Habsburg Franz Joseph governor of Austro-Hungarian Empire ). The lakes is surrounded with forests on every side.

How to get there

From Budapest all the way on road No 3 or 30 (same road not the highway started from the Örs vezér square next to Arkad shopping mall) all the way through every settlement (Kistarcsa, Kerepes, etc), after Godollo, leaving Gödöllő very near must turn leftwards after go app. 1km on the road, until when we see the beach. The last part of the road is a dirt/sand road. The whole trip from Budapest is less than an hour in good traffic situation.

Entrance fee

There is an entrance fee, which is around 6-7 EUR for adults (1990 HUF, 2016 aug) (Not every lake has an entrance fee in Hungary, most of them free), the afternoon ticket is little cheaper.

Domonyvolgy lake HungaryThere is a nice sandy shore where the children can play. The Lake is not big I guess about 2-3 hectare is the surface area of the water, and quite shallow near the shore. In hot weather in summer there can be many people on the shore. The shore is not as huge as in many other places in Hungary. Behind the shore there are several buffets and even a library. There are many toys on the beach for the small children to play with.

Domonyvolgy lake Hungary 2

There is a small slide in the water, for some extra cash.
Domonyvolgy lake Hungary 3

The sunset ends the show.
Domonyvolgy lake Hungary 4
The visiting of the lake is a one day program, there is no hotels there as far as I know.

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